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More Backgrounds We're Looking Forward To!

by indulgences


My original article, "All The Backgrounds We're Looking Forward To," garnered a lot of fan mail from players who agreed with my belief that we're missing a lot of basic Backgrounds. The proposals I mentioned in my article, such as an Aquarium Tank Background, a Grundo's Gym Background, a Standing On Line Background, and a Fish Bowl Background, were enthusiastically supported by everyone who contacted me. Thanks, players, for your encouragement!

That said, my original article listed proposals that came straight out of my head. I thought that this time around, I'd canvass the Neoboards for the opinions of my fellow players! What Backgrounds would YOU love to own someday, that don't yet exist? These were the top 20 suggestions!

1. Just Got Out Of Bed Background

This is an adorable idea proposed by a popular player. She suggested a Background that features a big, unmade bed, with the bedsheets twisted and tangled, and the morning sun shining through a window. What a great way to celebrate the Pyjama outfits on the site, such as the Kacheek Pyjama Gown, the Eyrie Footsie Pyjamas, and the Quiggle Fly Pyjamas!

2. Maze Background

Another popular player admitted that although a maze or labyrinth Background would be hard to pull off by the TNT artists, she's still crossing her fingers that it will exist someday. What a fascinating proposal! We could customize our pets so fabulously with it. Perhaps a Minotaur-like pet, such as a Mutant Ixi, could wander the halls. Perhaps a scholarly pet wearing glasses could be navigating it. Perhaps our mouse-like pets, such as our Baby Meercas and Mutant Xweetoks, could be trying to find a piece of cheese within it. The possibilities are endless!

3. In An Oven Background

This Background would be so awesome for our food pets! Just imagine peering through the oven window to see your Biscuit Yurble standing on a sheet pan, merrily toasting away. I'm a great lover of the food pets on this site, and I would love the opportunity to celebrate their edible selves! Thanks to the Biscuit pet collector who suggested this amazing idea!

4. Decorating The Money Tree Background

Though it's not the proper season right now (this would be a winter holiday Background), one player proposed a Background that features our pets standing on a ladder, right next to the shining star that tops the garlanded Money Tree in December. I thought this was a unique and fun proposal, since I love the Money Tree and want any excuse to include it in my pets' customizations!

5. Walk-In Closet Background

This is a Background that is long overdue! There are a lot of rabid customizers on this site, and everyone is crossing their fingers that a Walk-In Closet Background is in the works. It would feature racks and racks of clothing, for our vainer and more fashionable pets. Piles of shoes would be littering the floor, while purses would be crammed into shelves. I really love this idea, and I truly hope that this Background will exist someday!

6. (Food) Harvest Background

One player suggested that the TNT artists create a series of harvest-themed Backgrounds, such as a Peach Harvest Background or a Tchea Harvest Background. Each Background would feature baskets and baskets of the fruits, and perhaps a ladder or two. I thought this was a creative idea, and I hope the TNT artists will consider making this series! (I myself would love to know, how do Tcheas grow? On bushes? On vines? On trees?)

7. Inside A Safety Deposit Box Background

I thought this was a great idea, so thanks to the player who suggested this! This Background would feature our pets standing on piles and piles of random items. If it's animated, perhaps our pets would get bonked by the random items we're always throwing into our Safety Deposit Boxes, such as Omelettes and Broken Fishing Poles. What a hilarious way to celebrate our Safety Deposit Boxes! I wonder why the TNT artists haven't created this Background yet?

8. Changing Vistas Background

This was a really unusual proposal made by a player who can never decide how to customize her pet. She thought that a Background that constantly changes outdoor scenes would be amazing. Her pet's theme is "adventurer," and she loves the idea of him backpacking all over Neopia. A Background that is constantly changing scenes, such as a winter snowfall, a desert oasis, or a forest glade, would fit her adventurous pet, and I had to agree that such a Background would be truly spectacular!

9. Black Void Background

This was another creative proposal that made me smile and nod. A Black Void Background would feature an inky black background, possibly twinkling, in which our pets would float. There would be so many ways to customize our pets with this item! Perhaps it could represent the black void of space for our astronaut-themed pets. (The Kiko Space Exploration outfit, Grundo Space Outfit, and Space Hero Wocky outfit come to mind.) Perhaps it could simply represent the opposite of all the pink and Faerie Backgrounds on this site. Or perhaps it would celebrate the Wraith pets on this site, offsetting the brilliant purple outlines of their fierce selves, while complementing their dark, black skins.

