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A Legendary Complement

by skolver


At this time each year, the voices of Altador outshine the radiance of the eternal Sun. Miles away, from the ornate subaquatic city of Maraqua to the orbiting technological Virtupets Space Station, exuberant supporters from different nations gather for the annual reiteration of the legendary and renowned Altador Cup.

Undoubtedly merchandise stores emerge from their yearly slumber, enveloping the city of Altador in a festive spirit that only grows as the tournament progresses. Here fanatic aficionados can equip themselves fully with only the most specialised merchandise representing their team, the most iconic memorabilia of the greatest tournament ever and the peculiarly scrumptious food products (mmmm…traditional altadorian gyros).

Yet, the true value of Altador Cup, besides drinking lots and LOTS of slushies, hopefully acquire that sweet golden trophy that is actually 20% dreams. And what better way to complement that remarkable achievement than with a faithful petpet for your pet who is more loyal than your fingers who will inevitably betray you after making some noise. After all, there must be a reason that the iconic Yooyu continues to taunt us with is exorbitant prices (probably because they still need to keep some for future Altador Cups).

Thankfully, at the summit of the largest hill in Altador, the most affectionate, the most benevolent and the best toga wearing blue Yurble in all of Neopia welcomes you to the Legendary Petpets store. *cue applause*

Entering the store, an extravagant paradise of happy petpets awaits you and you are confronted with the most vexing quandary known to Neopets. Which one do I pick? Thankfully, ‘A Legendary Complement’ is here to assist your petpet choice.

1. The Alabriss

Nothing is better than a miniature horse EXCEPT for a miniature Pegasus like the Alabriss. Its majestic wings and stunning white coat with green features as it soars in the air exhibits a vivid display of utmost grace. The Alabriss is both a natural performer and a proficient sportspetpet who will enjoy playing with your pet with a vivacity and devotion that is unrivalled. It is a naturally amicable and harmonious petpet but will not hesitate to bare its hooves when either it or its owner is provoked. Despite the Alabriss’ immense strength, being able to pull entire chariots, do not try to ride one directly, they are quite prideful creatures and do not like getting pushed down.

2. The Altachuck

This little petpet lurks in the shadow. Not because he’s a malevolent monster but because he’s scared and a little shy. He enjoys a calm, peaceful easy life, undisturbed by the nuisances of loud and fast things whatever they may be. He is especially afraid of Darigan Citadel, Dr. Frank Sloth and Dark faeries but then again who isn’t a little bit scared of those sinister vibes. Though he may seem like a wimpy petpet, his shyness is an endearing trait that will definitely cheer up your pet on a grey day. With time and care, the Altachuck will grow to be more affectionate and confident to your pet, repaying the love with eternal loyalty, a perfect companion for a pet that wants to develop an everlasting connection.

3. The Aroota

This curious feline is a cute, cuddly companion that also likes to impress others with his adventurous flair. He rocks a golden suit, glittering after a bath with the precise amount of moisture for maximum style points. His sharp spines and claws penetrate any doubt about how cool his is, mentally and at rare occasions sometimes physically. But, deep inside his golden fur lies a just as equally golden heart. He will seek the praise and love of your pet through his impressive skills such as catching fish (probably shouldn’t let him try underwater fishing though) and his valiant loyalty, a skilled fighter and protector. If your pet emanates that stylistic sensation perhaps the fashionable Aroota is worth a consideration.

4. The Altalaphus

Boing! Boing! If you though that springy step belonged to a bouncing Blumaroo, you’d be wrong because there’s a new bouncer in Neopia, the Altalaphus. This chubby owl only loves one thing more than devouring the finest bread and cheese in Altador and that is your pet giving him the finest bread and cheese in Altador. If he has food, he’s happy. If your Neopet is right beside him, he’s probably happy too. His beautiful blue feathered wings are renowned throughout Neopia and your pet can wear one too (though not real Altalaphus wings). Whilst he can’t quite fly, he can definitely bounce making walks seem like an adventure in the gelatinous badlands whilst simultaneously bouncing your pet’s mood back up. Amazing.

