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Just Another Day

by grimmbones7


      I walked in to the bank with Archie as I do every day. I collected my daily interest, waved to the Skeith, and walked out the door. As I turned the corner to go check my shop till, I noticed a forlorn looking Kadoatie. Archie leaned down and the little Kadoatie wandered over and mewed.

      "Mom, mom can we keep him?!"

      "He looks lost, why don't we drop him at the Kadoatery?"

      "Aw… okay mom."

      We dropped him off and the staff put him in the back with the other mewing Kadoaties. Archie and I stopped at my shop to pick up the day's earnings, which was nice and big because of all the Neggs I restocked! Then we headed off to pick up a petpet from Grave Danger. Then we headed to Altador. When we got to the Council Chamber to collect our prize for finishing the plot, I heard a mew. Beside Jerdana's chair is the Kadoatie! I couldn't believe it.

      "Look mom, he followed us. He wants to come home with us!"

      "Sorry little man, maybe another time"

      We left the Kadoatie with the council and headed back over the mountain to Haunted Woods. Archie tried apple bobbing, but came up feeling dizzy. We trekked down into the swelting desert to hit those ones. He spun the fruit machine slot and won a White Paint Brush and 15,000 NP!

      "This is the best prize we've ever won from here mom, we need to keep him!"

      "Sorry buddy. You already have a petpet!"


      We sought out wisdom from Coltzan's Shrine and found a buried scroll in the sand. He tried throwing darts in Kiko Lake, but almost hit a Kiko because something bumped his leg. This Kadoatie was definitely following us... Archie just gave me a pleading look.

      We trekked to Brightvale to try to impress King Hagan, but he didn't think we were very bright. So we tried to humour King Skarl, and he laughed hysterically! He gave us some stew and a bag of neopoints. The Kadoatie thought the jingling bag was a toy so he batted at it while I carried it out. We went to visit the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. Archie waited around and he started playing with the Kadoatie.

      "Catch me, catch me!" Archie giggled as he ran.

      The Kadoatie started running after his tail.

      As we turned to leave, there was a large bag of neopoints on the ground. Next, we took a boat to Krawk Island, but the Kadoatie did not like the water! He mewed the whole trip and curled up in Archie's lap. When we finally made it, the Kadoatie jumped out of the boat and hissed at the water. We wandered over to play Buried Treasure and pulled a Yellow Growth. Archie likes Anchor Management and the cannons. Luckily, the Krawken left behind a Five Dubloon Coin. Although, I think it was because Archie’s shot was so on-point. Lastly, we checked the Forgotten shore and found a map piece.

      Archie, the kadoatie and I then took a smaller boat over to Mystery Island. We played Tombola and won a Main Codestone! Archie was very excited. As usual, Archie didn't want to go into Geraptiku, but as usual I convinced him. We made it to the Deserted Tomb and found the treasure room! But it was empty. We took a little cruise to Tyrannia and find a guide to take us up Terror Mountain. By now the Snowager was napping so we snuck in. Then he stirred and the Kadoatie mewed and woke him up! He totally blasted us… but as we stood their covered in ice, I realized we got the avatar!! I picked up the Kadoatie, swung him around in circles and gave him a big hug and Archie gave him a lick.

      "I guess you're alright little guy…" I said.

      Archie just smirked at me. We took a celebratory walk to the Igloo Garage Sale at the top of the mountain. Mika and Carassa gave us a wave, and one of the workers, Arthur, said hello. Once we picked out our lovely discounted book, we began the long trek back to Faerieland to heal. Archie got fully healed by the Healing Springs faerie. As we turned around to head back to the ground, we heard her gasp. The Kadoatie had jumped into the Healing Springs! She laughed and picked up the Kadoatie and handed him over to Archie.

      "So sorry about that! He's not ours, he's just been following us all morning."

      "No worries young one. The Springs are for all."

      When we finally dragged ourselves back to the Neopia Central, we first spun Trudy's Surpise. No matching symbols unfortunately, so only 5,000 NP today but we did get a gift box! We hit up the NC mall to play Qasalan Expellibox. Archie let the Kadoatie pick up the scarab and drop it in the box to win 100 NC!

      "Wow.. this Kadoatie must be lucky or something!"

      We did the daily puzzle at the community hall. The answer was Kiko Lake.. again. We placed our Food Club Bets. I considered letting the Kad choose, but I think that was just me being superstitious. Archie, the Kadoatie and I snuck into the secret laboratory and zapped his brother, Varseil. He changed species to a Island Kiko!

      "Do you guys have some kind of luck fairy with you today!?" Varseil asked as he checked himself out.

      "Just this little Kadoatie that mom won't let me keep." Archie complained.

      “What about PS? He doesn’t have one yet!” Varseil answered.

      Archie and Varseil both turned to look expectantly at me.

      “I don’t know you guys.. I think PS would want more of a say in who his petpet would be. It’s a big decision.” I told them.

      “But mom, he’s friendly, cuddly and he seems to be really lucky! Next time you do dailies you should take PS out with you and the Kadoatie!”

      “Did either of you consider that maybe PS doesn’t want a petpet? And besides, this little one isn’t going to follow us until tomorrow!” I said.

      “But mom, this little guy needs a home, and you take such good care of us!” Archie and Varseil said together with a grin.

      “I’ll be hearing no more of this today!”

      When we finally picked up a copy of the daily news bulletin to read and sat down on a nearby bench. The kadoatie crawled under the bench between Archie's feet. I slowly read through the news..

      "Oh look new items at the Crumpetmongers! You love that store Archie!"

      I turned to look at him and he had these huge warf eyes. And I caved.

      "Okay Archie, we can keep him, but only if PS wants him as his own. Besides, he's lucky."

      Archie, the kadoatie and I wandered home. PS was up in his room doing research on the newest items at the Food Shop for his nutrition class. I knocked on his door.

      “Hey PS, can you come out here for a minute.”

      As PS got up, his chair squeaked. The kadoatie immediately bolted into his room, jumped on his bed and laid down. PS’s eyes got very big and he looked from me to the Kadoatie and back.

      “Did you get me a Kadoatie mom!? I love him! He’s so handsome” PS rambled.

      Archie and Varseil gave me ‘the look’.

      “Yes… your brothers helped me pick him out. He has been following us around Neopia all morning. If you want to keep him, you’ll have to take care of him. He’s your responsibility now.” I said slowly.

      "You're the best mom! I'm going to name him Mr. Whiskers."

      The End.

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