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10 Ways to get your Neopets excited for Halloween

by superchik137yut


Guess what time of year it is! You guessed it, Halloween is right around the corner. There is always so many things to get prepared for. It can be a little difficult if you leave things all to the last minute. So why not use these top 10 ideas to start early October on a very ideal way to get your Neopet jumping up and down at the excitement of Halloween. I know sometimes one would not even know where to begin in preparations for the holiday. However, if you try to make a checklist and use some of these great suggestions, your holiday will be a lot easier to manage. Not to mention, that in the end I am sure your Neopets will be sure to be the most prepared and the most excited about the Holiday.

1. Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!

First of all get brainstorming for ideas, it may be tricky, so if you are caught in between ideas, just put some ideas in a hat and pull one out. Now if you are on a budget for your Neopet, a great idea would be buying second hand. You can visit a fellow Neopian shop, and find some unbeatable prices. You can also enjoy going to the NC Mall, and try on some pieces there to mix and match with your costume. Some great ideas this year that I can suggest are: Ghostly Sheet Costume, Giant Squid Costume, Gobbler Costume, Handmade Valentine Bot Costume and Three Headed Skull Monster Costume.

2. Decorations!

Nothing screams Halloween more than some spooky and fun decorations! Start collecting early to decorate your Neohome into a spooky wonderland. You can go get spooky hall decorations, unique candles, window decorations, and even stuff to put on your lawn. Having a home filled with decorations can definitely leave room for inspiration of holiday spirit. Some suggestions you can go out and buy: Illusen Halloween Pumpkin Decoration, Haunted Woods Spooky Tree Wallpaper, and Spooky Green Candles. It will definitely encourage the spirits of your Neopets into a more festive one!

3. Halloween Themed School Supplies!

Going back to school can be such a drag. Why not cheer up the process of the school year with some themed school supplies. Not only will your Neopet be surely able to make new friends with the new object of conversation, but positivity and happiness will also root from the excitement for Halloween. Some suggested items you can get are: Draik Halloween Backpack, Halloween Grundo Notebook, or even an Illusen Halloween Binder can be many great ideas.

4. Reading some great Halloween stories!

Every Neopet loves a great book to read whether it is a quick read before bed, lounging around your Neohome or outside in your most favorite spot in Neopia. Even some of our most intellectual Neopets who’ve read 100’s of books loves a good Halloween story. So why stop at only 1 book, get several books to entertain your Neopets during the upcoming weeks towards Halloween. Some great reads include: Into the forest, Spooky Kau Story, The Usuls Witching Halloween and Halloween Defender.

5. Halloween themed food!

Oh Gosh, where to even begin when it comes to some of the delicious food in Neopia. Of course everyone’s mouth waters to the thought of baked goods and candies. Not to mention some of eclectic foods of Haunted Woods that will surely get a shriek just from appearance. There are just so many good recipes out there, that I cannot fathom naming all the delightful meals, snacks, candies and baked goods that would encompass Halloween spirit. A good way to start is the good ole book called: Spooky Food Ideas for obviously some great ideas. However, some other ideas that you can start cooking or buy are: Wrapped Halloween Chocolate Chia, Halloween Spyder Eyeball Muffin, Bat Cookie, Brain Candy Mix, Classic Candy Corn and Chocolate Cone Witch Hat.

6. Save up some Neo Cash!

Every year the NC Mall comes out with some delightful unique pieces to the holidays. Of course during Halloween some themed Mystery Capsules are released. They are different every year and can be greatly enjoyed by all owners and all Neopets. Nothing is more exciting than keeping up with the latest trends and being able to show off your Neopet in the most new and amazing items.

7. Buy your Neopet a Halloween Toy!

Who doesn’t love to play? Maybe Sloth doesn’t have any time to play with toys, but surely your Neopet will. I am sure that the pile of toys in your Safety Deposit Box is overflowing. Excitement for the holiday, play-time, and celebration can be the whole meaning in a single themed toy. Here are some examples of toys you can purchase for your pet: Halloween Jubjub Yoyo, Halloween Kacheek Gum Blaster Toy, Halloween Moehog Action Figure, Spooky Halloween Goodie Bag, or Kacheek Halloween Toy Scooter.

8. Enjoying Many Activities in Haunted Woods!

Where to even begin with all the possibilities of fun and scares in the spooky land of Haunted Woods. You can begin with going to the Haunted House and choose your own adventure. It can be scary, so please be sure your Neopet is brave, as it is not a cakewalk. Doing a quest with the Brain Tree, Edna, or the Esophagor can send you on quite the hunt around for interesting items in return for something of value, from these spooky characters. The deserted fairgrounds can have great carnival games such as: Test your strength, Cork Gun Gallery, and Coconut Shy. You can also test some luck with some spooky scratch cards. All these activities including just the mere walk in between these areas, will only be a rewarding experience of enjoyment. Guarantee by the time you arrive back to your Neohome you will only want to do it all over again the very next day!

9. Playing Halloween themed games!

There are so many games you can be playing with your Neopet leading up to October 31. Some can be spooky, some can just be hard. Nonetheless, earning some Neopoints while saving for that perfect costume or just entertaining your Neopet until the big day can be great fun. Some games you can enjoy are: The Castle of Eliv Thade where you can collect items and try to avoid the spooky bad characters that can make you lose the game, Carnival Terror where you have to shoot your ammo at the chia robot clowns and pies being thrown at you to distract you while achieving your desired score and lastly there is Magax Destroyer, where you need to guide Magax through the levels in order to beat Hubrid Nox.

10. Don’t forget about paintbrushes!

Of course we cannot forget about the amazing magic of paintbrushes. There are so many Halloween combinations that surely leave hardly any Neopets left out with the amazing unique options it gives all the Neopets. In addition, there are also some really cute neopians we cannot forget, that is right… PETPETS! You can use your Halloween Petpet Paint Brush to paint new colours on a huge variety of petpets. The rainbow pool is great for exploring the options. This will scream I am ready for Halloween. I Hope you enjoy your pre-Halloween activities!

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