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Our Neopets are Avatar Collectors Too!

by alienigenosidad


Some Neopets users like collecting stamps, some of them like achieving high amounts of game trophies, other users like upgrading their galleries’ sizes to store their favourite items, while others like customizing their Neopets. We can all agree that there is an incredible amount of things you can do in Neopets to keep yourself busy with your account improvement, but there is one that it’s beyond the hardest and most recognizable collection amongst all users: avatars.

Avatars are little icons, almost all of them square-shaped, that will let the other users know what are your preferences and what kind of things you like. Do you have a favourite color or a favourite game? Are you a Battledome fanatic? There are avatars for almost anything, but it doesn’t stop there, since even our beloved Neopets like avatars themselves.

Yes, you heard right. Our Neopets like avatars just as much as we do, even getting to the point of deciding to grant us with a few avatars too, just to show us how grateful they are with the care and love we provide to them. Now, these are really specific Neopets, and it seemed like they all agreed that it was time to let everyone know how to unlock these treasures.

Which Neopets do exactly give avatars, you say? First you will need to understand this: the Neopet will only give you their avatar if you’re their owner. Now that you know that, grab a pencil and a piece of paper, because you might have one of these loving creatures holding back a sweet collectible present for you.

Blumaroos: some Neopets are on fire, literally! If your Blumaroo is painted Fire, with radical flames all over their body, and you manage to give them a petpet that would match the flames, after 30 days they’ll be granting you with a really cool avatar. Maybe a Fire Snowbunny or a Baby Fireball would do the trick.

Buzz: if you’re lucky enough to get visited by the one and only Fountain Faerie, and manage to complete one of her quests, your Buzz will be more than grateful to rejoice in her magical fountain. Whatever color that you pick for your Buzzing Neopet is fine; just remember that this avatar is considered to be a really rare one, so be ready to be the talk of the boards.

Chias: Chias are the holders of one of the most rare avatars around Neopets, and it has everyone going mad about Peas. Got any clue yet? If you turn your charismatic Chia into a nice and sweet Pea, you might want to go and search for the Battledome weapon ‘Super Attack Pea’ and equip them with it. Only then can your Pea Chia unfold their greater power!

Draiks: lately the most famous Neopets species around Neopia, Draiks can only be obtained through hatching their eggs, or morphing an existing Neopet into one. Draiks Eggs are sold on Meridell at the food shop Merifoods, whereas Draik morphing potions are stocked at Kauvara’s Magic Shop. Nevertheless, if restocking is not your best trait, you can always find these unique items at users’ shops, auctions or trading posts.

Draiks will only give you their precious avatar if they happen to be at the Draik Nest, since that is the only place where you can hatch their eggs. However, it’s quite of a journey to find where that is, so good luck collector!

Elephantes: have you ever asked yourself what could be a good treat for your Elephante? It’s not too far from reality; Elephantes love having Bags of Peanuts as treats. Feed one to you Neopet and they will give you an avatar in return you won’t be able to pass on.

Grarrls: the true battlers from Neopets keep the second most rare avatar in their hands. Equip your Grarrl with a Bony Grarrl Club and show the Neoboards what kind of warrior you are. But be careful! Make sure your Grarrl is well fed and comfy at the NeoLodge, because these huge beasts can take whatever item from your inventory and feed themselves out of hunger. You don’t want that to happen to your expensive Bony Grarrl Club, right?

Grundos: our intergalactic fellows have a special avatar for us too. If your Grundo is painted Orange, go ahead and view his or her petlookup and you will receive a new shiny and orange avatar to show everyone what’s your favourite color.

Jetsams: Jetsams need to stay in shape, healthy and strong for all the swimming they do daily.

Though this might sound a little mean for the sensitive ones (like me), if you feed your Jetsam any Aquatic petpet, they won’t be holding back the avatar that awaits you. I heard they’re really fond of the petpet Ghoti…

JubJubs: we can all agree that JubJubs are by far the cutest Neopets there can be. A big-eyed fuzzy ball that makes you want to hug them and squeeze them, but don’t be fooled, because they have been holding a secret for way too long. JubJubs are the only Neopet that can be turned into a real life Coconut, and there are only two ways to make this happen:

1. Fountain Faerie Quest: after successfully finishing one of the Fountain Faerie’s quests, the magic of her fountain will be able to turn your fluffy JubJub into a strong and tropical Coconut.

2. The Lab Ray: amongst all of the changes the Lab Ray can cause to your Neopet, if you’re lucky enough, it will turn your JubJub into a Coconut too. Remember that this is totally random, and it might take a few tries before this happen.

Now, Coconut JubJubs really like tropical food. Feed any tropical sweet to yours and they’ll give you an avatar you’ll treasure for your collection. Perhaps a cold Grunion Fruit Shake would be good for the summer heat.

