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The Highs and Lows of Tyranu Evavu

by jetaketa


A classic Neopian game, Tyranu Evavu will test your luck, your reasoning, and your patience. In this guide, we'll take a look into the history of the game, how it works, and how you can win millions (or, well...thousands. Tyrannians weren't know for being rich, prosperous people).

If you're able to beat the odds and correctly guess 15 cards, you'll be created with a beautiful new avatar and bragging rights. To get a trophy, you'll usually have to guess 20 or more cards correctly at the beginning of the month.

If you can guess all 52 cards, you'll earn the position of supreme ruler of Tyrannia...okay, not really, but you deserve it for all that effort.

With my expertise and guidance (and trust me, I'm Neopia's leading expert in guessing games...sort of), I can get you to that point. It may take a couple days (or weeks), you might rip out some hair, and you might start speaking to your friends in a prehistoric language, but you'll also have bragging rights and new account trinkets. Let's get into it, shall we?

The Basics

The game costs 30 NP to play and you'll be presented with a deck of cards with one turned face up. The objective to is to guess if the next card will be higher (Tyranu) or lower (Evavu) than the visible card.

The more cards you guess correctly, the more neopoints you'll win, up to 12,000. While in the current economy that might not seem like much, the real reward is feeling like you can predict the future. Maybe you'll even earn your place as the next Island Mystic!! Plus, you can get a super cool trophy out of it!

Now, let's get into the details of this wonderfully frustrating game.

The Players

When you're wondering around Tyrannia, you may find yourself in a back alley surrounding by untrustworthy who would be right at home with the scammers of the Haunted Fairgrounds, but it's best you keep moving. There are only three people you are here to see: Uggsul, JarbJarb, and Oogaroo.

I personally don't trust Uggsul very much, she is a tough opponent in Go! Go! Go! and I have a feeling she is dishonest with her cards.

JarbJarb isn't the brightest player, but he has a wicked stare and will make you feel the pressure. I still haven't figured out how he shuffles the deck since he doesn't have hands.

Oogaroo isn't any better than the other two. He's clearly been rejected from Roo Island and I have a feeling it's because of his tricky behavior. Watch out for him switching your Tyranu/Evavu buttons up more frequently. I have no proof but I have a strong suspicion.

The Concept

This motley crew, one usul, one jubjub, and one blumaroo, will pull out a deck of cards. The goal is to guess if the next card they draw will be higher or lower than the last. They will offer you a growing pot of neopoints for every correct guess you make.

Now, you may be overwhelmed and confused at first because none of these neopets speak English, but don't fret, Tyrannian isn't too hard to pick up.

By choosing "Tyranu" you are saying the next card in the deck will be higher, by choosing "Evavu" you are saying the next card will be lower.

Be careful though, these Tyrannians can be might tricky and change the placement of the Tyranu / Evavu buttons. They don't like tourists coming in who don't speak the local language, so make sure your skills are up to par. They'll try to fool you any way they can, maintain focus!!

Easy enough, right? Now, let's dip into the strategy of how to get you the avatar or a trophy!

The Strategy

To get the avatar, you need to correctly guess 15 cards in a row. This will come down to a lot of luck, but also a bit of critical thinking and planning. It's not entirely out of your hands and there are some rules you can follow to make it further.

If you get an ace (the highest card you can draw), the next card will always be lower. Choose Evavu.

If you get a 2 (the lowest card you can draw), the next card will always be higher. Choose Tyranu.

The best strategy in the early stages is to choose Tyranj for cards with a value of 2 to 6, for cards 8 and up to choose Evavu.

But what if you pull the dreaded 7?! Don't panic, we can overcome it. First, we need to consider what other cards you've drawn.

If you've been playing for a few draws and have seen mostly cards pulled under 7, that means there are more high cards in the deck. Choose Tyranu.

If you've seen a lot of high cards, there are many low cards below 7, choose Evavu.

As the game goes on, you should try to remember the cards you've seen so you can let that help your decision making. If you've seen all the 2s and 3s and draw a 4, there is no way you should choose Evavu. This will help especially if you want a trophy.

It helps to keep a pencil and paper nearby for writing down which cards have come up. This will help your odds as the deck dwindles and nerves build.

With each correct guess, you'll feel more and more pressure, but the key is to remain calm and keep to your strategy. It's a tense game but with this guide, you'll know exactly how to handle it.

Patience is very important with this game. For sure, you will have to start over many times and it may take a few days, but you will get there. You can't let these Tyrannian gamblers get the best of you, you WILL win!

The Conclusion

While there is some skill involved, Tyranu Evavu involves a lot of luck and sometimes you have to trust your gut feeling. You may be following the formula perfectly and have a King pop up right after a Queen and end your streak. The most important thing is to keep coming back and trying. In a short time you'll have a brand new avatar and a shiny trophy in your display case, an appreciation for a new language, and a great gang of prehistoric pals.

As Oogaroog would say: Gedd lecka! (Good luck!)

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