5. The Naalala

A beautiful maiden frolics in the meadows of Altador amongst the dancing flowers. Her blue hair waves like the seas of the harbour. She bends down to pick up a flower and eats it?! Upon closer inspection, this maiden is none other but the Naalala. This dancing goat loves communing with nature, absorbing energy from the nutrient of the earth. She can enlighten your pet with the joys of the natural world, showing your Neopet affection with a flower chain before promptly consuming it. However you pet needs to keep an eye on this devious miss who will happily feast on your metal and magical items without a second thought (NO!!! NOT MY LEADED ELEMENTAL VIAL!!!!!)

6. The Vaeolus

The chosen petpet of a noble Lupe, King Altador, and burning with the flames of passion, this cheeky aviary friend is always ready to support your pet. A brilliant display of blue, orange and yellow served with the singe of love shows the courageous resolve of the Vaeolus as a loyal friend. When he’s not in prime condition, his flames are doused but with your pet around, they will easily rekindle and he will continue to watch over your pet with his amazingly keen and sharp eyes. But don’t worry; his fires will be just at the perfect temperature for your pet so you can cuddle on a snowy day without fear of being roasted.

7. The Hermiteese

This red-crested jack-of-all-trades excels in serving your pet with undeniable efficiency. The crimson plumage and ornately decorate breast shows a petpet with that level of sophistication that will make your pet feel like royalty (super royal if they’re already royal). A descendent from a hereditary line of the King’s private butlers, this petpet is well-trained in service but also in having fun with your pet such as CANNONBALLing into holes. The Hermiteese is also a strategic in the ongoing War of the Cheeses, able to plan a graceful manoeuvre through the crowded streets of Altador to restock the cheese assortments for the most exquisite Altadorian cheese for your pet. He can send Neomails too.

8. The Garfir

Roar! That was the greetings of the legendary Garfir, a mythological beast that instilled fear in the most valiant warriors but now downsized. His may look terrifying but aside from that devious stinger, the Garfir is a happy lion that just wants to play ball. The friendly Garfir will playfully leap upon your pet like a kitten and lick your pet clean with joyful strokes. It loves a soothing caress on its soft orange mane and a warm nuzzle after a day with your pet. But don’t get the Garfir too excited or else the stinger might get a little antsy.

9. The Hydruplit

Swinging its three heads, the mischievous Hydruplit is renowned as a loyal protector as well as a cheeky prankster. An elegant golden body leads a serpentine head which diverges into two other heads each capable of their own thought. But the Hydruplit is no mutant, its heads moving in unison to accomplish its goals, often poking its heads where they don’t belong, literally. The central head is the audacious mastermind of the operation, designating orders in preparation and execution to the other heads. The right head is the scouter, observing the surroundings for any curiosities or opportunities to capitalise upon. He does enjoy his job and is always seeking for a promotion. The left head smiles with an alluring countenance, but secretly schemes the most devious plans that would astound even Hubrid Nox. All in all, the Hydruplit is ideal for that impish pet that needs a partner in crime or if you want that insane value. It’s like three petpets in one!

10. The Minitheus

Standing bold in the luminescent glow of its ruffled onyx scarf, the legendary Minitheus graces us with his godly presence. A purple warlock of destiny, the noble Minitheus exonerates our sins for hitting all of his brothers and sisters in our love for ‘Crisis Courier’. His everlasting loyalty results from his impenetrable will, noble in actions and humble in praise. A perfect petpet, his Ultra Rare status exemplifies the desire within us to attaining the best petpet possible for our dearest Neopets. His demand is so high, that he is exclusive to the Lucky Restocker Club whose membership is reserved for the most deserving Neopets (though I heard that you can buy membership for only half a million neopoints).

The selection of petpets available in Altador, although not as extensive as others, provides a remarkable quality of choice. Regardless of which petpet you ultimately choose, your Neopet will certainly appreciate a new companion, thematically fittingly for the Altador Cup. I hope you found this article useful in helping you decide but ultimately it is your own personal experiences that shape your decisions. And don’t forget to enjoy the Altador Cup. :D

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