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The Dressy Way to Celebrate Fyora Day

by gattacaa


Fyora Day is upon us again and it is time to celebrate in the most fanciful way possible! Dressing up your pet in Fyora themed items will certainly please the faerie queen on her special day, and win you favours all around Faerieland.

Listed below are some wonderful items (both NC and NP) that you can use to dress up your pet this Fyora day.

NC Items

1. Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background

This background is one of my favorites in all of Neopia. It is made from such wonderful purple colors that are truly inspiring. It helps frame your pet nicely, and brings them forward. The doorway is contrasted between the pink and purple colors along with the stone arch. It also has an element of movement to it, with sparkles appearing on the entranceway ground and in the slant of sunlight coming in from the right hand side.

2. Fyora Collectors Staff

This dazzling and sparkling staff can perfect almost any outfit! It radiates a lovely purple glow, shines bright and has three little orbs travelling around it. It sits well in your pets hand and brings an element of authority to the overall outfit. This staff can be worn by pets without hands as well (such as Aisha and Uni for example) and it still works well in terms of the space it occupies and the overall look. It is nicely contrasted with the light blue of the actual staff and the purple of the orb.

3. Fyora Wig

You can’t really have a Fyora inspired outfit without this amazing wig. It comes with a crown! This wig is lovely because it is an exact replica of Fyora’s hairstyle, and I really love the two colors of the wig when combined like that. The crown has a magnificent purple centre piece jewel that glows and draws the eye. The thing that I like most about this wig is that it isn’t too small or too big, it’s just the right size. It is difficult to find a themed wig that looks good on most pets, but this Fyora Wig is certainly one of those, which is why it makes this list.

4. Fyoras Collectors Dress

Another collectors item, this dress is probably my favourite of all the items in this list. Again, like most the themed items I mention, it is made of some wonderful colors. These two colors blend a little more, but with the lines and folds within the dresses fabric it makes the dress work well on almost all pets. It sits at just the right length and gives your pet a bit more shape, so it doesn’t just look like a piece of material hanging there. The straps and the top of the dress provide a bit of contrast to show your pets arms and neck a bit more. I like that the bottom hem of the dress matches the top of it, in addition to the straps. It is nice and shiny too!

5. Fyora Wing Garland

This beautiful garland is a wonderful choice for Fyora day as it not only shows your admiration for the faerie queen, but it frames your pet exceptionally well! The wings on the garland flutter intermittently, and work quiet well overall without distracting from your pet in the centre. The colors are nice to look at and would blend very well with any pink or purple outfit.

NP Items

1. Fyoras Arm Wraps

These arm wraps, which help complete Fyoras outfit, are now yours to own! They add a little bit of definition to the arms of your pet, and are quite eye catching. Not a lot of people use hand items these days in customizations so it is nice to have something a little different. The wraps are colored like most of the Fyora theme items, with a mixture of that nice dark pink and light purple. These arm wraps are a great choice for your pet on Fyora day as they are relatively cheap and easy to obtain.

2. Fyoras Eyeshadow

The entire NP faerie eyeshadow range that has been created are all very lovely, and a perfect choice for Fyora day is her themed eye shadow. Her eye shadow is actually my favorite of the entire faerie range, as it sits so nicely on all pets. It really helps define the eyes and isn’t overly harsh. Quite often eye shadow items can make your pet look quite comical, because there are so many options for pets colours and face shapes, but this particular eye shadow looks so great with every pet. The color of it isn’t too dark or light, and blends well with most pet colors because it is nice and soft. Not only does it give a great definition to your pets eyes, but it is (again) relatively cheap and easy to obtain.

3. Valentine Fyora

Up next is the most expensive item on the list. Currently around 1.75 million NP is the Valentine Fyora. The reason I chose it for this list is that it is super cute, themed, and above all, holding a love heart. If you really adore Fyora and customizing, this would be the item to chose when dressing up to celebrate Fyora day. It is kind of a small clothing item, but in my opinion it is better to be too small than too big. The wings on this small wearable doll are very well drawn and very Fyora like. The crown, wig and arm wraps are also nicely defined. The doll adds a little something extra to your pet’s outfit, and can be blended well with many purple/pink or even red colors. As it sits off to the side of your pet, it looks good with any species, not obstructive at all.

4. Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers

Just like the Valentine Fyora, these flowers are a Lower Foreground item. They sit very well with any species (including Vandagyre) as they are off to the side. I really love the definition in this item. While it is small, the petals of all the flowers (both front and back) are very well defined and they add some very nice detail to your pets outfit. The vase is nicely themed with Fyora’s stripes, and around the top of the vase’s opening is her wings and crown symbol. This item is relatively cheap (again) and if you are looking to add a little something to help celebrate Fyora day, this is a nice option.

5. Fyoras Room Background

Last on the list is this lovely background. This item has so many things going on, its really great to look at. Most of the items displayed in this background are very well placed, so they don’t over take your pet or draw the eye too much. The rug on the floor has Fyoras wings imprinted on it, and is surrounded by a nice blue ring which really mixes well with the rest of the background (such as the couch and chair backing). Up in the top of the background is some nice moulding which contains Fyoras wing design (again). Pictures of five different faeries also appear in this lovely background. The chandelier is wonderful with its theme colors, and you can even glimpse the balcony!

    That’s it for the list today, I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and maybe you have some ideas of what to wear for the next Fyora day. Lovely purple and pink colors are very easy to play with, and there are some wonderful items out there in Neopia to help you celebrate! Until next time…

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