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The Coolest Logs On Neo!

by indulgences


I must admit, I'm always amused by my shop history. I haven't erased it since September 18, 2008, when someone bought a Springy Green Slorg from my shop. It's fun to look at it every morning, right after finishing my dailies, and seeing the same familiar players buying from my shop over and over again. (They sure like hoarding Codestones!)

That said, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the coolest logs that exist on the Neopets site! I've often wanted to collect a list for my own merriment. However, why not submit the list to the Neopian Times and show my fellow players how to entertain themselves with the logs as well?

So here are all of the coolest logs on Neopets! I hope they make you smile!

1. Sales Histories


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person with an unhealthy obsession with my sales history. Many of my Neofriends have admitted to me that they get a thrill whenever a famous and popular player buys from their shops. They never clear their shop histories, even if their histories are as old as mine (or even older!).

2. Petpage Views


It's possible to view the number of people who have visited your petpages, though the number gets reset at the beginning of every new month. I was pretty thrilled to see one of my petpages reach 20 views in one day, and now I'm addicted to checking the stats page all the time!

3. Past Winners

There's nothing more time-consuming and fun than checking out old winners of the contests on this site. For instance, I love to go back through old issues of the Poetry Contest and marvel at the creativity and ingenuity of my fellow poets. Other people like to look at past Art Gallery and Beauty Contest entries, and draw inspiration from other artists. Looking at these logs is really entertaining and fun, and one could easily spend hours on the site just looking at past contest winners!

4. Battledome Log


It's possible to see one's Battledome fight stats, and I'm always interested by the progress of my own battle pet. The Battledome log is a cool way of keeping track of your battle pet's successes, and I simply had to include it on this list!

5. Food Club Betting History


Many people are addicted to Food Club, and they love to scour their Food Club betting history for every bet they ever made, the total of how much they bet, and total winnings from the start on that account. Food Club is an integral part of the players' lives, and it's a way of earning money that is just as important as restocking from the main Neopian shops or playing games!

6. Games Played


There's a page that lists your games played and the rank you reached on each. You can even check out other peoples' lists! For the voyeurs amongst us, stalking the games lists of our favorite players is an addiction, especially when they're always landing on the high score lists!

7. Avatar List


The avatar list is the most famous log on Neopets! Each of us has our own avatar list, and collecting avatars is the most popular activity on this site. I can't wait for TNT to roll out with new avatars, and I'm crossing my fingers that the next Charity Corner will have its very own avatar to be earned!

8. Books Read


The list for total books read is one of the hottest competitions on the site. People willingly spend millions of Neopoints on the latest and rarest books, hoping to end up on the high score list for the Neopian Book Award. This is a really old aspect of the site, and I'm glad that it's become one of the coolest logs on here!

9. NC Mall Album


There are a lot of players who openly admit that they've spent thousands of real life dollars at the NC Mall, and those are the players whose accounts I bookmark on my computer! I love to sigh over their voluminous and extravagant NC Mall Albums, full of rare and exotic items that were sold once and never again. I mentally congratulate these people for being such fans of the NC Mall, since they keep the site alive for the rest of us!

10. Neodeck


I personally keep my Neodeck empty, in case I get a Random Event that deposits a card into my Neodeck, but I know of plenty of people who keep their Neodecks stuffed with every available card! The Neodeck is a really cool log, one that everyone is familiar with. More than one person has told me that if they had millions to spend, they'd spend every Neopoint on a Neodeck collection of their very own.

11. Stamp Album


Another addiction besides the Neodeck is the Stamp Album. Unlike the Neodeck, however, the items that one places in the Stamp Album can never be removed. I admire everyone who starts to collect stamps, since a stamp avatar can cost a person hundreds of millions of Neopoints. What an expensive and ambitious hobby!

12. Personal Logs

The number one log that the players themselves keep is a log of their Secret Laboratory Ray zaps! I have to admit, I wish I'd done the same with my own lab rat, who I've been zapping for 9 years. All I ever did was make screenies of its more memorable zaps, like when it changed to Chocolate or Wraith.

Another popular log that the players keep is records of the best players. For instance, there's a Top Gamers list floating around that lists the top 50 players who've played the most games.

Many people keep logs of pets that are up for adoption. They list these pets on a petpage, so that everyone can see the pets and be inspired to apply.

And finally, there are those logs that are so specific that I can't list them all here! One player assiduously keeps a log of every purchase she makes for her gallery, as well as how much she paid for each item. Another player keeps a log of every pet she's ever zapped and pounded. And yet another player keeps a log of all the Super Attack Peas on Neopets, as well as who owns them.


These were all of the coolest logs that exist on the Neopets site! I hope you enjoyed reading them, and that they made you smile! It was fun to compile this list, and I hope that it inspires everyone to be just a little more curious about the workings of the site. It might even make you spend an extra hour or two on the site every day…time well spent!

Thanks for reading this article, dear readers! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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