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All The Backgrounds We're Looking Forward To!

by indulgences


I must admit, I've long wanted a Plated Neopet Background that would look like a picnic blanket with a large silver plate in the center for our food pets to stand on. With a spoon and knife on the right, and a fork on the left, it would highlight the fact that our pets are edible, and I think that's awesome! (I happen to own a Pea Chia and a Grape Chia, so I might be a little biased!)

Inspired by the thought of having new Backgrounds someday, I thought I'd write this article! It lists all of the Backgrounds I've been longing for since 2007, when customization became a reality. Maybe the TNT artists will read this article and agree to create some of these suggestions. That would be pretty amazing!

So here are my top 20 proposals for new Backgrounds! I hope you enjoy reading them!

1. Plated Neopet Background

As I stated in the introduction of this article, I think that a Plated Neopet Background is long overdue. No doubt, there are several food-themed Backgrounds already in existence (such as the Giant Omelette Background, Citrus Background, and Waffle Paradise Background), but a Plate Neopet Background would celebrate the fact that out pets are fit for human consumption!

2. Aquarium Tank Background

There is a definite dearth of aquatic Backgrounds on this site, and more than one player has noted it. That said, I think an Aquarium Tank Background would be spectacular! It would feature an aquarium tank filled with gravel, shells, a plastic scuba diver bobbing up and down, and maybe a few sparkling goldfish. What a great way to customize our Maraquans, Kois, Jetsams, and Flotsams!

3. Coral Reef Background

I love the majesty of the ocean deep, and I think that a Coral Reef Background would be absolutely gorgeous. Coral comes in hundreds of different hues, such as pink, yellow, turquoise, and white, and this plethora of colors, combined with the scintillating sunlight that drifts down from the ocean's surface, would look truly glorious! And let's not forget the sight of jellyfish, sharks, and other fauna that would look awe-inspiring in the distance.

4. Grundo's Gym Background

Being the gym aficionado that I am, I think that a Grundo's Gym Background would be pretty special! It would be crammed with the usual gym equipment, such as weights, a punching bag, a stationary bike, a treadmill…the list just goes on and on! There already exist gym wearables, such as the Poogle Running Suit and Pink Grundo Jogging Suit, so why not take the plunge and finally make a Grundo's Gym Background for our sportily attired pets?

5. Scrooge Background

I thought of this Background while admiring the Floating Giant Neopoint Background. I'm a great lover of all things sparkly, so I would love to someday own a Scrooge Background that features piles and piles of golden Neopoints stacked on the floor. Perhaps some sacks of dazzling jewels would be open and spilling all over the place. How lovely this Background would look if paired with a Gold-colored pet!

6. Hiking A Mountainside Background

I love the simplicity of this idea. What if there was a Hiking A Mountainside Background featuring our adventurous pets perched on the side of a mountain? It would be as simple as a white, snow-capped slope that slants upwards at the left. There already exist species outfits that feature climbing gear, such as the Skeith Mountaineer outfit and the Eyrie Eyrie Mountaineer outfit, so why not create a Background that finally celebrates these unique and special outfits?

7. Fish Bowl Background

Similar to the Aquarium Tank Background, a Fish Bowl Background would feature gravel, shells, and maybe a few petite fish. I'm a huge fan of artistic shapes, so the thought of the curved glass bowl glistening in the sun makes me smile! What a terrific way to feature our aquatic pets!

8. Searching With Shop Wiz Background

The Shop Wizard is my favorite character on the site. The sight of his wizard outfit, festooned with shimmering stars and moons, makes the act of searching for items something fun, instead of something humdrum and annoying. I think it's about time the Shop Wizard got a Background of his very own! Perhaps it could look like miles and miles of shelves, with the Shop Wizard perched merrily atop one of them. What a cool way to celebrate our beloved Shop Wizard!

9. Faerie Blessing Background

This Background is something I've always longed for, and it seems like such a basic item, but the TNT artists have yet to create it. I think that a Faerie Blessing Background, featuring a floating faerie with a magical wand, would be timely and amazing! Perhaps the wand could emit glitter, which would drift down onto our pets. What a pretty way to celebrate the Faerie blessings we all love to get!

10. Neopets Star Background

We're all familiar with the 5-pointed Neopets star by now, the official logo of the Neopets website. That said, I think it would be outstanding if we had a Background featuring dozens of the sparkling little things! They could come in all different colors, or they could come in just gold. What a nifty way to celebrate the site, and the logo we all adore!

