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Top 5 Easiest Flash Game Avatars

by forcenturies


Whether you’re an avid collector or just think game avatars are cool, there’s really no excuse to NOT have these avatars in your collection – they’re fun to work for, great to look at, and improve your account more than you would realize; and, if you get really good, you may even score a trophy in the process! Obtaining these game avatars is going to be so easy, you’ll feel like a pro!

#5: Ultimate Bullseye II (Score 100+)

This game requires less skill and more luck; there’s no reason to mess with the catapult at all. Just press the spacebar to charge it and let the arrow land where it may – it will take you a couple tries to get the avatar score because you’ll need to get a couple of bullseyes, power-ups, and balloons to get that many points. If you can dedicate the time, you’ll get this avatar very quickly!

Tips: Blue bullseyes are inverse; meaning, if you hit the board and NOT the bullseye, you’ll get 10 points instead of 0 ... but if you hit the bullseye, you won’t get any points. Use wisely, if you use at all!

#4: Ace Zafara (Score 700+)

A game that simulates obnoxious pop-ups. What could be better? If you’re quick enough with your mouse, you’ll get this avatar on your first try – it’s not as hard or daunting as it seems! Don’t try to exit off the pop-ups, because if you accidentally click the ad itself you’ll wind up with more ads to deal with. The best tactic is to just drag and drop it out of your way. Take a deep breath before going onto the next level and you’ll be good to go!

Tips: There are 24 “Go!” buttons in each level. By counting each time you click, it will give you a good idea of how far you’ve gone and will keep you focused. Speaking of focused … DO NOT LOOK AT THE TOP HALF OF THE SCREEN! You need only concentrate on the buttons, not the race itself. It will just confuse you.

#3: Sutek’s Tomb (Score 2000+)

Want a peaceful game of connecting three or more symbols? This is the game for you! Just like Ace Zafara, getting this avatar on your first try is completely doable. Since you’re on a timer, you will need to keep focused and look for as many matches as you can! Even if you’re working on the other side of the board, always keep your eyes peeled for symbols in a row so you can slow the clock and raise your score. You can even connect bombs!

#2: The Buzzer Game (Score 300+)

Do not, under any circumstance, play this game with volume on. Why? The random noises will DEFINITELY cause you to run your wand into the wire … and you’ll definitely lose! The best part about this game is that there’s no timer, so you can take all the time you need. The bonuses aren’t worth risking a game loss, so just forget about those numbers ticking down because they aren’t necessary for either the avatar OR the trophy. In fact, if you get the avatar, you might as well continue on for a trophy! This game is super easy, but make sure you set aside some time to play it slow and get it right.


I guess technically this list should be called “Top Five Plus Two Extra” … anyway, here are two avatar games that are SO painfully easy, it would be a disservice to you all to not include them!

Runner-Up #2: The Castle of Eliv Thade (Score 1200+)

The hardest part of this game is figuring out what the words are – thankfully, you don’t NEED to move so far you’ll be pressed to answer 6-letter words (if you can, then more power to you!). There are two major requirements for getting the avatar in the game: 1) don’t waste hints and 2) walk around the castle. It’s impossible to get the avatar score by going around the castle once and collecting everything – you’ll have to roam. A lot.

Runner-Up #1: Kass Basher (Score 850+)

For most Neopians, this was their first game avatar. Not only is the payout for this game awesome, it lacks complexity and takes about four seconds to play. Why is this game not number one then? Well, there’s really not much fun in smashing a plushie in the face with a bat, is there?! Since most people get this avatar on their first day, I didn’t think I should give it ALL the limelight!

Anyway, getting this avatar goes in three steps: 1) unlock the bat, 2) wait until the wind is 9 mph, and 3) watch that plushie fly! Unlocking the bat isn’t hard at all – just follow the above steps with the bread and the stick to get the appropriate score.

Tips: Hit the plushie with the tip of your bat, if possible. It’ll give it more air. Then, once the plushie is soaring UP, hold the spacebar to give it more power. Once it begins to curve, let go of the spacebar until the plushie hits the ground – every time it hits the ground, press the spacebar to give it a bit more air! You’ll learn the formula with a bit of practice, but you should get the avatar on your first try if you’re quick enough.

#1: Meepit vs. Feepit (Score 3000+)

Alright, we’ve made it to the easiest flash game avatar to achieve! You might be asking, “How is it so easy to get this avatar if you don’t even get the score when finishing it? And that seems like a HUGE score! How am I even supposed to get that?!” Well fret not, Neopian, for I’m here to tell you!

Meepit vs. Feepit is not only the best fighting game in all of Neopia, it’s also the easiest avatar to get EVER. You will have more fun getting this avvie than any other on the list (although, Ace Zafara and Sutek’s Tomb are pretty fun).

The only way to get this avatar is to follow this simple formula: Use only combos and LOSE!

… That’s right.

You need to lose.

Not the entire game, mind you; otherwise you’ll end up with 0 points and no avatar and you’ll be quite upset with me. Let me mislead you no more! You need to win three rounds to move onto the next stage and there are five stages. By using only combos, you are guaranteed to earn more points (6 points for kicking/punching versus a whopping 13 points for combo moves … plus 6 MORE points when the Meepit hits the ground!). The best strategy is to get the Meepit’s health as low as possible (using combos) and then let it defeat you. Do this for two rounds, and then use the next three to beat it. This will maximize your points and get you the necessary points needed to get the avatar. You also get an extra 100 points once you’ve cleared a stage, so that’s 500 points JUST for beating the game!

Once you play this game, you’ll see why it’s ranked number one on my list. It’s not only easy as pie, it’s FUN. What’s better than playing an awesome game and being rewarded with a nifty avatar to use on the boards? Not much, in my opinion!

Tips: Press the combo keys one at a time so it can register; otherwise, you’ll be helplessly smashing buttons with no combos.

Moving around will not interrupt the combos, so feel free to bounce back and forth while attacking!

Meepits that are blocking will not give you points when you attack; always try to hit them when they’re vulnerable to maximize points (they’ll still take damage, so be careful!).

I hope this guide helped you and that you’ve added these five (possibly seven!) avatars to your collection. Thank you for reading and best of luck in avvie hunting!

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