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Travels and Souvenirs: The White Weewoo Edition

by smeehoo27126043


The White Weewoo traveled all over Neopia for the 750th issue of the Neopian Times! Doesn’t that sound exciting? He did it all by flight, too! Neopia is a vast world with so much to see and do. It’s an adventure waiting to happen! With that being said, I’m going to tell you about some of the White Weewoo’s top destinations on his tour through Neopia. He chose seven lands to start out with. The little guy was so happy to get to travel and see the world, that he couldn’t contain his excitement. He has read many stories about Neopia. Why can't he go out and explore it? This is where I captured the fun and excitement of the little Weewoo's travels. Plus, he took home a souvenir from each land so he can always remember his journey. Now grab a cup of hot cocoa and let us delve into some of the mystery and wonder of these lands; all while doing a bit of much needed White Weewoo shopping!

Please enjoy!


    First on the White Weewoo's travel list: Neopia Central

Neopia Central is a big city with some greenery and a bunch of shops - perfect for those last minute gift ideas you so happened to forget. You can't miss the Money Tree! Always be generous with a donation because there are some less fortunate than you. The Rainbow Pool is great to visit if you have an extra paintbrush stashed away. A fresh coat is a must in Neopia. There is a Faerie down at the Soup Kitchen known as the Soup Faerie, she makes sure no neopet goes hungry - how kind, right? As for the shopping portion, you have Neopian Plaza, Neopian Bazaar, and the Marketplace. How many stamps are in your album? How many books are piled up in your study? Do you like all things magic? Do you collect anything Usuki? What about battledome supplies? They’ve got a shop for all five. They even have a shop dedicated to JUST pizza. It’s called Pizzaroo. You cannot run out of things to buy. They have it all. Do you have an artistic side? The Art Centre, deep in the catacombs, is a place for many different artists to show what they’ve got. You can pick poetry, draw for an art gallery, storytelling, and they even have the Neopian Times. Sometimes choosing can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! There is something for everyone! Also, try making a wish at the Wishing Well. You may just get what you wished for… Before you go please visit the Chocolate Factory. If you have a sweet tooth, that place will cure it in no time. Have you ever seen a milk chocolate Aisha or Bruce?

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from Neopia Central?

Travel Pillow

(Bought from the Neopian Gift Shop) Perfect for those long trips when you just need to rest. It fits perfectly in any storage compartment. Plus, it's shaped like a Quiggle - how adorable! The White Weewoo likes to enjoy a nap after reading a good book.

    Second on the White Weewoo's travel list: Meridell

Meridell is a vast land of lush green grass and fertile farm land. It's known for the wonderful Meridell Castle; ruled by King Skarl himself. He's known to be grumpy. You can try to make him laugh with a witty joke. You’ll need a bit of good luck! You can meet Illusen the Earth Faerie and even do a quest for her! She will be grateful for your help and her smile is contagious. There's even a place where you can kiss a Mortog... yuck! Speaking of petpets, you can meet a large creature called the Turmaculus. Bring your petpet there and chances are he will wake from his slumber and gobble them up! Approach with caution. As for games, if you like sitting at rounded tables or like playing poker, you might enjoy Round Table Poker. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, try Ultimate Bullseye. Can you manage to hit the bullseye? If that still hasn’t put a smile on your face, there is one thing that will. Have you ever seen cheese roll? Well now you can! Cheese Roller is a game where you buy your favorite cheese and watch it roll. The goal is to get it down the hill under sixty seconds, avoiding all kinds of obstacles. Cheesy! You can even guess the weight of a giant Marrow. Try to be precise though, you might win something great! Also, you can pick your own berries while in Meri Acres. Freshly picked berries are the greatest. Don’t forget to visit the Rubbish Dump to snag a unique Meridell item. Lastly, try the gruel. It's amazing. Oh and if you look up you can see the Darigan Citadel. That land is currently ruled by Lord Darigan. That place is good for the game of Cellblock, unless you like vacationing on floating citadels.

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from Meridell?

Sausage and Pea Soup

(Bought from Merifoods) This is a Meridell favorite so you can’t visit there without trying some. It’s best served with bread or on a chilly day. The White Weewoo was really happy to take some home! He favors this as the best edible souvenir.