Kacheeks: talking about summer, there isn’t a better time to stop by the beach and lay there for a few hours, listening to the sound of the waves. If you take your Kacheek to the Beach, located in the Mystery Island, you’ll receive a really laid-back new avatar.

Krawks: have you ever wondered where do Krawks come from? What does the Krawk Island has to do with it? Well, the answer is quite simple: only in the Krawk Island is located the Fungus Cave, where Krawks are commonly known to come from, and where you can take your own Krawk petpet and make it grow into a wonderful Krawk Neopet.

But hold on! We know how expensive Krawk petpets are; so don’t get your hopes down. There are more ways for you to get yourself this crocodile looking Neopet, and those are the following:

1. Krawk Morphing or Transmogrification Potions: these magic potions can turn any Neopet into a nice and cool Krawk, or a really crazy and scary looking one. It’s up to you! They’re available at users’ shops, auctions and trading posts. Even Kauvara’s Magic Shop might be selling some at the moment, so you might want to go there and test out your luck.

2. Magical Krawk Plushies: did you know some Neopets plushies have powers? Make your Neopet play with one of these toys and witness their magic!

Now that you got your own Krawk, you might want to take it to the Fungus Cave. They’re most likely to get nostalgic over where they come from, and since you care so much, they’ll be giving you an avatar in return.

Lennies: some Neopets have their favourite kind of food. Lennies? They would be more than grateful if you feed them any Spooky Food, for them to grant you with a new wicked avatar. A Cold Apple Cider sounds fine about now.

Lupes: have you ever been caught by the Halloween fever? Well, Lupes have! Visit your Halloween Lupe’s petlookup so you can show off what a cool and spooky Neopet Werelupes are.

Quiggles: what is cuter than a Quiggle plushie? Being able to have an Island Quiggle plushie as your active avatar. If your Island Quiggle is already one month old, then they’re ready to be side-by-side with you at the Neoboards. Go and visit their petlookup!

Rukis: Halloween Rukies embody one of our biggest childhood fears: mummies! If your Halloween Ruki has a Mummy Baby as petpet, after one month they’ll be giving you an avatar to show appreciation for the love and care you have gave them. Neopets sure do love Halloween!

Shoyrus: Shoyrus are excellent warriors. We couldn’t expect any less from these little Dragons than being more than ready to challenge and battle their opponents at the Battledome. If you bless your Shoyru with any bottled faerie and take them to a winning fight at the Battledome, you have already won two Shoyru avatars to brag on the Neoboards about your favourite Neopet.

Skeiths: Skeiths might look tough, huge and fierce on the outside, but on the inside they are just really hungry. If you feed your Skeith with any item whose name contains the word ‘Skeith’, and yes, that includes furniture, you’ll receive a big ‘Thank you!’ avatar. Remember, Skeiths are just like Grarrls; they can eat anything on their way, so beware!

Tuskaninnies: how could anyone not want one of these cute water Neopets by their side? It it’s not enough for you to have one as your active Neopet, and a gallery full of Tuskaninny-related items, get any food whose name contains the word ‘spotted’ and view your Tuskaninny’s petlookup. You’re all set now to be the biggest Tuskaninny fan on Neopets.

Remember that you can only have four pets unless you become a premium member, which upgrades your account to hold five Neopets at the same time!

Wow, that’s a lot of Neopets! I hope you’re not done writing everything down, because this guide has a little more information to come. Though every Neopet species has their own charm and uniqueness, there are three Paintbrush colors that will grant you a specific avatar each with whatever species you have chosen to paint. What is your favourite color?

Pink: if you feed your Pink Neopet with any food whose name contains the word ‘popcorn,’ you’ll be able to show everyone how mad about the color pink you are with your brand new avatar.

Grey: a little grey is alright. We cannot have happiness without a little sadness. When your Neopet is painted grey, just go to their petlookup and receive your new avatar. Don’t forget to play with them afterwards; you have made them look pretty sad already.

Snow: when your Snow Neopet has reached 100 days old, then you’re up to receive a new winter-looking avatar for your collection!

Before we finish, there are a few things I want you to always remember:

1. Avatar collecting is not easy. With so many new releases, obstacles, scores and such, it’s really hard to catch up with the competition. Don’t feel sad over your avatar count, you’ll get there!

2. You can always ask users from the Neoboards for a little help. Don’t be afraid of others. Neopets is a nice and welcoming community and there will be other users hoping to advice you on your journeys.

3. Once you have reached your goal, give new users a hand and help them out too. We were all beginners once, and we are longing to see our community grow.

Now go and get yourself some new avatars for your collection. Some of them might be easy, but some of them might be not. Lucky for us our beloved Neopets are ready to be by our side and help us in our avatar hunting!

So, what is your favourite avatar?

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