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Helpful Hints for Autumn Customization

by aphrasia


As many Neopian’s favorite time of year approaches, the time comes again to break out those dazzling Autumn and frightening Halloween customizations! With so many options available, I will list below some suggestions to work into your colorful, spooky, or downright cute ideas for your Neopet’s fall customization. Never fear, Aphrasia is here to help: whether it be with Neopoint or Neocash wearables, I have carefully chosen a variety of wearable items for both Neocash options and Neopoint options.



Autumn Country Road Background

This quaint, inexpensive background is a cost-effective choice for a NP wearable. This background leaves a lot of room to add other wearables, such as a foreground, garland, or both. The color scheme (not merely orange, red, and brown) leaves room to work in other colors, like blue and green, to your Neopet’s outfit, handheld object, etc. Sometimes plainer backgrounds are the better choice for a base when trying to achieve a more complex customization.


MiniMME6-S2: Golden Outdoor Background

One of my all-time favorite and currently being worn by my Chocolate Draik, the MiniMME6-S2: Golden Outdoor Background. This background is stunning to look at and will have you staring at your Neopet over and over again (if you’re anything like me, anyway) in total awe. Splashes of red, white, gold, and many other colors in your Neopet’s outfit will only add to the masterpiece that is the Golden Outdoor BG.


Entrance to Haunted Woods Background

If you are willing to shell out a pretty penny, about 400,000 NP to be precise, you and your Neopet of choice can be the proud owner and wearer of this completely creepy background. At the Entrance to the Haunted Woods, your playful Neopet could be wearing their adorable Halloween costume or your disturbing Ghost Neopet could be on their way to pay their dear friend, Edna, a visit. Whatever suits your Neopet’s personality, this background is plentiful with its variety of customization options.


Cemetery at Night Background

Want your Neopet to be downright scary looking for Halloween? Try this Cemetery at Night BG, complete with a creepy color scheme that will leave onlookers shaking in their boots. This background is a great base to build upon for a disturbing and dark customization to show your Halloween spirit.



Illusen Wig

Illusen Wig is a gorgeous addition to any autumn-themed customization. With two common autumn colors, green and brown, this wig will work well with most autumn backgrounds. Better yet, this item can be worn by any species of Neopet and is pretty inexpensive these days.


Long Brown Autumn Wig

One of my beloved closet items that is frequently worn by my Chocolate Draik and my lab rat. A beautiful coffee-bean-colored mane adorned with a headband that includes strategically placed autumn leaves. Long Brown Autumn Wig adds an elegant touch to any customization, especially with a fall theme.


Edna Costume Hat

If your Neopet wants to attend his or her Halloween party with an Edna (or even a witch) costume, this wearable will work wonders for you. Complete with green ears and a witch’s hat, when your Neopet puts this wearable on, the Enda/witch look will be well on its way to complete! This choice is also gender-neutral and can easily be pulled off by any gender of Neopet.


Boo-ffant Wig

Yes, yes, yes! Not only does this wig fit into many autumn and Halloween customizations, it is also well-suited for an array of other unique themes. Boo-ffant Wig is a popular Neocash wig and for good reason. This wig is an astonishing shade of jet black, with lengthy hair that falls down your Neopet’s back with a puff of raised hair to give your Neopet’s hairstyle the perfect amount of volume.



Clown Dress

Will your Neopet be hanging around the Deserted Fairgrounds this Halloween? If so, this dress is the perfect choice for you! While clowns are terrifying all on their own, this dress will give your Deserted Fairground theme an edge over the others. A Zombie Neopet would look especially spooky in this brightly-colored clown dress.


Autumn Faerie Dress

Autumn Faerie Dress is a lovely dress that meshes wonderfully with any autumn color scheme. As a bonus, this dress also goes perfectly with the Long Brown Autumn Wig mentioned above. Who doesn’t adore an abundance of autumn leaves? They are beautiful, colorful, and come in a number of shapes and sizes.


Zombie (Insert Neopet Species Here) Shirt

If you wish to do a bit of cross-painting, some Zombie Morphing Potions (such as the Zombie Blumaroo Morphing potion, usually listed at lower than 30,000 NP) are priced very cheaply either in shops, trades, or auctions. Mixing up paint brush clothing with a different base color for your Neopet can be extremely fun. I can attest as I have three cross-painted Neopets!


Ghostly Sheet Costume

Ghostly Sheet Costume is most popular around this time of year. It is a marvelous gender neutral wearable that covers your Neopet in a.. ummm.. super, duper scary—sheet? Er, yeah! So deeply frightening. What a cute (and by cute, I mean super scary, of course) idea for your Halloween customization.



Cover of Darkness

Currently being used by my lab bunny, Crokabek Garland is yet another popular Neocash item. This garland gives you the opportunity to have a tree full of Crokabeks bring your customization to life, with one Crokabek that actually takes flight across your Neopet’s customization. One of my favorite and frequently uses Neocash items, the Crokabek Garland is a must have and should immediately be added to your “Never, Ever Trading” list.


Autumn Harvest Foreground

On a brighter note, the Autumn Harvest Foreground is a fairly-priced addition to any fall customization. This foreground works with most outdoor backgrounds and also with front porch backgrounds. Colors match accordingly with any brown, orange, red, or green hues in your background of choice.


Autumn Harvest Foreground

This foreground is similar to the Autumn Harvest Foreground, only positioned across the bottom of your customization, rather than standing upright in the corner. You can never go wrong with adding pumpkins to your autumn theme, as pumpkins are a key symbol for this time of year!

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