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A Taste Test on 15 Different Types of Chocolates

by icygirl2005


It's time for the....*drumroll* Chocolate Ball! So get ready to plunge in delicious, rich, creamy chocolate pools while taking a bite out of that chocolate tart made by premium Brightvale chocolate!

Anyways, me and Corealez know that choosing chocolate can sometimes be hard. Especially when it comes to the yucky ones...with fruits! What kind of a person ever thought of adding fruits and nuts to chocolate bars!

But there are delicious chocolates too. You can always ask Princess Amira for a bag of Qasalan chocolate coins to take with you.

Who has time to taste and test the flavors of different chocolates, though? So me and Corealez decided to do a taste test on different types of chocolates in Neopia, so you can choose your chocolates for the Chocolate Ball!

1. Chocolate Omelette

Face it, chocolatiers. The thought of egg with chocolate may sound-

Corealez: Grossss!

Be quiet Corealez! I'm trying to say something. So, as I was saying, the thought of egg with chocolate may sound downright disgusting. But fear not, because the chocolate omelette is made purely of chocolate and marshmallows. So you can dig in a chocolate omelette if you're craving for some good chocolate!

Corealez: How do dinosaurs lay chocolate?

Me: It's not really from the dinosaurs, silly Chia! They just make it look like an omelette.

2. Box of Dung Chocolates

I have six words for you, readers. Do not ever buy these chocolates!! They aren't just dung shaped, they compose of dung! No, I didn't taste it, just asked the chef who created these. These are only for people who just want to prank their enemies. I know the recipe, but I won't advise you to read this because it'll only ruin your craving for chocolate.

Mix a pot of dung with rotten and blended vegetables and sour milk. Pour it into dung-shaped chocolate moulds. Freeze for 5 hours for the best (I mean worst!) taste ever.

3. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

This one is quite expensive for a food item. 300k. It's not an actual chocolate but it contains chocolate. It is scrumptious, though!

Corealez: Yeah, right. You ate the whole cake and never even gave me a slice. Even though it was my monthly freebies that I was to eat!

Shush, strawberry Chia. You should just dip yourself in a bowl of chocolate and eat yourself up. Speaking of strawberries in chocolate, I have another tasty chocolate snack for the chocolatiers!

4. Strochal

Strawberry dipped in pure chocolate makes you absolutely INSANE!!! So, here are the steps to quenching your tiny bits of hunger.

A. Open the shop wizard.

B. Search for Strochal.

C. Buy it!

D. Open your inventory.

E. Enjoy creamy goodness in a strawberry!

5. White Strochal

A prototype of the Strochal. This one's dipped in white chocolate.

Corealez: I liked the classic one better...

Me: Me too, but don't you like this one a bit?

Corealez: Nahh...not really!

6. Chocolate Chia Cupcake

This one is creamy delicious! A chocolate sponge cake carved into the shape of a Chia and topped with whipped cream, a cherry and chocolate drizzle!

Corealez: I liked this one too, but it's a little offending.

7. Chocolate Brucicle

Nice for ice cream AND chocolate lovers, unless you are one of those boring people who like nothing other than pistachio flavored ice cream.

Anyways, don't eat this in the high areas of Terror Mountain or you'll miss out the creaminess of this ice cream and your teeth will break. Don't eat this in the Lost Desert either, because it in the blink of an eye it will melt into soup!

Corealez: Are you sure this isn't an actual unconverted Ice Bruce flavored with chocolate? The Bruce doesn't seem to be smiling, does he?

Me: Ever heard of moulds?

8. Chocolate Beef Custard

Grosssssssssss! You wouldn't want to consume an unappealing combination of chocolate custard and raw beef! I'm assuming this too was made to prank your enemies. *rolls eyes* It's reasonable for 7NP though. You can sell it off with a catchy name in no time.

9. Chocolate Kau Cream Cake

Yummy chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two layers of chocolate sponge cake, topped with chocolate frosting! Sugary sweet, I say. But after all, it's chocolate day. Who cares about getting fat?

Bella: I do!

10. Chocolate Baby Cabbage

This isn't very appealing to me or Corealez, but Bella forced me to write this in too! Okay, then. *sees a Pink Wocky with arms crossed at me*

A crispy, delectable cabbage with all the healthiness in the world topped with the best quality chocolate balances the calories and the nutrients in this dessert!

Corealez: Bella, have you ever heard of quadruple chocolate sundaes?

Bella: Eww! I can't believe Neopians actually eat that junk. I mean, nah...I'd rather go with sugar-free chocolate bars.

Me: *chuckles*

11. Chocolate Chip Pizza

Relatively expensive, like the Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake. But outrageously tasty. In the place of cheese, you got chocolate cream!

12. Chilli Chocolate

Here we come to something unique. The red and green chillies add some flair and spice to the chocolate bar. But don’t actually eat the chillies. Why? You’ll get Sneezles.

13. Bar of Chocolate

The classic bar of chocolate is still enticing and flavorsome however mainstream it may remain to be. Want the recipe?

Mix one bowl of Neopian cocoa with one-third of a bowl of pure caster sugar. Add a pinch of salt and pour in some milk. Pour this into a chocolate mould and freeze for one hour. This recipe produces 12 bars of chocolate.

14. Chocolate Apple

The only actually tasty chocolate item that Bella likes, even though it’s only made of 10% fruit and 90% chocolate. Any worms you find are also made of chocolate, so dig in!

15. Chocolate Chia

So classic and awfully mainstream. I hate this one, but you can go for it. It doesn’t taste bad.

Bella: I don’t like it. I’m vegetarian.

Corealez: Bella, it’s not actually made of Chia meat. It’s pure chocolate!

Bella: But I still don’t like it.

So, I guess that’s all, folks. Ready to shop for chocolates? Add some of these in too. Enjoy licking delicious, satiating creaminess from the tip of your fingers…or paws!

And I’m warning you once again about those Dung Chocolates. Do not, under any circumstance, ingest them. Or you'll have four episodes of....better not to mention it. *winks*

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