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Relic Pet Care Manual

by elmi164


Congratulations! You have just painted your pet Relic! Hopefully, this is not the first pet you have ever owned, as Relic painted pets are slightly different to care for than a non-Relic Neopet. However, since you are reading the Relic Pet Care Manual that comes with the Relic paintbrush, I am sure you are a loving and magnificent owner.

This manual is divided into 5 parts for your convenience. These parts are: grooming, feeding, transportation, entertainment, and customization. Along with those main parts, there are also two special bonus sections! These bonus sections include: things you should not do to your Relic pet and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

1) Grooming

One of the first things you will notice about your new Relic pet is that their grooming routine is vastly different than before! Say goodbye to daily baths and brushing; many of those items that you previously bought may no longer be necessary. You can go ahead and discard those brushes, nail trimmers, hair clips, shampoos, and body creams. Those items are not needed anymore as Relic pets do not have fur or hair that need to washed to maintain their glossiness. Other items to improve appearances are not required as they are now made of stone; their nails do not grow and they do not need creams to keep their wrinkles at bay. Their appearance from the day they turned into a Relic pet will stay the same for the rest of their duration as a Relic pet! (NOTE: This is only guaranteed if your pet does not get damaged. Relic pets are susceptible to breakage and erosion. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs after your pet has been turned Relic).

Your new groom-care routine for your Relic pet is much simpler. All you need is soap and a sponge or washcloth. Optional items are: stone polish (to make your pet look brand new) and a toothbrush (to scrub away dirt in hard to reach places). Once a week you should wash your pet with soap and water to wipe them clean of any dirt, grim, and unwanted bacteria. The only greenery that should be on your Relic pet is the greenery that came with the color change (see Chia, Jetsam, and Peophin for examples). Any other moss or plants that start appearing should be removed as soon as possible, for they can cause sicknesses in Relic pets.

All eyeshadows, nail polishes, and lipsticks will be addressed in the Customization portion.

2) Feeding

You no longer need to stress about ensuring your pet is getting all of the right nutrients everyday. As a Relic pet, they no longer need all those Omega-3 fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to live. The way that their body functions is different from other Neopets. The only vitamin that your pet needs is Vitamin D, which is sunlight! A minimum of 10 hours of sunlight per week is recommended to keep your pet happy and healthy.

While your pet is still able to talk to you, their mouth cannot physically open and close. It is not advised to try to give your pet foods or drinks, as they have no way of ingesting it.

3) Transportation

A big problem you may be encountering is: how do I travel around with my Relic Neopet? The good news is that you still can! The bad news is that it is harder than before!

By now, you should have noticed that your pet cannot walk by their own accord. They require your assistance to move from place to place. We recommend getting some sort of wagon or cart to help transport them. Be sure that any wagon or cart has a wheel locking mechanism; the last thing you want is your pet rolling away!

Trying to carry your pet everywhere is NOT advised.

4) Entertainment

Your pet will require your assistance in the entertainment department. As they cannot move, they are more dependent on you to provide sources of fun. Some of our suggestions are: reading books to them, you performing drama acts, telling jokes, and petpets. Petpets are highly recommended for busy Neopet owners. When you are out running errands, petpets are a tremendous help in ensuring your Relic pet will not get bored! However, PLEASE refrain from getting a Rock petpet to match your Relic pet. Rock petpets are not a suitable entertaining petpet for Relic pets. Please find a petpet that can provide the proper levels of entertainment for your pet.

It is good for your Relic pet to get out of the house every once in a while. The last thing we all want is a stir crazy pet, right? Maybe take them to see a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, a Glass Bottom Boat Tour at Kiko Lake, or the kadoaties at the Kadoatery. Your pet can still enjoy the wonders of the world!

5) Customization

Can I still customize my pet? Why silly, of course you can! Most Relic pets still enjoy getting dressed and dolled up. Your Relic pet can fit into any clothes made for any other Neopet (as long as it is not Baby clothes). Some clothing items may be harder to put on a Relic pet than a non-Relic pet. You may need to be creative in finding ways to get items to fit properly on your Relic pet.

It is up to the owner and pet's discretion to use any eyeshadows, nail polishes, lipsticks, and any other product that can stain stone. Using these products will not damage your pet's stone body, but it may lead to staining or discoloration. Each pet is different; some pets may not mind having their stone color altered while others may want to remain pure of any blemishes. We ask that you please listen to the requests of your pet.

6) Definite What-Not-To-Dos

Never ever ever turn your Relic pet into a garden statue. Your pet may look like they belong nicely in your garden, but they do not belong there. They are still living creatures and deserve to be treated like one despite their lack of movement. You are supposed to provide love and care for them. If you really wanted a garden decoration, you can easily buy one at any gardening store.

Do not try to place your Relic pet in the Hall of Heroes. The statues in the Hall of Heroes are to commemorate the heroes of Altador, and the heroes of Altador only. Plus, we are pretty sure that Foreman, the orange Yurble janitor, might get upset about having another statue to clean.

You should not take your pet to fight Punchbag Bob. Unless... you enjoy watching two individuals stare at each other.

7) FAQ

My pet's eyes don't close when they are sleeping, is there any way to fix this?

Unfortunately, no. All pets are created differently. Some close their eyes when sleeping and others do not. You and your pet will need to discuss ways to remedy this problem.

Can I attach wheels to the base of my pet and push them around?

Err, yes and no. It definitely is possible to attach wheels to your pet but it is ill-advised to do so.

Help! A part of my pet broke off! Can I reattach it? Are they permanently damaged?

It is ideal to reattach broken parts of your pet with cement. However, if you do not have access to cement you can reattach any broken parts using Super Amazing Strong Glue. NOTE: Using the Super Amazing Strong Glue method does not reattach the part 100%. There is a possibility that it can break off again if not careful. Your pet will not be permanently damaged. If you want to repaint them, bring them to Healing Springs first to ensure they will be fine.

As soon as my pet changed colors to Relic they developed cracks on their body. Are they more fragile than other Relic pets?

Some Relic pets may be more fragile than others, but if they developed "cracks" as soon as they changed to Relic, they are perfectly fine. These are not real cracks, these are just markings. If your pet had any scars prior to being painted Relic, then those scars appear as "cracks" when they are Relic. If you touch those "cracks" they are actually smooth and not jagged. Their body is not actually split, it is only a reflection of their physical appearance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this manual! We wish the best of luck to you and your new Relic pet! Please call the number on the back of this booklet if there are any additional questions or concerns.

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