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Erin’s Extreme Avatar Guide: Faerie Bubbles

by krazypinkgurl


We’ve covered a few extreme games in this series, from Tyrannia’s Destruct-o-Match to Meridell’s Extreme Herder. Now, let’s discuss a game hailing from an entirely new land: sunny, shimmering, glittery Faerieland.

That’s right, folks. We’re talking Faerie Bubbles this week.

The Basics

This one actually took me quite a bit of time to get because it is, without a doubt, one of the most high-pressure avatar games out there. The game is simple: each level, eliminate bubbles on the screen before they reach the bottom of the screen. Every couple of shots you take, the screen will bump down closer to the bottom, and if your bubbles reach below the red line, game over! There are 20 levels total, and your goal is to get a score of over 2,000 for the avatar.

Eliminate bubbles by forming at least a group of three. A group of four or more will create special combos that can help or hurt you, which we will discuss below.

The Bubbles and Their Combos

Fire – These are the red bubbles. They are the most useful to create combos with, in my opinion, because they will destroy all the bubbles they touch except for water bubbles.

Water – These are pretty useful as well. Creating a water combo of 4+ bubbles will cause all the other water bubbles on the screen to fall as well.

Earth – This is a bad combo that results in adding an extra row of randomized bubbles at the top of your screen. Many times, it will create more bad combos (like air combos) as well! Watch out for these.

Air – this is the worst combo you can create. Avoid it at all costs! Air combos will fill your screen with bubbles that extend as low as your combo. For example, if you have an air combo that is four bubbles long extending down toward the bottom of the screen, all four of those rows will fill with randomized bubbles. These new rows are difficult to eliminate, especially for the later levels.

Light – These bubbles are kind of a tossup. A combo of light bubbles will randomly change all the bubbles they touch to another type of bubble at random. The light combo can give you anything from a fire combo to an air combo, so use at your own risk.

Dark – These, by far, are the most annoying bubbles. Instead of leaving the screen once the combo is created, these pesky bubbles randomly transform into other bubbles. They are generally bad news, but sometimes they can surprise you by giving you a fire or water combo.

The Levels

Jellyneo’s level guide is really helpful if you want to at least prepare yourself for what each level looks like, but strategically, you’ll have to prepare for lots of different scenarios. The levels become increasingly harder as the game progresses (like most games), but they also require a little bit of luck as well. While the formations of the bubbles stay the same, the type of bubbles you get on each level will vary. For example, on level 1, you could get a mix of light, fire, and water in your formation, which is easy to clear in only a few shots and will net you a nice bonus at the end of the level. However, you also have a chance of getting only dark, earth, and air bubbles on level 1, which will require many more shots to eliminate and you won’t get your bonus points.

If this happens, restart your game until you get fire, light, and water bubbles on level 1. You get bonus points on each level for eliminating the bubbles in a certain amount of shots, so try to beat each level with as few shots as possible, especially in the beginning. These bonus point are really important! An extra 10-100 points in the beginning could push you over toward the avatar score on the final level!

Restart your game if you get undesirable formations (like lots of air and earth combos) in the first five levels because you’re almost guaranteed to be deprived of your bonuses.

Strategy & Tips

I tend to work from the sides and move toward the middle in the later levels where no combos are on screen at the start of the level. As the levels lower closer to the bottom of the screen, angling shots to the sides becomes much harder, so it’s good to clear these bubbles first.

Be sure to take advantage of being able to bounce your shot off of the side of the screen. Sometimes, a combo isn’t a straight shot from where your cannon is placed, but you can angle your shot and bounce it off the side to get to a tough spot. This is crucial is the later levels when your shots really matter. I find that pool players and geometry majors tend to be best at this part since they understand angles.

I hope these tips help you on your extreme quest for game avatars! This one is up in my top five favorite game avatars. It’s incredibly shiny and pretty, and it definitely demonstrates a player’s ability to strategize. Good luck!

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