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Making the Most out of Masks

by earthiness


In 2012 Saskia the cybunny opened her mask cart during the Haunted Faire event. Saskia’s mission was to create the ultimate mask, and thus required helpers to try the masks out. Her side event became known as the Masks of Dread. During the event users could stop by her cart daily to pick up a wearable mask and do a quest for Saskia to earn a prize. There were five regular masks and an additional “ultimate” mask that was made by combining the previously awarded masks together. In 2013 Saskia showed up again at the Haunted Faire with five more masks for users to obtain and another ultimate mask.

The masks given out during the Masks of Dread are some of the cheapest and most versatile neopoint wearables out there. The masks from the 2012 event are: Fairest of Feathers Mask, Mystical Geraptiku Mask, Solar Flare Mask, Steam Respiration Mask, Evil Coconut Half Mask, and the ultimate mask- Monstrous Flaming Mask. From 2013 we have: Theatrical Split Mask, Spiky Glowing Mask, Floral Bouquet Mask, Stone Warrior Mask, Toothy Grin Mask, with the ultimate mask being- Menacing Tribal Mask. All these masks can be worn not only by fully customizable colors but also by babies, maraquans, and even mutants! Despite the wide variety of mask options, these wearables are rarely used, even by the most avid customizers. This article sets out to show how useful these underappreciated wearables can be by showing items that can be paired with each one, as well as what species and color combos complement them.

The Masks (in alphabetical order):

Evil Coconut Half Mask:

This coco mask is perfect for your island looks. It offers a creepy vibe with fiery eyes which is good for an island mystic or a lurking island creature. But whatever you do, don’t try using it on a Coconut Jubjub! You will be severely disappointed with the fit.

Color/Species Pairings: Island Mynci, Woodland Shoyru, Biscuit Gelert

Item Pairings: Exploding Coconut, Mystery Island Luau Background, Tribal Skeleton Armour

Fairest of Feathers Mask:

Is your pet invited to an elegant Halloween ball? Not sure what to wear? No problem, just grab the Fairest of Feathers Mask- the perfect accessory to pair with any formal wear. The feathers offer a sophisticated impression compared to other common masks, while the pastel colors are sure to match numerous gown options.

Color/Species Pairings: Faerie Eyrie, Royal Girl Blumaroo, Pastel Xweetok

Item Pairings: Haunted Ballroom Background, Gothic Pastel Dress, Dusky Feathered Mantle

Floral Bouquet Mask:

The whimsical look and colors of the Floral Bouquet Mask are great for a dress up garden party theme. The yellows and pinks in the look are sure to match numerous floral items while the volume at the top will make sure your pet has the most dramatic entrance to any gathering.

Color/Species Pairings: Faerie Krawk, Baby Wocky, Jelly Flotsam

Item Pairings: Garden Tea Party Background, Floral Summer Dress, Spring Garden Bouquet

Mystical Geraptiku Mask/ Menacing Tribal Mask/Monstrous Flaming Mask:

All of these masks offer a very distinct look for a tribal style theme. The combined masks: Menacing Tribal Mask and Monstrous Flaming Mask are very over the top (which tends to happen when you mix five other unique masks together). These masks are great for any high ranking, ancient clan leader. The Mystical Geraptiku Mask, on the other hand, is a bit more conservative, and better for more of a tribal civilian theme.

Color/Species Pairings: Mutant Lenny, Swamp Gas Techo, Tyrannian Kyrii

Item Pairings: Tribal Fence Foreground, Road to the Deserted Tomb Background, Ghastly Skull Staff

Solar Flare Mask:

The Solar Flare Mask is the perfect choice for any evil-doer character or costume. The fiery exterior and long pointy nose are classic characteristics for any sinister look. It can also give an extra oomph to any pets with a fire base color.

Color/Species Pairings: Halloween Usul, Fire Jubjub, Dimensional Acara

Item Pairings: Flames, MME10-S3b: Full Face Acne, MiniMME2-S2a: Fire Faerie Skirt

Spiky Glowing Mask:

In my opinion, the colors of the Spiky Glowing Mask are gorgeous, and pair well with many purple hued base colors. The swirly purple eyes and arched spikes of the mask can’t help but give off an ominous impression, great for an anti-hero theme. The mask could also be perfect for a witch or warlock look, because it looks both magical and dark.

Color/Species Pairings: Royalboy Grarrl, Dimensional Peophin, Maraquan Gelert

Item Pairings: Dyeworks Purple: Golden Scattered Light Garland, Hypnotic Swirling Hearts, Spyder Lace Dress

Steam Respiration Mask:

An item could not be any more steam punk then the Steam Respiration Mask. This gear-y headpiece creation is perfect for any inventor look, if paired with a workshop and industrial pieces. The mask could also be used for a or futuristic dystopian theme, with a desolate setting and the right pet to pull it off.

Color/Species Pairings: Robot Kau, Camouflage Korbat, Island Kyrii

Item Pairings: Steam Jacket, Silly Face Pumpkins Foreground, Gears and Hearts Garland

Stone Warrior Mask:

Like with most of the masks, the perfect theme for the Stone Warrior Mask is built right into its name- Warrior! The mask is great for both a shenkuu warrior and ninja warrior customization. It also tends to pair very well with many stealthy paint brush clothing items.

Color/Species Pairings: Tyrannian Jetsam, Glowing Hissi, Zombie Bori

Item Pairings: Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry Background, Jerans Ceremonial Armour Top, Traditional Stone Lantern

Theatrical Split Mask:

As the name suggests, the Theatrical Split Mask is a perfect addition to any on stage actor look. The split personality look of the mask, however, is not only good for a dramatic stage theme. With its crazy eyes, colors, and wig, the mask is also great for a hero or villain look, or perhaps both with one side constantly fighting the other. Which one will your pet choose?

Color/Species Pairings: Shadow Techo, Halloween Yurble, Transparent Zafara

Item Pairings: Nightmare Bristle Cape, Sparkling Red Stage Background, Dual Personality Makeup

Toothy Grin Mask:

There is one thing for sure about the Toothy Grin Mask.. it’s hideous. The creepy eyes and silver and gold teeth fit right in with any scary clown look. If you have a bruce handy, however, you could instead use the mask for a twisted tooth faerie theme by using the bruce tooth faerie clothing set.

Color/Species Pairings: Elderlygirl Kacheek, Faerie Bruce, Gold Quiggle

Item Pairings: Bone Necklace, Basic Yellow Balloon, Clown Dress

Hopefully this article will have you think twice before overlooking these affordable and unique masks for your customization needs. So go out a grab one today to start creating your own fun looks!

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