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A Review of the Best Coffee in Neopia

by goldie11147


Greetings everyone! As we prepare ourselves for the weather to get colder, why not head down to the Coffee Cave (found in Neopia Central's Art Centre) to try some of the incredible coffee products that are offered? While some may think that coffee is only a way to feel more awake in the morning, they are terribly misconceived! Coffee isn't just about the caffeine (even though that's a big part of it too), but the different flavors and designs that go with it! In this article I, a self-proclaimed coffee addict, will offer some (slightly dubious) suggestions of what to buy.

15. Spiderweb Latte

Ah, lattes, one of my favorite drinks! While some may argue that the star latte is better, they are wrong! The star latte, while pretty, is too conventional. Why not have a design of a spiderweb in your foam? It's much more intricate and very appropriate for those who love spooky items. :) The spiderweb latte is a perfect drink for those who love Halloween all year round!

14. Negg Latte

Aww, who wouldn’t want to drink out of this cute Negg mug? In addition to the adorable cup, the latte inside is top-quality (I’m sort of a latte fanatic). This is also a good option for those who are going for something on the cheaper side and it won’t hurt your wallet if you want to have two… or five.

13. Ultra Strong Coffee

Why drink regular coffee when you can buy it in its pure, unadulterated, state? The Ultra Strong coffee is perfect for those who want to start out their days with a lot of energy. Warning: this is not a good drink for those who aren’t used to caffeine. The cup was white, after all, before they poured in the coffee.

12. Air Faerie Mug

The Air Faerie Mug is on the list for the faerie fans reading this article. The mug is well-known for its use of air faerie colors, plus the coffee is pretty spectacular. There’s something magical about the flavors in this drink.

11. Chrysanberry Latte

This latte isn’t one of the more popular items, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredible! Made with fresh Chrysanberries from Mystery Island, the Chrysanberry Latte has a mysterious floral flavor that goes perfectly with the espresso that it’s brewed with.

10. Candy Apple Latte

The Candy Apple Latte is another great beverage for the fall season. This drink comes with fresh whipped cream, apple slices, and a cinnamon stick for an authentic fall experience. If that’s not enough sugar for you, try pairing this coffee with a Chai Tea Cake (also found at the Coffee Cave). :)

9. House Blend with Cream

This is a drink for those who love the simpler side of coffee. The Coffee Cave’s famous House Blend coffee is something that most neopians find comfortable and familiar. With its signature blend of dark roast coffee, this beverage is a must-try for anyone who is visiting the coffee shop for the first time. Plus, the whipped cream that they make in the coffee house is made fresh daily, as well as the delicious cookies that come with it!

8. Ice Blended Coffee

Why not try a delicious blended coffee? The ice only dilutes the coffee flavor slightly, but the temperature of the drink is worth it on those days that still feel a bit too hot for fall. Like the House Blend with Cream, this drink comes with the Coffee Cave’s signature whipped cream.

7. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Not to be confused with Spiced Pumpkin coffee! This is one of the most popular seasonal drinks in Neopia. While It's not my favorite, everyone has to try it at least once during the fall. The combination of spices used in the coffee makes it taste exactly like pumpkin pie, which is amazing. The Pumpkin Spice Coffee is also a good drink for those neopians who aren’t too fond of the taste of coffee, because they’ll probably only be able to taste the pumpkin. ;)

6. Rainbow Bubble Tea

Okay, so this drink is technically not coffee, but it still fits in the category! Bubble tea can be considered a required taste, but it's definitely delicious. Plus, the rainbow colors somehow make it taste even better. This multi-colored drink made the sixth spot on the list because of it's unique taste and texture!

5. Molten Hot Chocolate

While this isn't actually coffee either, Molten Hot Chocolate is a great drink to enjoy on a cold night -- once you wait for it to cool down a little.

4. Double Shot of Espresso

This coffee comes in a small cup, but don't let its size fool you! This espresso packs a punch for those Neopians that need a lot of energy to start their day, or just an afternoon pick-me-up. This is not to be confused with the monstrosity that is Decaf Espresso (what's even the point of that!?).

3. Marshmallow Roast Coffee

An old favorite of mine, and a great coffee to enjoy while having a bonfire. Why waste your time making coffee AND roasted marshmallows, when you can have both? This drink is perfect for sitting around a campfire on a chilly evening. It also goes great with ghost stories.

2. Warf Tea

You may be wondering why a kind of tea made it to the top of my list. The answer is simple -- just look at the adorable mug it comes in! Plus, this is some of the most delicious tea you can buy at the coffee shop!

1. Cloud Uni Latte

This is probably the prettiest latte I've ever seen! While the Cloud Uni Latte is pricy, it's definitely worth it. Despite the name, it is not made out of real Unis. On the contrary, it has a delightful blueberry flavor that works incredibly well with the coffee. As an added bonus, the whipped cream is blueberry flavored too! You would be crazy not to try this once.

Now that I've named a few of my favorite coffee drinks, why not go and try some for yourself? :)

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