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Autumntastic: Top Five Autumn Items - Lights

by sosuleaf


When people ask others what they like doing on Neopets or what things do they do that make them stay active and motivated, the common answers usually are avatar collecting, guilds, trophies, stamps, among others. However, My case is completely different. If I had to describe myself and explain what I do on this site, I'd basically say one word: Autumn. I just love this season so so much and Neopets knows how to represent it through all the wonderful Autumn themed items they have created and released throughout the years, such us books, grooming and even the amazing NP and NC wearable items. I think this season is very well resembled on the site and I have dedicated all my time towards it. Everything I do and talk about will always be related to it. Neopets and the Staff Team know exactly how to take the season to a whole new level. The wearable backgrounds they come up with are just stunning and the Fall Shop at the NC Mall is expected to get busy during the months of September, October and November - This season sure does draw attention! With these guide articles I want to put my thoughts and opinions on the items I think are the best among the over two thousand you can find all over Neopia. With these guides I hope I can motivate and inspire you to create wonderful and outstanding customizations for your pets! - Sit back, grab something to drink and enjoy the falling autumn leaves while reading this great article.


To light up the night, you need something that stands out. That shines brighter than the stars in the sky. These lights would be a wonderful addition to an Autumn picnic, fall garden, or beautiful indoor harvest festival. If it's to shine a light, or highlight a wonderful exhibition, beautiful lights can make a decoration. Without the lights, the world would be in darkness after all, and there would be no joy or happiness, in a world covered in darkness. Enjoy these beautiful objects, that bring light and beauty to our Autumn designs, and take one home to bring some light into your own life. Nothing will amaze you as much as the sunlight when it goes through the beautiful leaf patterns. Each leaf has it's own and very unique shape and color, and the light not only brightens them up, but also let them show the true color behind this season. Each lantern, lamp and string lights have their own purposes, but these autumn-themed ones will complete any outfit you're working on, or simply decorate your house and take it to the next level.

1. Pumpkin Hanging Lantern

A sole lantern hangs from the side of a building, the branch of a tree, in the shape of a pumpkin. It gives a soft light, cheery in nature, with a bright orange glow. It brings a warmth to those that surround it, a place for families to talk in comfort, a place for friends to laugh and joke. The pumpkin is a detrimental shape of Autumn, with Pumpkin Pies, Jack o' Lanterns. To have a light in the shape of a pumpkin brings a perfect addition to any Autumn theme. Not blindingly bright, but not dim either, such a simple item that can add a wonderful shine, just when you need it to. Whether or not you are into Halloween or the more spooky side of this beautiful season, this hanging lantern is a must-to-have decoration in anyone's garden. The shiny orange tones popping from the lantern itself will light up any place quicker.

2. Decorative Autumn Double Street Lamp

Such a beautiful and colourful selection of different objects, the season of Autumn brings. But the decorations of the season really bring a certain elegance to the world of Neopia. A few streetlamps, that grace the sides of the main street, show that the fall festival is in full swing. Of oranges and reds, with the pole and base being garnished by a scattering of leaves, this lamp, or a few of these lamps will light up any street, and bring the season of Autumn closer to the doors and lives of the citizens. The leaves embracing and tangling the lamp's base were carefully placed in place so that they could be appreciated, not only by anyone's eyes but also by the soft, whimsical light produced by the lamp itself. The lamp's size is just right enough to cover enough space in your garden, without making it too crowded. Did you know people say that the leaves in this lamp tend to go from a really bright red tone to a nearly unbelievable, magical orange? You got to try this out by yourself!

3. Autumn Leaf Lamp Post

If you want elegance at your fine Autumn dinner, this is the light for you. Shining softly in the corner of the room, this adds the perfect amount of colour, without being in your face. The way the leaves hang, motionless, as if still in time, the way the soft flickering of the candle brings a certain serene calm to an area. You can watch the twinkle of the candle, as it dances across walls. A warm glow to Autumn, but an elegance to your room. Grab this decoration quick, as it is sure to be popular. Even though those wonderful orange and red leaves tend to fall by the end of the season, each tree takes care of them, meaning that they will most likely grow back up again every Fall season, making it very convenient for those who want to give their garden the most accurate theme to it.

4. Candy Corn Lights

'Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat' The chant rings through the streets, in every town and city across Neopia. Children laughing, in costumes of ghosts and ghouls, with bags filled to the brim with candy. But for the wary parent, letting children go out on the spookiest of nights can be intimidating. So some take to having Halloween parties, for their children and their friends. Candy, toys, games and laughter can fill the house, and these lights, dangling from the roof can really make a party. In the shape of one of the most well love candies, candy corn, this can make a Halloween bash, into a real party. Give them a go, your children (old or young) can really enjoy these in full. These lamps were carefully placed nearby the most beautiful autumn trees. Whether you are looking for the cutest, less-spooky decorations for your house during special holiday events such as Halloween, or you are just a simple candy corn lover who must gather every piece dedicated to them, these are indeed the best lights you will ever find.

5. Crystal Leaf Lamp

And for those that like a bit of Autumn all year round, how about this pretty lamp? It's soft glow can bring a calming light to any room. The bright light in the centre of the lamp, reflects the beautiful Autumn colours that stain the glass on the outside. Giving a soft red glow, this can really effect the mood of a room, and really bring through the wonderful colours and shades of Autumn. Give it a try, as a bedside light, or for your Autumn festival. It's a perfect little light, that can add a lot of decoration. This in indeed the best piece of lamp that will pretty much resemble the true meaning of the season. You can give it any use you want, from a bedside light as we mentioned but also as any house decoration. This lamp in particular has a leveling switch that allows you to gradually choose the level of light you'd like the lamp to share. The lighter it gets, the brighter the leaves in the lamp turn! It's just an astonishing piece of art.

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