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All The Items We're Dreaming For!

by indulgences


It's about time we had a quirky item that would make our pets hungrier, rather than fuller! People seeking Gourmet Club trophies would surely buy this item in droves. Battledomers trying to raise the stats of their pets would buy this item too, since these players train their pets by feeding them expensive Neggs. And since Battledomers are a pretty rich lot, all that's really preventing them from having uber-strong pets is time.

Inspired by this idea, I thought it would be interesting to canvass the Neoboards and ask the people there what items THEY would like to own. What items are clearly desired, but also nonexistent and overdue? I got many interesting replies!

Hands down, the biggest desire was an affordable gender-changing potion or elixir for our pets! There is a Strange Potion in existence that can change gender, but it's so rare that at the time of the writing of this article, there are only 2 on the Trading Post, and none on Shop Wiz. Since pet gender is such a crucial aspect of the gameplay on here (along with Paint Brush color, Battledome stats, customization, books read, etc.), the players thought that a cheap gender-changing potion was long overdue. After chatting with all of them, I had to nod and agree!

(The Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome can randomly change gender as well, but unlocking him as a challenger is only possible if you own the Secret Laboratory Ray. And people admit that they have no desire to own the Ray, and just want to change their pets' genders…thus necessitating a potion that can do just that!)

One intrepid player even proposed a new category for the players other than male or female (or even "unknown," which has recently become an option). She thought there should be genders such as "robot" or "mysterious," which would help during role-playing. Since I'm not a role-player myself, I thought her proposal was interesting!

One player came up with a hilarious item. She remembered the Escaped Pixel item, and thought it would be cool to have a Broken Line Of Code item as well. What a funny way to celebrate the anguish we sometimes experience on this site, especially those of us who alter our petpages daily! Perhaps it would look like a single line of code, ending in gibberish because whoever was programming it got tired!

Many players love sending sparkling Gift Boxes covered with Wrap to their best Neofriends, but this option is only for Neocash items. The players want the ability to send beautiful Gift Boxes with regular Neopoint items as well. I think this idea is timely and cool!

The subject of customization was a hot topic, with people bemoaning the lack of cute stuffed animals to adorn their pets with. So far, the only cuddly stuffed wearable is the Bear. I was rather shocked by the revelation, and I think more stuffed wearables are overdue! I think it would be awesome to adorn my Lutari with a Lutari doll, and my Draik with a Draik doll.

Other customization ideas included: an angel outfit, good for every species; a devil outfit, good for every species; more Neopoint underwater Backgrounds (so far, there are only 5…what's the holdup, TNT artists?); a gymnast outfit, good for every species; and more musical instruments, such as harmonicas and pianos. I thought these ideas were pretty awesome, especially since they were inspired by the players' real-life hobbies! (The gymnast outfit was suggested by an actual gymnast, while the instruments were suggested by actual musicians.)

One player wryly recalled a previous topic that I had made a few months earlier, where I asked the Help Neoboard whether our pets should poop after eating, and leave dung in our inventories. He said that if there were items that would cause our pets to poop, it would be his main reason for logging in every day. LOL!

One person thought it would be amusing to have a Book that decreases your pet's intelligence, rather than increasing it. The idea made me smile! But I'm sure that the rest of Neopia would revolt against the creation of such an item, since hapless newbies and clueless veterans alike would suffer the consequences.

Someone suggested an item that would make our pets taller. There already exists a Pumpkin Negg that shrinks height, so why not have a Negg that increases it? Food for thought!

One creative player, who does web design in real life, bemoaned the lack of special occurrences on the site. She noted that on pet days, such as Moehog Day, the TNT programmers could tweak the site so that Moehogs gambol all over the screen, eating tufts of grass and kicking their hooves in the air. I thought this was a really cool proposal, one that I didn't even know was possible!

One player suggested an item that would lower our pets' weights. I'm not sure whether she meant a food item, or some kind of exercise item, but either way, it's an intriguing thought!

Someone thought that Backgrounds for our Petpets were long overdue, and it piqued my curiosity! But if Petpet Backgrounds came to pass, what about our Petpetpets? That's a lot of Backgrounds! Despite the unlikeliness of this idea, I had to include it in this article, because it made me think, and nod, and think some more!

The Vandagyre is a relatively new addition to the site. People have fallen in love with its fluffy feathers and smiling beak, and I think it has a lot of cute appeal, myself. That said, there are no species healers for the Vandagyre! People are hesitant to morph their battle pets into Vandagyres because there is no Vandagyre healing potion. The Elephante has its Elephante Unguent, and the Gelert has its Gelert Healing Remedy. Hopefully TNT will roll out with a healing potion for the Vandagyre as well! In the meantime, people are hoarding their Vandagyre Morphing Potions in their Safety Deposit Boxes, waiting for the perfect time to morph their pets.

Someone came up with an interesting proposal. What if there was an item that could give a single Secret Laboratory Ray zap? I have to confess, if I didn't already own the Secret Laboratory Ray on 2 accounts, I would be really tempted to buy this item!

One person mentioned something interesting, which I'm including in this article because it made sense to me. She's an avid Neohome decorator, and she's waiting for all of the older Neohome items to become compatible with Neohomes 2. So rather than waiting for new items to be released in the news, she wants the old items to be newly compatible! I'm not a Neohomes decorator myself, but I nodded with sympathy when I found out her plight. I hope TNT is in the process of making all of the old Neohome furniture compatible with Neohomes 2!

And after she posted, someone else posted wistfully that she hoped the older clothing items would become wearable someday. I love a lot of the older clothes myself, especially the Neopian Philharmonic Hat and Umbrella, so I totally agree with her!

Many players wanted specific Morphing Potions, such as a Coconut JubJub Morphing Potion, that aren't in existence yet. For instance, the Coconut can only be obtained through a lucky Secret Laboratory Ray zap or a Fountain Faerie quest. I wished these players much luck with obtaining such Potions in the future!

One player had an absolutely random insight. She realized that there is only one brussel sprout item on Neopets, the Brussel Sprout Plushie. How bizarre! I hope TNT rolls out with more brussel sprout items in the future, for those of us who love our veggies! What about a Super Attack Brussel Sprout? Or a Brussel Sprout Toilet? The possibilities are endless…and always hilarious!

Several players said that they preferred certain new items over other new items. They preferred for TNT to roll out with more wearables, for instance, rather than more School or Grooming items. They also preferred new books over new weapons, since new weapons tend to be rather weak anyway. It never occurred to me that people had a preference, since my own weapon set is permanent, and I never pay attention to new items in the New Features page (I don't read books to my pet, I don't collect items for my Gallery, my pets are already customized, etc.). This was such an interesting concern that I decided to include it in this article!

And finally, for completeness' sake, one person wanted REAL LIFE Neopets items! She wanted Neopets to roll out with stuffed dolls, notebooks, stickers, baseball caps, pens and pencils, and other cool real life items that we could order directly from the site. She thought it would be amazing if the merchandise was modeled after the virtual items on the site, such as the Jhudora T-Shirt and the Space Faerie Lunch Box. I totally agreed with her! I'd love to own a Neopets keychain, personally, while my friends wouldn't mind owning posters and T-shirts. I've always crossed my fingers that Neopets merchandise will be possible someday, and it's interesting to know that I'm not alone!

So these were our biggest wishes regarding new items! I had a lot of fun collecting this list, since chatting on the Neoboards is my favorite hobby on this site. It never ceases to amaze me how creative and thoughtful my fellow players are, and I hope TNT reads this article and takes our wishes to heart!

Thanks for reading my humble little article, dear readers! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have a spectacular week!

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