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What Babies Dream About...

by frenchtoasts

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Three Tomes to Tame Your Dreams
Admittedly, a dream is an unavoidable component of sleep, so it would be beneficial to better understand it. And as always, I rely upon the multitudes of fine bookshops in Neopia to aid in the mastery of this mystifying subject. After scouring many of these literary establishments, I found a selection of excellent volumes that I would like to share with you, dear reader, with the hope that these books will shed light on the mysterious nature of your sleep and dreams.

by binky1260


Sunny Side Up: Dreams
Ciebatta has a potentially lucrative dream.

by amarettoball


Now That's the Real Nightmare
What really wakes Imiya up...

by kentuckyfrychickenrl


A Math Nightmare
Oops? Now that's poor timing

by virusus

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