11. I'm Busy Coding Background

I love this idea very much. What if there existed an I'm Busy Coding Background featuring our pets at a computer, while a thought bubble overhead typed out a line of code? It would be so cute if an occasional mistake happened, and the pet erased some code, then typed out some new code. I credit Neopets for being the reason that I know how to code with HTML and CSS, and I would love a Background that honors that fact!

12. (Game) Background

The players on the site are always salivating over the newest game-themed Backgrounds, and I do the same! My current obsession is having an Advert Attack Background someday. I think that watching the tiny adverts pop up and disappear is a really creative way of celebrating one of my favorite games, and I cross my fingers that the TNT artists are currently working on it. They already came up with the brilliantly animated Super Ice Cream Machine Background (featuring flying scoops of ice cream), so why not make more game Backgrounds that us players will adore?

13. Waiting In Line Background

I think that a Waiting In Line Background would be really original! Perhaps there could be a series of themes, like a Waiting In Line At Kelp Restaurant Background, or a Waiting In Line At The Chocolate Factory Background. Seeing one's pet at the back of the line would be so cute, especially if its expression was sad! One could pretend that it's sad about having to wait so long!

14. Giant Overhanging Brush Background

This is another Background idea that I think is long overdue! There should be a Giant Overhanging Brush Background that features a huge Paint Brush dripping with all sorts of rainbow colors, right over our pets' heads. What a magical way of paying tribute to the best aspect of the site -- painting our pets!

15. Mysterious Whirl Background

This, I must say, is a Background that is also long overdue! I think there should be a Mysterious Whirl Background that simply features a black-and-white whirl, with our pets in the center. It could hold so many different meanings for those of us who love to customize our pets! Perhaps it could represent caffeinated dizziness, with our pets holding cups of coffee in their hands. Perhaps it could represent sports fan tiredness, with our pets decked out in game-themed regalia like Altador Cup shirts. Perhaps it could represent a weary computer programmer, with our beloved Grundos wearing the Grundo Programmer outfit. The possibilities are endless, with the plethora of imaginative players that exist on this site!

16. Trudy's Surprise Background

Trudy's Surprise is a much beloved, albeit recent, addition to the Neopets site! I think it would be absolutely adorable if there was a Background that featured this new daily, one that would make our pets look like part of the slot machine. Gift box, gift box, your own pet, and yoyo? What a fun and playful way to celebrate Trudy's Surprise!

17. On A Tree Branch Background

For those of us who love our winged and feathery pets, an On A Tree Branch Background would be absolutely delightful! What better way to showcase our Pteris and Eyries than with a Background that they can perch upon? If the branch was also bedecked with bright green leaves and plenty of colorful flowers, what a gorgeous sight this Background would be!

18. Bathtub Background

This is such a cute idea that I'm honestly surprised that the TNT artists haven't created it yet! A Bathtub Background would feature our pets in a white porcelain bathtub, surrounded by suds and bubbles. Perhaps a pink bar of soap would be floating atop the water's surface, and a shower head would be spraying water into the tub from up above. I look forward to this Background existing someday, and I'm probably not alone! My fellow players probably want it too!

19. Gazing In A Mirror Background

For us vainer players, a Gazing In A Mirror Background would suit the bill! It would be so spectacular if it actually reflected our pets, complete with all the clothes and accessories that they're wearing. I'm not sure if such coding is even possible, but I hope that a Gazing In A Mirror Background will someday exist, and that our prettily adorned pets will finally view their lovely selves in a sparkling, shimmering mirror!

20. (Paint Brush Color) Background

Admittedly, there are several pet species that are extremely hard to customize with Backgrounds. Some examples include Dimensional, Swamp Gas, Relic, and 8-Bit. Other than the 8-Bit, which has the 8-Bit Mystery Island Background (which is so unpopular at this point that it's currently worth just 1,100 np on Shop Wiz…when will you make an 8-Bit Darigan Background, dear TNT artists?), these pet colors really need some Backgrounds of their own. If we have a Faerie Painted Background, a Split Painted Background, and a Sketch Painted Background, why not someday have a Dimensional or Relic Painted Background? Food for thought!


So these were all of the Backgrounds I've wanted to own since 2007! I thought about sending this list to the Editorial, but figured that writing an article would be more expressive and poignant. Let's see if TNT takes any of these ideas to heart, and creates these Backgrounds someday soon!

What Backgrounds would YOU love to own someday? Drop me a line, fellow players! I'm always looking for new suggestions for future articles, and I love talking to you all!

Thanks for reading this article, everyone! Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, and have a spectacular week!

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