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The Library Faerie's Top 10 Unique Glasses

by smeehoo27126043


Hello and welcome! I am the Library Faerie, owner and operator of the beloved Crossword Puzzle and Faerieland Bookshop! I'm here today to put aside my yearning for books and give you my top 10 pairs of glasses and why I chose them. Ah glasses, the windows to our eyes. They don't just help us better our vision but also give us a unique look and style. The kind of glasses you wear can show the kind of person you are. In example, wearing big bold glasses might say you're a serious intellect ready to learn. While a pair with a big nose and mustache might say you are comical and not taken very serious. Either way, glasses are great and anyone can wear them no matter if you need them or not. I, myself, wear glasses and I can't get enough of them! So, if you like glasses as much as me please stick around and I'll tell you about some really neat pairs Neopia has to offer! Please enjoy!

The first 5 will be Neocash:

1. Smart School Girl Eye Glasses - Currently retired from the NC Mall

Show your friends a thing or two about the importance of homework! This pair is one of my favorites because it is very similar to my own. I wear purple librarian glasses that come off as the "smart" look. You can pair it with the Smart School Girl shirt, shoes, skirt, and wig. These glasses will pull the look together in no time at all. Don't forget to read a book, be quit at the library, and always say please and thank you.

2. Cupcake Glasses - Limited edition item of the Purple Star 3rd Birthday Gram

Don’t eat this pair and I mean it! These fun and unique glasses will make any birthday a great one. The cupcake-frosting eyebrow design is especially unique because no other pair of glasses has that (hence why I chose them). You will really be one-of-a-kind and stand out next time you go out with friends. Just make sure you blow out the candles before storing them in their case. These glasses are considered a fire hazard and shouldn’t be left unattended! *shudders*

3. Crazy Techo Fanatic Glasses – Bonus item for completing all 34 Altador Cup IV NC challenges.

I chose this uniquely odd pair for my list because I enjoy watching the Altador Cup. Everyone I know enjoys watching the AC, but I know someone that is the biggest fan of them all. Techo Fanatic is a super fan dedicated to cheering on his favorite team (and you’ll see) so why not wear a pair of glasses in his honor? These glasses will give you the rapid eye movement of the Techo Fanatic – crazy, right? Wearing these will also show you are rooting for your favorite team! You can match it with the Crazy Techo Fanatic Hat for the full fan effect.

4. Glasses with Wipers – Currently retired from the NC Mall

Now here’s a pair of glasses with a purpose! Ever got caught in the rain and thought to yourself “Oh no… It’s raining! The rain will cause turmoil to my eyesight!”? Fret no more… this pair comes with wipers to wipe all the rain from your lens. This has got to be the best invention since sliced Bananago bread. Everyone should own a pair of these glasses especially if you’re heading to Neopia Central on a stormy day. Sometimes you might forget an umbrella and the glasses will come in handy!

5. Spring Basket Glasses – Obtained from Bloomin’ Neggs by using a Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #2 – Argyle

Is Easter your favorite? Ever seen a Cybunny do a funky dance? Do you like painting neggs? Or are you a fan of wearing negg baskets on your face? These glasses are just for you. Get in the Easter spirit by putting on these custom made glasses from the Y16 Bloomin’ Neggs event. I’m sure you’ll get questioned to why you’re wearing baskets on your face, but hey, tell them to get in the Spring spirit! I chose these because of how the little bows on top coincide with the baskets – how cute!

The last 5 are Neopoint:

6. Gaming Too Much? Glasses – Priced at 48,000 NP

We all have a friend that games way too much and that is why I chose this pair. I know the Space Faerie can really get far in some of the hardest games in Neopia – and she forgets to nap. In regards to that, there is a pair of glasses that show what you look like after playing Meerca Chase for 48 hours straight! So when you wake up for school the next morning at least you’ll look awake, refreshed, and ready to learn. Just please don’t stay up all night… Sleep is important. Don’t set a bad example for your peers!!! -tsk tsk-

7. Fruit Cocktail Glasses – Priced at 23,900 NP

Genius! Glasses lens made entirely from fruit. Just like the description says, you won’t be able to see a thing but they do make a great snack. So are they really considered glasses? That’s for you to decide. I chose these because I love to eat fruit on a sunny afternoon and they smell super sweet. Everyone should have an edible pair of glasses! It makes life fun, right? Next there will be edible shoes or even a hat! *giggles*

8. Jazzmosis Glasses – Priced at 3,500 NP

Now here’s a fun pair of glasses! A must-have for any Jazzmosis fan. Whether you’re listening to their cd or heading to one of their concerts at the Tyrannian Concert Hall - these glasses will give you the full Jazz effect. I chose these because I like listening to Jazzmosis while reading a good book. Next time I’ll read the book while wearing a pair! I’ll look super cool, right? I hope so. *smiles*

9. Novelty Glasses – Priced at 8 NP (What a bargain!)

If you like your specs with a huge nose and mustache attached, I’ve got a pair for you. These crazy and mysterious glasses will either hide your identity or make someone laugh, hysterically… Hopefully for the right reason. I chose these because nothing beats a good laugh. It’s good for you! I tell people at the bookshop to laugh all the time – it’s the best cure for a gloomy day! This pair even comes with eyebrows if you don’t have them already.

10. Dazed and Confused Glasses – Priced at 5,950 NP

Huh? Where am I? Am I in Neopia Central or Haunted Woods? I should probably remove these glasses… There we go, everything is normal again! Do you like feeling dazed and confused? Not sure where you’re at? Does the room feel like it’s constantly spinning? These glasses give you that effect. I chose these lastly because they are the most unique in the bunch. Who in the world would want to wear these?! I hope the meepits didn’t put you up to this… *shifty eyes*

This ends my top 10 list of wonderful, unique, crazy, funny, adorable, and sweet pairs of glasses! I hope you enjoyed this! Maybe now you want to purchase a pair next time you go shopping? If so, make sure they fit! Proper fitting is important when wearing glasses. Of course I didn’t mention many other pairs, so I hope that won’t stop you from trying them all out. There is a pair for everyone! Now I need to get back to my bookshop. Come say “hi” some time and show me your new pair of glasses! Thank you for your time and enjoy your weekend!

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