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Ten Signs You Might be Addicted to Neggs

by auraphic


Neggs are some of the most delectable treats in Neopia. A favorite of many Neopets and owners alike, these egg-like treats have a multitude of uses. They can be used (obviously) to feed your pet, to subsidize a collection, or even to train your pet! Neggs can be, however, addicting. Many Neopians love seeing their pets get fatter, their collections become larger, and their pets defeat enemy after enemy in the Battledome. Because of this, the threat of Negg addiction is ever-present. Behold, ten signs that you might be addicted to Neggs.

1. Your bank account is approaching an all-time-low.

Nothing in this world is free. When it comes to Neggs, the old saying remains especially true. While some Neggs remain relatively cheap and painless to acquire and collect, some Neggs cost an arm and a leg. For example, while a Treasure Map Negg may run a hungry Neopet about four Neopoints, the elusive Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg will short a collector around two million points! With prices like that, it’s easy to see why many Negg collectors can quickly descend into the depths of poverty. A quickly falling total on your bank account is a tell-tale sign of an addiction to Neopia’s most iconic treat!

2. Your pet’s strength is approaching an all-time-high.

An addiction to Neggs isn’t always a bad thing! For many Neopians, Neggs present the unique opportunity to boost the strength of a pet without having to spend weeks waiting for a stat increase at the *shudder* Krawk Island Academy. The Armoured Negg is a favorite of many strong pets. Feeding just one Armoured Negg to your pet will increase their defense by one! There are Neggs to increase nearly every characteristic of your pet. When your pet’s forearms have grown bigger than yours, you know your Negg addiction has gone too far!

3. Your Neopet has grown tired of eating Neggs.

An obvious sign that your pets have been fed the same thing over-and-over, sometimes your Neopet may reject the Negg. It is no accident that your furry friend has decided to declare his hatred for lime-flavored items just as you decided to feed him yet another Lime Swirly Negg. Your Neopets are quickly becoming the primary sufferers of your-- err-- commitment to the adorable Neggs littering Neopia.

4. You tried to make real-life Neggs.

We’ve all wished Neggs existed in real life. They’d be so cool! But those with a Negg dependency may even resort to trying to make their own delicious treats. Freezing a normal egg, painting a treasure map on an egg, or *shudder* trying to engineer green eggs are all valid strategies-- but none yield the delicious Negg we all love.

5. You dressed your Neopet up as a Negg.

You saw the Negg Costume in the NC Mall and just couldn’t resist. So, lugging your pet into the closet for a surprise fitting, you walked an embarrassed Neopet around in a Negg costume for weeks before you got tired of it. He still loves you, but the Negg outfit made it just a little tougher to be taken seriously! We all want our pets to look their best. But for those who choose to dress their pets up like a delicious treat, a Negg addiction may be the psychological culprit.

6. You have dreams about the 00 negg.

The 00 Negg is no doubt the Negg of legend. Rumored to be one-of-a-kind and belonging to the creator of Neopets, Borovan, the 00 Negg would be the grand prize of any Neopets collection. Its beauty is unparalleled by Negg fanatics. True fans of Neggs may wake up in the night from wonderful, mouth-watering dreams of the 00 Negg being a part of their own galleries. If your dreams are mostly images of the 00 Negg resting safely in your gallery/SDB/stomach, you may be a Negg addict.

7. You have invested exclusively in Negg-related stocks.

We all like to pour some money into the stock market every once-in-a-while. But for some Neopians, the pull of certain Negg-producing Neopian companies is just too strong. They cast aside their full portfolio in exchange for thousands-upon-thousands of shares of Negg companies. Hey, I love Neggs as much as the next guy, but diversify your portfolio! If you find yourself spending millions on Negg stocks within the Stock Market, you may be a Negg addict.

8. Your favorite shop to restock at is Food.

Restocking is a past-time of many Neopians throughout the day. It truly has stood the test of time. The Neopian Food Shop has been a favorite of many restockers since its conception in the beginning days of Neopets. However, there isn’t nearly as much opportunity to restock the elusive unbuyables as there might be in a shop like Kauvara’s Magic Shop. As such, the Food Shop typically attracts a specific kind of restocker: Negg lovers! The Food shop stocks hundreds of these delicious treats per day, making it the perfect location for a Negg-obsessed restocker to foster his addiction!

9. You traded your Neohome for Neggs.

We’ve all been there. Staring at the fancy Neohome, we have all considered selling it off in exchange for some more stamps, food, or clothes. But for a Negg addict, the prospect of selling the Neohome for some more expensive Neggs is absolutely a reality. Those who love Neggs will do nearly anything to get more of the delicious food, even if it means sleeping outside for a few weeks!


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a Negg addict myself. I love Neggs, and there is nothing wrong with that, thank you very much! I have a gallery full of them, and I’m always looking to collect more. Neggs are some of the cutest items in Neopia, and anyone with a penchant for collecting them is alright by me!

Neggs are some of the most revered items in all of Neopets. They offer an incredible amount of uses, from eating to training to collecting. Because of this, some Neopians go a little bit overboard with their love. But when all is said and done, every true Neopian is addicted to something. Some are addicted to stamps, some avatars, some hoarding Neopoints. Me? I just really, really like Neggs.

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