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Weewoos: The Legend Behind The Myth

by faeriequeenoffire


At dusk, when the last of Krawk Island's pirate inhabitants make their final rounds at the docks of Neopia's largest port, their song begins. The constant cry of the onomatopoeically named Weewoo fills the cool night air with a gentle but eerie sound. The melody can be heard all the way into the great waters as if bidding farewell to the late night travellers leaving their shores.

Wee – woo, wee – woo

Not much is known about the majestic Weewoo, but tales of this nocturnal petpet have still managed to spread all throughout the far corners of Neopia. They are not a rare sight to behold, especially in their native home in Krawk Island, but the mystery behind them is still there. From being symbols of peace, to their involvement with the post office, the more we learn about these fantastic creatures the more questions we end up asking.

While the Weewoo is most coveted in its white form, in its natural form it is brown in colour with a pale moon shaped face – perhaps a homage to their waking hours being at night. They have webbed feet, though they are not known to be a swimming species, a small beak, sharp eyes that aid them in seeing in the dark, and a long feathered tail which contrasts sharply with the small feathers the rest of their body is covered in. Peculiarly enough, despite being a bird-type petpet, the Weewoo has no wings.

Their lack of wings, in fact, is the biggest mystery concerning them and it brings about many questions. Their movement should be greatly limited, yet they are involved in the timely delivery of post all around Neopia. They are often seen singing in their trees at night, however there is no indication of how they got up there in the first place. It is a strange fact about them yet it does not hinder them in the slightest. They may, in fact, be Neopia's most advanced creatures despite – perhaps even because – of their lack of wings.

What is known about Weewoo behaviour is that they are friendly creatures who never shy away from contact with other Neopians. Though they are nocturnal creatures, some of them are often seen throughout the day – especially after rainfall – making their way around the fields in hopes of finding some tasty worms to eat. They can also be seen in flocks together, bobbing their heads along to the songs of street performers and the laughter of children. Some say that when these very children get lost at night, it is the Weewoo that leads them out of the darkness and to the safety of their own homes.

Weewoos are often seen after large battles and disputes to symbolize goodwill between the opposing sides. Rumour has it that King Hagan the Wise keeps a garden of them for his diplomats to gift to their hosts during their travels. Ancient tales tell of Weewoos flying across battlefields to signal the end of the conflict, however with their lack of wings it is more likely that they made their way through the skirmishes by foot and sung their hypnotic tune in unison until the fighting stopped.

The Weewoos' most important involvement, however, is their involvement in the delivery of NeoMails and The Neopian Times to and from every corner of Neopia. They are never seen during the day delivering messages, so it is assumed that the Neopian Times is delivered overnight. How NeoMails make their way to Neopians during the day, however, no one knows. Their lack of wings makes the task seem impossible, yet without fail every message and issue makes their way to the correct recipient without fail. It is no wonder that they are a symbol of The Neopian Times; the perseverance of the few always inspires strength in the many.

Some say the faeries help their flight along with their magic, however no proof of this claim has ever been shown. Regardless of the method of delivery, we have a lot to be grateful for to the Weewoos. Without their hard work, it would be impossible to maintain communication throughout the lands of Neopia. The vast amount of information shared and spread throughout the world has helped improve the lives of many Neopians and prevented many a disaster and misunderstanding. Through the Weewoos alone have we been able to thwart Dr Sloths plans, rally support for the Altador Cup, and send birthday wishes to Neofriends just in time for their special day.

It is said that the Weewoos also chant their song to their young as they fall asleep. The sound of the waves washing onto Krawk Island's shores in combination with the sound of their voices sends the little ones off to sleep right as the rays of dawn are seen on the horizon. The older Weewoos soon follow, and the shores themselves begin to fill with the sound of busy sailors getting ready for the day. Just as these Neopians end their nights with the song of the Weewoos, so too do they start the day with the sight of them. As a good omen to pirates everywhere, seeing the petpets sleeping in the trees signifies safe travels and good weather and no one sets sail until an offering of worm is placed near the trees. There is no better comfort than that of a good relationship, and whether the omen is true or not nothing can be said against the stories of ships that have made their way home safely because of that haunting song that broke through the fog to guide them into the harbour without hassle.

Even though the legend of the Weewoo is more myth than truth, these lovely creatures have done much for Neopia. The next time you find yourself crossing paths with one, day or night, would you be so kind as to point them to the nearest worm hole? If they favour you, you might be lead to a place where you can hear their song up close as they get ready for sleep. There is a strange beauty in their melody, and as you tiptoe your way back to the docks you might just realize that as long as the Weewoos are around, everything will be okay.

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