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75 Reasons To Give Away Your Pets!

by indulgences


Happy 750th issue of the Neopian Times, my fellow players! It's a time for joy and celebration, as we pay tribute to the Neopian Times and the marvelous ways in which it uplifts our spirits.

That said, I thought it would be cute and inventive to write an article about the best aspect of the site -- the pets! Specifically, the reasons why it's better to give them away than to keep them. Many people on the site are obsessed with hoarding as many pets as possible. Yet I think it's a better idea to adopt them out!

Here is my list of 75 reasons why giving away your pets is a great idea! I hope you enjoy reading it!

1. You might need room on your accounts for new color/species combinations that don't yet exist, like the Polka Dot Cybunny or the Darigan Vandagyre.

2. There's always someone else who wants it more.

3. If you zap a pet into an avatar pet, you can donate it to a pet lender who will lend it to other players.

4. Your pet is your Neofriend's dream pet, and she'll treasure it forever if you gave it to her.

5. You have a hard time making characters and artwork for your pet.

6. You only keep pets whose petpages you code and update.

7. If you zap a pet that is your permanent lab rat, you need an extra space on your account to adopt, and then transfer out, pets wearing their Paint Brush clothes in order to get rid of said clothes.

8. It's hard to customize. Either it's an unusual color, or its species wearables are horrible.

9. You only want one pet on your account if it does Kitchen Quests, so that all the stats go to that pet.

10. You already have your 12 dream pets, so you might as well have fun zapping and pounding.

11. You realize you don't need status pets, like Maraquan Krawks or Desert Draiks. You're quite happy with your Split Bori, so you might as well give the other pets away!

12. You don't even remember your pet's name, let alone treasure it.

13. With empty spaces on your accounts, you can surf the Neopian Pound.

14. It'll help someone to trade up towards their dream pet. (ex. Giving someone a Darigan Mynci so that the player can trade up towards a Wraith Korbat.)

15. Someone absolutely adores your pet's name and would be willing to morph it, paint it, customize it, give it a specific Petpet that matches the pet, use its petpage to list the person's goals and accomplishments, create a beautiful pet lookup, etc…

16. You no longer love its name. Perhaps it's too long and complicated, or contains numbers and underscores. Perhaps someone else will love it no matter what its name is.

17. Every pet has a fan base, even plain colors like Clay Aishas and Gold Chias. Even if your pet is plain, there's someone on the Pound Neoboard who would love to adopt it.

18. It holds no meaning for you. It wasn't a gift from a Neofriend, you didn't create and paint it yourself, and you can't come up with stories for it.

19. You're tired of seeing your pet droop every time it's hungry or sick. Better give it to someone who will care enough to put it in the Neolodge every month.

20. It has a few trophies, and you don't care enough to earn it more. Better give it to a player who will actively earn it Beauty Contest, Gourmet Club, and Book Award trophies.

21. You finally acquired an unconverted pet, and now your other pets pale in comparison.

22. Neopets is no longer about the pets for you. Now it's about chatting on the Neoboards, achieving game trophies, achieving avatars, competing in contests, etc.

23. Getting a free pet always brightens a newbie's day.

24. Giving a pet to a famous, veteran player ensures that the pet will be loved forever, not abandoned on a side account if the new owner gets bored with the site and goes on hiatus.

25. It's a Limited Edition species, and not everyone has the time to stalk the Create-A-Pet page to create their own LE pet on the pet's holiday. Why not create a bunch, then give them away to the people who missed out?

26. You no longer think of it as a real pet. When you were younger, you were sad when it was sad, happy when it was happy, and relieved when it was bloated. Now that you realize it's just pixels, you might as well give it to a youngster who will empathize with it once again.

27. You no longer have Premium, and you have to downsize from 5 pets to 4 because the site won't let you play anymore until you do.

28. Reading applications is fun if your pet is up for adoption. Even if your pet is a common color like Speckled or Spotted, people will make gorgeous and elaborate apps for it.

29. Your priorities have changed. Rather than loving a specific species, you now love specific colors. So instead of having 4 mishmash pets, you want to own 4 Snow pets.

30. The other players will remember you as someone generous and kind.

31. There's always someone with a better customization in mind than you do. Better give the pet to that person so it can be customized in glowing wearables from the NC Mall, instead of sitting stagnant on your own account wearing an Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack.

32. If you've been zapping your pet for a while, its stats are probably decent. There are a lot of players who need starter Battledome pets, so why not give away your battle pet to someone who is too poor to train her own?

33. Some players think that brand new colors will someday exist, like Balloon Animal or Origami. Better create room on your accounts in case a Jewel Jetsam is released someday!

34. Zappers and pounders tend to be Neofriends with each other. Being a zapper and pounder means you'll always have plenty of pals, in addition to giving away lots of pets!

35. You're rarely logged in because of real life, and your pet deserves an owner who logs in every single day.

36. Your pet is the last pet someone needs to complete her family. (ex. Giving her an Island Kacheek that goes along with her 3 other Island pets.)

37. Giving away a pet means you'll have more Neopoints and Neocash available to customize your other remaining pets.

38. Your pet doesn't go along with your other pets, no matter how many times you reorganize your accounts.

39. Prestige pets like Draiks and Krawks are cheaper now, but still a challenge to obtain for some newbies. Better create/morph them and give them away to deserving newbies.