    Third on the White Weewoo’s travel list: Faerieland

You can't miss the vibrant colors of this once floating utopia. Faerieland is quite the landmark and still is considering it crashed to the ground in Year 12. Firstly, you can visit the Wheel of Excitement (the name says it all) and hope to land on the 20,000 neopoint slot. Watch out for the Pant Devil! Guard your prized items! Want to make a bet and test your luck? Try the one and only Poogle Races! Those cute little pets will race to the finish line and if you choose the right one, you win! Do you like doing jobs? Are you great at finding items? Then the Faerieland Employment Agency is the place for you! The higher the job coupon you bring, the better the neopoint prize you will receive. You can visit Jhudora the Dark Faerie and do a quest for her - beware she is not fond of guests. If you're lucky you may be asked to do a quest by one of the many (kinder) Faeries of Faerieland. Maybe even by Queen Fyora herself. How awesome, right? There is even a quest you can receive by The Fountain Faerie! She will grant access to her magical pool which changes the color of your pet by choice. Say hi to the The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity (he never speaks, or does he?) Poor little guy... Also, there is a special area known as the Hidden To- what? We can't speak of it? I heard the items inside are crazy expensive. Instead, try shopping at one of the Faerie themed shops. They are less expensive, you might find something you really want, and you won’t feel bad for spending all of your savings. Before you go though, grab a Faerie Bubble to snack on and take a dip in the Healing Springs. Can’t get better than that!

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from Faerieland?

Faerie Activities Book

(Bought from the Faerieland Bookshop) This gift is perfect on a rainy day. It contains connect-the-dots, paint by numbers, cross words, word searches, and more! The White Weewoo enjoys a good crossword every now and then with a cup of tea.

    Fourth on the White Weewoo’s travel list: Terror Mountain

Is it really that terrifying? That’s for you to decide. It sits at the north pole of Neopia. Terror Mountain has a Christmas vibe that would be anything but terrifying (unless you think otherwise). It’s split into three lands: Happy Valley, The Ice Caves, and The Peak. In Happy Valley, there is the Advent Calendar where you can collect a daily prize every day in December. Just in time for the holidays! Are you an ice cream fan? Don’t get too excited yet… First, you must complete a quest by the one and only – Snow Faerie! She’s located at the top of the mountain. If you’re lucky she will reward you with an Ice Cream Machine coupon. Watch out! In the Ice Caves, the Snowager is sleeping and waking him probably isn’t the best idea. Can you swipe an item from his stash? A task definitely for the riskier crowd. Are you a negg fan? Than visit the Neggery! Trade in your old, boring neggs to receive a given number of tokens. Afterwards, trade those tokens in for a negg that is unique and powerful. You can’t go wrong with neggs and your pets will thank you! Try out games like Snow Roller and Rink Runner. Just make sure you’re bundled up while playing them. Check out the Igloo Garage Sale and Shop of Mystery; both have treasures waiting to be discovered. I heard the chia pops are really good. Has one of your favorite CDs ever shattered in pieces and you felt like there was no hope for it to be fixed? Donny at the Toy Repair Shop will fix it in no time! Only for a small cost of course. If you’ve seen it all here in Terror Mountain please just relax and play in the snow! Maybe have a snow ball fight? Make some mint snow tea? You could even build a snow meepit! (It’s always snowing, right?)

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from Terror Mountain?

Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream

(Used an Ice Cream Machine Coupon at the Ice Cream Cart) How lucky! This frozen treat really hits the spot – even on a cold day! I’m sure the White Weewoo has deemed this the best edible souvenir… Wait? He still favors the Sausage and Pea Soup?

    Fifth on the White Weewoo’s travel list: Haunted Woods

Ah! Now you should be terrified. Haunted Woods is the spookiest place in Neopia. Traveling here will help you out with a great scary story by the camp fire. It’s always dark and foggy – eerie, huh? Venturing through the woods you will find Edna’s Tower. A spooky Zafara with a knack for magic spells – if you acceptingly do a quest for her of course. Be careful though she might turn you into a Mortog! Think her tower is scary? Try the Haunted House! Can you make it through without chickening out? The Esophagor and Brain Tree also reside in Haunted Woods. Completing quests for the two will award you with a cool Haunted Woods themed item. Is that a ghost Ona flying past?! There is a castle that belongs to Eliv Thade. They say not to travel to the basement… The Game Graveyard has all the games you played yeaaaaars ago and I mean years. The old version of MAGAX: Destroyer was so much fun. Check out The Deserted Fairground to play some not-so-fun games. They have Bagatelle, Coconut Shy, Test Your Strength, and the Cork Gun Gallery. Can you win a prize from either one? It might seem impossible… There’s even a wheel you can spin called the Wheel of Misfortune. Why in the world would you spin something called that? *cough* Blame the meepits. You can even see Hubrid Nox’s castle in the distance. Past the gypsy camp is the small town of Neovia. You can go Apple Bobbing and visit shops like The Crumpetmonger, Chesterdrawers’ Antiques, Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors, and the Neovian Printing Press. Before you go, definitely try the Pumpkin Cookies. (No, they do not contain frogs *shifty eyes*)

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from Haunted Woods?

Ancient Cursed Mirror

(Bought from the Haunted Weaponry) Perfect for- wait a minute. The shop owner says if you look into this mirror a ghost will become attached to you! Who in the world would want that? The White Weewoo has no comment on the matter.