10. Wastebasket Background

What an ignominious proposal this is! How sad would it be if our pets were relegated to the trash bin? Surrounded by crumpled paper and empty soda cans, and constantly pelted with a fresh piece of trash every few seconds, our pets would look so dismal and sad! This is a fresh approach to customizing our pets, one that would degrade them rather than celebrate them. Although I wouldn't use such a Background for my own pets, I would still be glad if the TNT artists created this inventive item!

11. Bathroom Background

There are plenty of Backgrounds based on specific rooms of the house, such as Neohome Background, Game Room Background, and Artist Studio Background. I think these creations are lovely, imaginative and colorful, and I'm glad they exist. That said, I think a Bathroom Background would be pretty amazing, if the TNT artists get around to creating it! Plenty of people want this Background, and hope that it features a bubbly bath tub, a porcelain sink, and even a toilet! There are so many bath-themed outfits, such as the Pink Kacheek Bathing outfit and the Krawk Blue Bath Robe. Why not celebrate these outfits with a fitting Background of their very own?

12. (Concert) Background

There are a lot of musical groups on this site, such as Wock Til You Drop, Neopian Philharmonic, Sticks N Stones, and Jazzmosis. That said, a lot of players bemoan the total lack of concert-themed Backgrounds! How brilliant would it be to plant our pets in the midst of a wildly cheering audience, while their favorite musical groups perform on stage? What a delightful way of celebrating the musical groups on here! I hope the TNT artists take this suggestion to heart!

13. On A Neocash Card Background

This was a cool idea that one player proposed. What if there was a Background that looked like a Neocash card, featuring our pet front and center on the illustration? What a vibrant and radiant way to showcase our pets! I happen to keep all of the Neocash cards I've ever purchased, just because I'm enamored of their colorful illustrations. I would love to celebrate the Neocash card by decorating my pets with an On A Neocash Card Background!

14. In A Salad Bowl Background

I love the food pets on this site, and I think there should be a Background that features our food pets in a bowl of salad! What a fun and colorful way to exhibit our food pets! Mixed in with some lettuce, sliced cucumbers, sliced radishes, and diced tomatoes, I think our food pets would look spectacular, and remind us all of how yummy and edible they are!

15. In A Cup Background

This amusing proposal came from one player who happens to own 4 Ice pets. He suggested an In A Cup Background that would feature our pets in a clear glass cup, filled to the brim with clear water. How interesting this look would be for our Ice pets! And it would surely raise questions for our Water pets. Being made of Water, would our pets dissolve into the cup? How odd!

16. In A Frying Pan Background

I've long been horrified by some of the Spooky Foods on this site, mainly the ones made of real pets, such as the Sun Dried Techo Claw and the Blumaroo Steak. However, I think a Background that features pets being pan-fried is long overdue! Perhaps a Techo or a Blumaroo would be standing in a frying pan, complete with a lit stove, and a spatula at one side. It's kind of macabre, but kind of cool as well -- which is so in keeping with this weird site!

17. Battledome Background

This Background would be so coveted by the players on this site! A Battledome Background would feature pennants waving in the breeze, and people watching the battle from the stands. If you dressed your pet in wearable weapons and armor, the look would be complete! What a terrific way of celebrating the Battledome we all know and love!

18. Gift Box Background

There already exists a Gift of Neocash Surprise Box Background (a Neocash item), but players have been wanting a Neopoint option for years! Every pet on this site is truly a gift, and each one deserves to reside in a beautiful little gift box (with glittering tissue paper!) that would show people how beloved and cherished it is. I must admit, if this Background is ever created, I'm going to buy 4 of them in a jiffy, and customize my main account's pets with them!

19. Sunshine Background

Multiple players noted that there aren't a lot of airy, sky-themed Backgrounds on this site, despite the prevalence of Faeries and other winged pets. We have the Cloudy Sky Background, the Faerieland Cloud Background, and a few Neocash Backgrounds, but nothing else. We all agreed that a Sunshine Background would fill the bill! It would feature a sky lit up by a distant sun, with the clouds tinted beautiful hues such as pink, yellow, red, and blue. What a beautiful way to show off our flying pets!

20. Inside A Storm Background

Similar to the Sunshine Background, an Inside A Storm Background would feature our pets flying in the midst of clouds, albeit in this case, grey clouds and yellow lightning. I think this would be a creative way to customize our winged pets, a decidedly un-Faerie-pink look that would celebrate our Grey and other gloomily-hued pets!


So these were the coolest, finest suggestions I was able to collect from the Neoboards! Thanks, everyone, for your interesting comments. It was really fun to write this article, because it handles all of our worries and concerns. (ex. Why isn't there a big selection of sky Backgrounds?) I hope the TNT artists read this article and consider making some of the awesome Backgrounds listed within!

Thanks for reading this article, dear players! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have a stupendous week!

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