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Bored? Not ever, not me.

by blackpugpuppy


Bored on Neopets you say? Not me.

So it's been 2 years since Neopets has had numerous changes. Such changes include the end of Habitarium (boy, did that game glitch), Petpet Park, and Random Contest. I never got involved much with those, but here in Neopia we felt the loss.

Key Quest, World Challenges, Caption Contest, Plots, and Lenny Conundrum are all on hiatus, but not gone yet. So the hope remains alive for the return of these fun events and features.

Now with that you might be getting depressed. Some of these were beyond fun and we have boards holding out for the comeback. Which we can dream to be new and improved if they happen.

But I have to point out all the other fun things that we have available to keep us entertained and involved in for years to come. Such things have been improved upon or created within these interesting 2 years. So here it goes:

1. Customization. We have seen many items released for our pets to wear. This gives Neopia a way to individualize our lookups and pages. Really makes our accounts feel like our own. It was during these past 2 years that I really got involved in Neocash. Something that I never paid much attention to, but that I now love. I can spend hours dressing up my pets, and seeing the result is a reward in itself. This year's Daily Dare and Games Master Challenge were especially enjoyable. When you get a prize you can wear and the value remains high if you'd like to sell, well, there's nothing better. Everyone profits.

2. Restocking Shop Changes. If restocking in the shops is your thing, the implementation of a shop clear out will have made you excited. Finally, after many years, we can find those really rare R99 items. The junk removes on its own without poor Neopians having to buy. Even I love scrolling the shops now. A few refreshes and I know new items will appear.

3. Charity Corner. What a fun idea to have happen. We get rid of our useless items and turn them into potential book reading, gourmet feeding, and stamp collecting hobbies. The people who want to profit from their charity can sell items to the users who are collecting. I see the boards now and people are really excited for this. Our account improvements were on hold before this event. But not anymore. With those rare items becoming available in limited numbers, we can plan new goals. Only happens once a year or less, so hoard now, sell later I say.

4. Daily Dare Return. Now this event was for me. My most favorite one on the site and after a couple years I was ecstatic for its return. And it happened this year! Some of the games were a little more difficult and took me a little while to complete. As a trophy collector I really enjoyed it. And the prizes were the best I've seen. Stamps, books, wearables, you name it. In all my years on the site I've never seen the Games Chat board to be so busy. Finding partners for the team challenge really kept us connected with other users.

5. Altador Cup. This is a yearly event, but it's nice to see it return and I devote the month of June for it each time. With getting your daily limits done for the games, you don't have much time to do anything else on Neo. A must to play as the prize shop and lookup trophy makes it all worth it in the end. Oh, and supporting your team and doing your best is all part of the package.

6. Trophy Collecting. If you have never done this, I encourage you to start. Pick a game that you enjoy then play it every day. You can earn 3000 NP a day just by doing this. Wait until the 1st of every month and then check the High Score Table. See if all that daily playing paid off by submitting a score that gets you in the top 17. The 1st is the day to play since the scores are lower. I've gained so many trophies within these 2 years because I devote my time to learning the games and researching all I can about them. Seeing that shiny trophy on your lookup the next day is a constant reminder of the time you invested.

7. Battledome. I love that the Obelisk is still going on. Every two weeks you pick a team to fight for, and then hope that your skirmish wins. The prize is being able to select a boon at the end. These boons gives you little perks for a week. I remember one week in particular that I fought 3000 battles. Took me hours to do, but my team won at the end. And don't forget your 15 daily fights for prizes. Spend time training your pet as the harder challengers can give better rewards.

8. Miscellaneous. Okay, these are events that still go on regularly, but that I don't participate in. Art Gallery, Poetry Competition, Gallery Spotlight, Beauty Contest, User Lookup Spotlight, Story Telling, and more I'm sure. Check the daily news page to see what's featured. You can get prizes, trophies, and I know it must keep the users who enjoy them busy.

So as you can see from my list, I have kept very busy, every day, for years. I do miss my World Challenges and Key Quest, but I have found other things to do. One of them being entering the Neopian Times. Something that wouldn't even cross my mind before, but since collecting trophies, it got added to the list.

Hope I've given some new ideas for other users, and I can't wait to see what new things Neo brings us in the future. Don't ever get bored here. Visit your pets when you need a reminder of the great site we have. Feed them a few omelettes, brush their fur, and buy them a new toy. Your mood will improve along with theirs.

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