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Autumntastic: Top Five Autumn Items - Wings

by sosuleaf


When people ask others what they like doing on Neopets or what things do they do that make them stay active and motivated, the common answers usually are avatar collecting, guilds, trophies, stamps, among others. However, My case is completely different. If I had to describe myself and explain what I do on this site, I'd basically say one word: Autumn. I just love this season so so much and Neopets knows how to represent it through all the wonderful Autumn themed items they have created and released throughout the years, such us books, grooming and even the amazing NP and NC wearable items. I think this season is very well resembled on the site and I have dedicated all my time towards it. Everything I do and talk about will always be related to it. Neopets and the Staff Team know exactly how to take the season to a whole new level. The wearable backgrounds they come up with are just stunning and the Fall Shop at the NC Mall is expected to get busy during the months of September, October and November - This season sure does draw attention! With these guide articles I want to put my thoughts and opinions on the items I think are the best among the over two thousand you can find all over Neopia. With these guides I hope I can motivate and inspire you to create wonderful and outstanding customizations for your pets! - Sit back, grab something to drink and enjoy the falling autumn leaves while reading this great article.


Autumn is the season when every Faerie crafts their first set of wings. They start small and change as the Faerie learns more about their inner essence. The reason why the Autumn season was chosen was to teach the beauty of change and progression. Which is best represented watching every tree change by dispersing its leaves and beginning again. Here are some of the most intricate sets of wings that have been passed around for many generations. These wings will pretty much complete any autumn themed customization you are working on for your pets. They help blend everything together, and it gives that glitter-y bonus to any outfit.

1. Fancy Autumn Leaf Wings

These wings are the most delicate of all Autumn wings you could wear. They are so fragile, tread lightly. These were created by drying the most elegant leaves collected during the peak of Autumn. To the suprise of the creator, when checking if they were ready, it came as a shock when he spotted beautiful ruby like berries had formed. When the sunlight goes through each leaf, it creates a mesmerazing kaleidoscope-like pattern that no one has ever seen before in a wing. Every single detail of this wig is worth wearing.

2. Colour Changing Leaf Wings

There is a tale that in the heart of every forest of Faerieland are mystical forever Autumn trees. No one has ever been able to find these trees, because the leaves change color to hide them from harmful beings. A young faerie traveled through the forest and came across one of these trees without knowing. He sat under the tree and started to daydream. His innocence was so strong that the tree decided to show him the changes it could make, and allowed him to collect a couple leaves. He used them to craft these magical wings and used them to keep the tale of these trees going forever.

3. Delicate Autumn Wings

These beautiful wings were crafted using the finest of threads and most rare molten metals were used to shape them. After the creater was satisfied with elegant and royal appearance of these wings, they took them to be blessed by Illusen. From time to time you can see the faerie dust from her blessing escape from within the wings. It's just hard to explain how beautiful the brown-to-orange gradient which this wings holds is. It just goes perfect with pretty much any cozy clothes you neopet wears. Make sure to add details in brown, such as a scarf or shoes, that will basically complete the outfit.

4. Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings

These wings have a really realistic appearance! It might shock you to find out that these are actually made from carefully cut out patterns from construction paper. Be very gentle with these wings when you wear them, from time to time a leaf or two falls off and flys away. To anyone's surprise, these wings overlaps any other if your pet happens to have them (such us draiks or eyries, for instance) If your neopet color base is orange or brown, you will see the beautiful effect these wings will elaborate. It's just amazing how well this works, even if it was not intended when it was first created. They are big enough to blend every autumn scene your customization has.

5. Autumn Leaf Wings

These wings hold the very essence of Autumn. The leaves break away and fall, then regrow symbolizing the very deepest representation of Autumn, that we can let old things pass away and start new. Autumn shows us that there is always hope, and with that hope there is great beauty. The are probably the smallest autumn related wings out there, however it doesn't make them less appreciated. The way they are shown and displayed on every neopet clearly shows the amount of work put into gathering the leaves and assembling them together. The shade of brown and dark oranges is just the perfect combination for your outdoor customization.

Special item: Pumpkin Vine Wings

No Fall season would be completed without the beautiful addition of the most eye-appealing pumpkins. These wings are no exception to such beauty. Look at how the vines embraces each pumpkin, making a surprisingly everlasting creation that will help your customization blend with any spooky or pumpkin patch related outfit you are working on. Even though vines and pumpkins will never be symmetrical alike, these wings create such effect that makes it look like they will fit on any neopet, which is actually true. The leaves hanging on each side of each fine detailedly completes the shape of the wings, making it easier for those who are planning on creating a more green-y outfit to celebrate this season.

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