    Sixth on the White Weewoo’s travel list: The Lost Desert

Sand. Lots and lots of sand. The Lost Desert is covered with sand as far as the eye can see. (No not Lost Dessert!) You could lose your dessert if you brought it there, though... This land is filled with hidden treasures galore. It just might take your whole life to find them. Watch out for the swarm of giant bugs! You can visit Coltzan’s Shrine in hopes of being granted a gift. Could it be neopoints or even a cool scroll to read? There are games to play like Pyramids if you like cards, Sutek’s Tomb if you like swapping tiles to land in a row, and Tug-O-War if you like a bit of a challenge or landing in a pit. The lands include Sakhmet and Qasala. Sakhmet is the largest kingdom in the Lost Desert and Qasala is still in the process of being rebuilt to its former self. In Sakhmet, you can play the Fruit Machine, buy scratch cards at the desert kiosk, grab some desert food – made of sand, and play Geos and Scarab 21 if you haven’t had enough of card games. In Qasala, there is not much to expect but a few shops and the expensive Wheel of Extravagance. You have to shell out 100,000 neopoints to spin this wheel. Don’t forget to say hi to Princess Amira while you visit. Did you know there are two written languages in the form of hieroglyphs? Sakmetian (12 symbols, more common in tombs) and Qasalan (12 symbols, far less common). Try to figure out what they translate to. While visiting the Lost Desert, please use plenty of sun screen. The sun can be very brutal on your skin!

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from The Lost Desert?

Coltzan Plushie

(Gifted by Coltzan’s Shrine) A plush sized Coltzan – how adorable! I’m sure the White Weewoo will cuddle up with this and read a bedtime story after a long day.

    Last but not least on the White Weewoo’s travel list: Mystery Island

Mystery Island is the last place he visited. That’s perfect because this island is considered paradise away from home. He relaxed the whole time there and he deserved it! This tiki-themed island is home to locals that make their homes at the island’s edges. They are very kind to tourists who come to enjoy the clear skies and sandy beaches – just don’t upset them. On the main island, you can take a Tiki Tour for the low cost of 25 neopoints. Now that’s a bargain! Do you REALLY like volleyball? The beach has many nets for you to choose from. A Mynci might want to play against you so don’t let their short legs fool you! Visit the Mystery Island Kitchen and help the Underwater Chef create a recipe. I heard Mumbo Pango is always hungry. Pull a ticket at the Tiki Tack Tombola! Chances are you might win a cool prize. Even a bottle of sand! Say hi to the Tiki Tack Man, too. He’s actually very kind. Try the Training School to get back into tip-top shape! You’ll need a codestone for payment, though. (This is a vacation island… Why would you need training?) The Trading Post is native to Mystery Island. It’s where you go to trade your items and neopoints. Who knows? You might just get that battle duck you’ve always wanted. The Island Mystic can tell you your daily fortune. (Mine is always about a Kau. How moo-ving) Also, if you are extra bold, try hiking up to the Lost City of Geraptiku and climb the Deserted Tomb’s stairs. Now that’s what I call a work out. If you’ve seen it all and it’s your time to go, please visit the Tiki Tack. Your friends and family deserve a cool souvenir! (How many times was the word tiki used: 5)

What souvenir did the White Weewoo bring home from Mystery Island?

Fancy Bottle of Sand

(Bought from the Tiki Tack) Whoa! This bottle of sand looks expensive! Only the best for our friend the White Weewoo. He says he couldn’t decide on one color of sand… That seems like the most logical explanation. *shrugs*


    This ends the White Weewoo’s travels around Neopia! He really enjoyed the different shops, fun games, and trying all kinds of various foods. The places were just like in the stories he read about, but better! He said it was a lot of fun and he hopes to travel to the rest of Neopia in the near future. Maybe before the 800th issue? His wings need a good rest! The White Weewoo chose these seven lands because each one is uniquely different from the next. This article was made to give you an inside look at each land visited and some of their attractions*. Does it make you want to travel? Are you fond of shopping, eating, playing games, or just sightseeing? There honestly is so much to do in Neopia that you couldn’t lose interest. The smiling faces and the common courtesy make the traveling worthwhile. Neopia is the best! I hope you’ll feel the same way after doing some traveling for yourself. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Annual Gormball Championships!

    What’s this? The White Weewoo has given me a gift?

Thoughtful Gift Candle

(Bought from the Neopian Gift Shop) What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I absolutely adore it and I will treasure it forever. Thank you for thinking about me, White Weewoo! *hugs*

(Inside the card attached to the gift) “Thank you for taking the time to write about my travels. You are a wonderful friend and I appreciate everything you have done. Here is one last souvenir from me to you. Happy 750th Issue, Neopian Times!” – The White Weewoo

    *This article did not cover every shop, game, and battledome area. That is for you to discover on your own. Reason being is that the White Weewoo did not travel to every location in the designated land. It was meant to keep some of the mystery of Neopia. Thank you for understanding.

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