40. Despite having spent 2 years trading pets in order to obtain your dream pet, you realize afterwards that you're not inspired by it at all. Even though it represents years and years of trading, it's best to just give it away.

41. You recently adopted your dream pet, and you want to pay it forward to another player by giving away a pet you don't really cherish.

42. You actively zap pets, and you have no need for multiple MSP Poogles or multiple Alien Aishas that you get from the Ray. Better give them away to players who will love them.

43. You're semi-quitting (which means you'll be a mostly inactive player, besides logging in a few times a year), and your pet deserves an owner who will log in every day.

44. Purpose, purpose, purpose. If it's not earning trophies, or being used in the Battledome, you'd rather not keep it.

45. Whenever you come back from hiatus, you're startled by your ownership of a pet you forgot you owned. Better give it away to someone who will treasure it more.

46. Your pet is the dream pet of your favorite player. What better way to show your admiration than to gift her with her dream pet?

47. You have a love of anthro pets, which means you love pets who stand upright on 2 legs. Better give away your quad pet to someone who will love it more.

48. You have a love of quad pets, which means you love pets who stand on 4 legs. Better give away your anthro pet to someone who will love it more.

49. You want a themed account, which means you want 4 pets of the same color, or 4 pets of the same species. Better give away your extra pet if it doesn't match your theme.

50. Giving away a pet that wears Paint Brush clothes (like Desert, Stealthy or Royal) will be a welcome addition to players who love to collect clothes.

51. If you're an active zapper with a closet full of Paint Brush clothes, you can adopt a painted pet from the Neopian Pound, dress it up in its corresponding Paint Brush clothes, and give it away to a lucky player.

52. There are no trophy pets anymore. So just keep the pets you really love, while giving away that one pet that was slightly expensive but isn't really worth keeping!

53. Giving away your beautiful pet to a newbie gives them incentive to keep playing instead of quitting or getting bored, and Neopets definitely needs more people playing!

54. Your Vandagyre can't wear most clothes.

55. Your Vandagyre comes in limited colors.

56. Your pet is too hard to draw, and you want to earn the Beauty Contest avatar.

57. Your pet's species is too popular, and has too much competition in the Beauty Contest.

58. It was created on February 29, and you rarely get to celebrate its birthday with a Sparkling Birthday Cupcake on its lookup.

59. It has an object attached to it that isn't a proper Petpet (such as an eraser or a comb), and someone else will appreciate the humor more.

60. Giving away your pet will inspire someone else to do the same, especially when you're ecstatic over the new space on your account.

61. Bad memories. Maybe your pet was named after your real life dog, who passed away recently. Better give the pet to someone who isn't traumatized by its name.

62. Let's face it, we all own one favorite pet, while our others can't compare. Better give away your extra pets to people who'll think that they're THEIR favorite pets.

63. Put a badly named pet up for adoption that is cheaply painted and demand that the players applying for it make applications that follow a whopping 165 rules. See if anyone actually applies. (LOL.)

64. If you zap its Petpet into an avatar Petpet, you can donate it to a pet lender who will lend it to other players.

65. It's fun to give away pets, just to give away pets. I myself have given away 100!

66. If you keep a petpage list of the pets you give away, you can see their images transform over the course of months and years. Most end up in permanent homes and get beautifully customized.

67. Adopting a badly named pet, zapping it into an awesome color, and giving it away is the only chance that the pet has at being adopted by another person. (People are usually picky about names.)

68. If you're a 10-month-old player, and you meet a 124-month-old player who really loves your 8-Bit Cybunny, you might as well give the Cybunny to the veteran. They must really love it if they've been on the site this long, and covet it over every other type of pet.

69. Let's face it, we're all waiting for Cherry, Artichoke and Banana Chias to exist someday. Might as well make room right now!

70. You own a painted pet, and despite zapping it for 75 straight days, it refuses to change color. (My own lab rat is currently on day 71.) It's a sign. Give away your pet and start fresh with a new lab rat.

71. You seem to attract Fountain Faerie Quests left and right, you lucky thing! However, you already own all of your dream pets. Better use the Fountain Faerie to paint a pet into something useful, like a Coconut JubJub or an Orange Grundo, and then give it away to a pet lender who will lend it to other players.

72. It might help someone to trade DOWN towards their dream pet. (ex. Giving someone a Zombie Chomby so that the player can trade down towards a Disco Gnorbu.)

73. Having the maximum of 20 pets doesn't necessarily increase your enjoyment of the site, while giving them away DOES. You're giving your pets to the people who truly value them.

74. Trading pets for their Petpets is not allowed, but giving away pets with interesting Petpets IS allowed! So give away that plain pet with a zapped Candychan attached. The new owner will probably morph and paint the pet to match the Petpet!

And the best reason EVER for giving away your pet…

75. Even if it's passed around for a couple of months, or maybe even years, every pet eventually ends up in a permanent home that loves it!

I hope you enjoyed this list, dear readers! It was really fun to compile it, and it reminded me of how much fun is possible on this site! Only on Neopets is GIVING AWAY your pets as rewarding as COLLECTING them! And wow, 75 reasons is a lot!

Happy 750th issue of the Neopian Times, fellow players! Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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