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An Interview with the Space Faerie

by an9375



Kuszemi: Hello all! In light of the NC Mall’s 9th anniversary, I am here today to interview the Space Faerie, who has very kindly agreed to sit with me here today for an interview. As you all know, she is tremendously busy with her many and varied duties, which include, but are not limited to, guarding Neopia from intergalactic predators, being the patron of the NC Mall, managing Premium Membership, fighting in the Battledome, giving out avatars, and occasionally suppressing Dr. Sloth and his many allies. She truly is the heroine that Neopia both deserves and needs. Thank you Space Faerie for being here with us today.

Space Faerie: It’s our anniversary! Limited Time – Celebrate with $20 savings on a 12-month membership!

Kuszemi: Yes, I do believe it is. If my memory serves me correctly, there was also a free Birthday Cupcake that you could redeem at the NC Mall.

Space Faerie: That’s right, there was. Oh, and do call me Mira.

Kuszemi: Very well then, Mira! (laughs rather self-consciously) So what does the cupcake do exactly, then?

Space Faerie: Grants you more speed. Not that many people seem to care for that nowadays. The new Battledome makes it terribly hard to run. Still though, you never know when some good old-fashioned jogging might come in handy.

Kuszemi: I absolutely agree. As they say, he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. So Mira, tell me a bit about what it’s like to manage the NC Mall.

Space Faerie: It’s fun, yes, but it can be a little taxing too. You see, I have different shopkeepers for different shops, and sometimes they get on each other’s nerves a bit. That’s where I come in, I have to mediate their disputes, so to say. And if that weren’t enough, some of them have actually started to pick fights with other shopkeepers in Neopia too.

Kuszemi: (coughs) Yes, I know. I believe I witnessed one of those little spats the other day.

Space Faerie: It’s a bit exhausting at times. Especially when I come home from a long day at the Battledome looking forward to a nice quiet evening all to myself, only to be bombarded with phone calls about various grievances.

Kuszemi: You’re a splendid multitasker, I don’t know how you do it. You’re also famed in Neopia for being one of the toughest challengers in the Battledome.

Space Faerie: Well thank you. I do try my best, but it can be hard sometimes. Especially when some of those tricky avatar aficionados come at me with that nasty Lens Flare trick. Or Throw Pillows. Urgh, it makes my blood boil just to think about it.

Kuszemi: Yes, they get an avatar if they manage to defeat you in the Battledome, don’t they?

Space Faerie: Yes, they do. Shiny and blue and sparkly. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Kuszemi: Which has elevated you to the status of Most Favoured Battledome Opponent.

Space Faerie: (with an amused chuckle) Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m THE most favoured Battledome challenger. Black Pteri and the Ghost Lupe, not to mention Kasuki Lu, are all avatar opponents, too. Oh, and Meuka.

Kuszemi: Yes, but you’re so much harder to beat, which by default makes you much more sought for. Value by scarcity and all that.

Space Faerie: Ha! Well, thank you for that, I’ll take that as a compliment. I do try.

Kuszemi: As do I, milady. So would you like to walk us through some of the NC Mall Anniversary items? I see you’ve brought some of them along with you.

Space Faerie: I most certainly did. I thought you might ask me about them, and more press is always a good thing. So here we have a Faerie Dust Shower. (smoothes it out on the table, where it twinkles innocently)

Kuszemi: (eyes it warily and surreptitiously inches his chair away) I hope that’s not hazardous.

Space Faerie: Of course it isn’t! Where would you get such an idea? It’s a very nice background. Would go down a treat with your cream ruff, as a matter of fact.

Kuszemi: Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll keep that in mind next time I want to do some shopping. Is that a candle I see there?

Space Faerie: Yes. (holds aloft the 9th Birthday Night Wish Candle) Nice, isn’t it?

Kuszemi: It is very pretty. It looks like it’s been painted by the Eventide Paint Brush, I like the blue gradient. What happens when you blow it out?

Space Faerie: Well, that’s for me to keep as a secret and you to find out, isn’t it? 150 NC and you get to blow out the candle, and discover what terrible and wonderful adventures lie in wait for you.

Kuszemi: Maybe next time. (picks up another item) Oh this is lovely, this is. Lots more candles.

Space Faerie: Yes, that’s my Brilliant Candle Display.

Kuszemi: Is this also a wearable?

Space Faerie: Yes. It goes very well with this pretty dress, which is a steal at 150 NC. (picks up the Colourful Blossom Gown)

Kuszemi: That’s gorgeous. It’s very summery too. I like how shimmery and sparkly it is. Do you have any backgrounds to go with that?

Space Faerie: But of course. Check out the Enchanting Terrace Background, which is 200 NC. Do you want to try it on?

Kuszemi: I wouldn’t mind that actually. (steps into the background) Oh that’s nice isn’t it? (to the camera operator) Could you do a closeup of the arbour, please. I’d like the audience to see the glittering lights. Yes, ahem, as you can see this is a moving background, as most NC Mall backgrounds are – the lights are gently swaying in the night breeze, casting an obliquely dreamlike glow over the garden. Quite the midsummer’s night dream.

Space Faerie: (adds a Dark Shimmery Lantern String Lights) There. Doesn’t that look ever so much better? They go together.

Kuszemi: (very impressed) It does look fantastic. The dim gold of the lantern lights offsets the arbour perfectly and lends the perfect lighting to the dusky terrace. You have impeccable taste.

Space Faerie: (with a fond chuckle) Always happy to help. Well, that’s it then, I suppose?

Kuszemi: Yes, indeed! Not only are you a formidable Battledome Challenger, you are also a lady of refined taste with an eye for colour and design. A faerie of many talents. Thank you for your time, Mira; interviewing you will truly go down as one of my career highlights. The NC Mall is open all year round, twenty-four hours a day. Don’t forget to drop in – and if you’re lucky, you might even get to see the Space Faerie herself! This is Kuszemi, on behalf of the Neopian Times.

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