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Overlooked: Taelia the Snow Faerie

by trixietrotter


TOP OF TERROR MOUNTAIN- The Faerie Festival is still approaching and there’s still time to take a look at one special faerie. On the very top of Terror Mountain is an igloo that is home to Taelia the Snow Faerie. She is by no means unknown but she is one of the most mysterious faeries in Neopia. It seems that neopians head to Illusen, Jhudora or even Edna, when they want a quest. Thus leaving Taelia in the cold, literally. Why is that?

A factor that plays greatly into Taelia going overlooked has to be her location. Unless you frequent the Terror Mountain area you most likely wouldn’t brave the trek to the top. The top of the mountain seems darker and lonelier than the rest of the mountain despite the number of shops that reside there. It feels like an odd place to find a faerie.

Taelia herself is a bit of recluse, she’s rarely seen outside of her Terror Mountain home. Most of her time is spent away from the rest of Neopia. There is an open invitation to anyone who wishes to come see her and accept a quest.

Taelia’s is a gifted enchantress with very powerful ice magic at her fingertips. She is also an extremely talented alchemist; she can mix any potion to cure any curse. She most famously used her alchemy talents to cure a dreadful curse that had been play upon Hannah the famous adventurer when she entered a cursed tomb.

Though Taelia gives out quests like Illusen and Jhudora you can accept ten quests from her in one day, but she does not operate on a points system like the other two faeries. Taelia requires ingredients for her potions and rewards the Neopians who help her gather her ingredients.

Taelia used to give out Draik Eggs as prizes for completing a quest but she ceased doing that some time ago. Now many neopians don’t care for taking Taelia’s quests since they won’t get the prize they want. Completing your first Taelia quest will give you an adorable Taelia avatar to use on the Neoboards as well as Taelia as a Battledome opponent.

Neopians seem to have stopped favoring Taelia because she stopped giving out Draik Eggs. Soon as the possibility of getting a Draik Egg was gone Neopians stopped favoring Taelia and even went to take their frustrations out on her in the Battledome. But now Taelia has fallen into obscurity. She receives first time visitors seeking her avatars but very few after that.

Taelia still has plenty to offer in prizes to those who are kind enough to help her. Taelia hands out Ice Cream Machine Coupons that can be used at Mr. Chipper’s Ice Cream Cart. Taelia is also the only place in Neopia where Snow Faerie Themed items originate. Snow Faerie items, due to their rare nature, can be sold for massive amounts of Neopoints at the Auction House.

Taelia’s healing abilities extend past her curse lifting potions, she is an expert in healing magic. She often takes in Neopets from the cold and nurses them back to help. Taelia can often be found helping lost Neopians find their way back down the rocky sides of Terror Mountain. Her kindness is not limited to the rewards she hands out for completing quests.

Taelia had her wand stolen by members of the Thieves’ Guild. She was then subsequently frozen solid in ice. She was only rescued after Hannah and Armin had defeated the Bringer and saved the bori. She then returned the favor by curing Hannah of a deadly curse.

Taelia is different and it’s not hard to see why some people might identify with her. From inside her secluded igloo the faerie awaits assistance from kind Neopians. But the numbers of those willing to help have been steadily declining. One has to wonder what it has been like for her.


The Top of Terror Mountain is below freezing, it’s almost unbelievable that living things are able to survive in such conditions. Taelia’s igloo appears like it would chill you to bone but inside it’s actually quite pleasant. A toasty fire crackles away in the fire place while Taelia pours cups of hot coco. Taelia herself is beautiful, like most faeries, from underneath her dark bangs glow two stunning icy blue eyes. She glides about in her iconic furry coat performing small tasks with a natural grace to her movements. She is very soft spoken and gentle as she sits down at the table, a warm mug of hot coco resting between her hands.

Taelia: I don’t receive visitors too often these days, let alone one from the Neopian Times.

Interviewer: Why do you think that is?

Taelia: When you live in such a secluded place your easy to forget about, out of sight out of mind. [She sips her coco]

Interviewer: This all seems to have begun when you stopped giving Draik Eggs as rewards. Why did you do that?

Taelia: [Sighs] I don’t like to think that Neopians are so material driven but I guess that’s why they stopped coming for quests. I just didn’t think it was right to give out living things as prizes anymore. Life is too fragile to do that.

Interviewer: That discussion upset quite a few Neopians.

Taelia: Yes, I know but I don’t regret it.

Interviewer: That’s pretty noble of you.

Taelia: I thought it was the right thing to do, noble or not.

Interviewer: How does it feel to be one of the more mysterious faeries?

Taelia: [She gives a slight smile] I’m not trying to be mysterious. I’m just myself, that’s all I can be.

Interviewer: That’s all anyone can be.

Taelia: Right.

Interviewer: Does it get lonely here on the mountain?

Taelia: No, there are quite a few establishments and people here on Terror Mountain these days. The mountain is where I belong, it’s home.

Interviewer: So you’re not angry or resentful that you no longer receive the number of visitors and questers as you used to?

Taelia: No, not at all! I’m patient and I’ll always be here when the people of Neopia decide to pay visit. I’m not going anywhere.


As she always has, Taelia awaits you in her igloo on the top of Terror Mountain. Assisting someone shouldn’t always be about material gain. Pay her a visit one of these days and lend her a helping hand out of the goodness of her heart.

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