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My New Chokato Kiko Life

by elmi164


      Hi there! My name is Jaxylla and I've recently turned into a Chokato Kiko. My life isn't quite like it used to be.

      First off, let me give you a brief background on who I am, or rather, who I used to be. Prior to being a Chokato Kiko, I lived my whole life as a Blue Blumaroo. My life consisted of bouncing around on my tail and hanging around Roo Island. I wanted to be a Chokato Kiko because, well, just look at us! We're so cute!

      One of the very first (and obvious) changes that I noticed was that my physique had changed. It REALLY changed. Gone were my legs, tail, snout, and droopy ears. Now all that I am is a big round body. This was the weirdest thing for me. I suddenly had to learn how to live without a tail to help me bounce or legs to kick things with. Learning how to move around was strange.

      First, I tried rolling from place to place. Very quickly I learned that this was not very effective. I could not travel in a straight path, and I got dizzy. Very dizzy. Second, I tried bouncing around. I know a lot of Kikos bounce as their mode of walking, but I found it very odd. Perhaps it is because I used to bounce on my tail, and not my entire body. I found that bouncing hurt my body and I could not bounce very far or high (probably due to my lack of a tail).

      I was starting to get worried about being a Kiko; I was scared of never going anywhere because it was difficult to move. Fortunately, I remembered that Kikos can also float! This was such an interesting experience. I felt no physical strain on my body, yet I still felt exhausted if I stayed floating for too long. It is so cool being able to float though! It is so easy to reach things that are high up! I don't have to keep bouncing and hope I can reach that height. In less than a minute I can go up to get the item and be back on the ground!

      I also have to get used to having those leaves on the top of my head (I like to call them my hair). I've never had hair before. It is only about three pieces of leaves, but they are definitely noticeable if you've never had any kind of long hair before. I think it's kind of fun to feel and see my hair blowing in the wind (it makes me feel majestic). I'm constantly aware of my hair now. Frequently, I'm checking to make sure that they look nice and not all bent.

      Looking for clothes is also very different. No longer do I have to worry about finding pants that are the right length for my legs (thank goodness!). I only need to look for dresses or shirts. But, one downside is that I have to buy a whole new wardrobe! This was something that I did not know would happen.

      A lot of the clothes that I had as a Blumaroo do not fit Kikos. I guess this is because Kikos are wider and rounder than a Blumaroo. I found this to be heartbreaking. It meant I had to give up some of my favorite articles of clothing! On the plus side, I can save money by never having to buy pants again!

      Something that is quite interesting is that, all of a sudden, everyone wants to give me everything Chokato! When I told my friends that I wanted to become a Chokato Kiko, they never gave me Chokato themed items. They thought I wasn't serious. But now that I am a Chokato Kiko, I am constantly being given Chokato items as a present. Chokato lotion, lip gloss, petpet food, chair, kite, etc. It never ends! I didn't even know this many Chokato items existed in Neopia! However, I cannot eat Chokato foods anymore.

      Since becoming Chokato, I find it disturbing to eat foods that have Chokato in them. My friends had given me an Iced Chokato Cake and I could not muster the strength to eat much of it. Don't even mention Chokato Gummy Chia treats to me... It feels so wrong that it even exists. I guess since being a Chokato pet, I feel like I am eating my own kind. I know I am not actually made of Chokato, but I look like one thus I feel a special bond to Chokatos. Perhaps Neopets of any fruit, vegetable, or food color also feel like this.

      There are also benefits that I have discovered about being a Chokato Kiko! These are some things that I found on my own, but I am sure that a plethora of benefits exist!

      It is much harder for others to determine if you are dirty or not. All of those brown spots on your body helps disguise any dirt you may have on you! So you can go ahead and play in mud or dirt patches and you will be fine. Or you could also go a day or two without washing, if that's your thing.

      The leaves on your head open you up to whole knew hiding spots in hide and seek! Before I always hid behind boxes or tables or doors, but now I find I can also hide outside! You don't have to worry about your leaves showing when you hide outside; the leaves help you blend in with bushes and trees. You just look like you are a part of the scenery. But this can be a disadvantage if you are hiding indoors. You have to be careful that your leaves are not peeking out behind boxes, or else the seeker will know it's you. However, you could always hid behind or in any plants in the room!

      Another thing that I think is kinda cool is that I get to be a representative of Chokato Kikos. Not many of us exist anywhere in Neopia, and so I like to be able to show everyone just how neat we are. I always run into other individuals that are curious about my color. I get to talk to them about life as a Chokato Kiko and anything else they want to talk about. It's almost like I'm an ambassador for Chokato Kikos heehee! It's also so much fun being able to meet and talk to so many new people! I would have never had all of these opportunities to meet a diverse amount of people. I've even become friends with some of them!

      Overall, I love my color and species change to a Chokato Kiko. I know some of my friends were a little worried about the drastic change it may be, but all those changes just make it my life a little more interesting now! I love being an uncommon Neopet species and an even more uncommon pet color. It gives me a better sense of identify and a stronger feeling of uniqueness. I highly encourage anyone that wants to become a Chokato Kiko to just do it! Don't be scared about what others may think or how the change may be. It has been an enjoyable change and I know my life will only get more wonderful!

      The End.

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