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10+ Items We Need in NeoHomes 2.0

by zehlua


Hello and welcome to a fabulous article that I’ve been meaning to write for ages! Today I would like to elaborate on my Top Ten Homeless Home Decor Items in NeoHomes 2.0. Mistakenly, some of these items already have the NeoHomes 2.0 symbol in the corner, despite being glitched. Other items haven not been added to the conversion process as of yet, but I strongly advocate for their aesthetic contributions! Let us begin this long-awaited list with an old gardening favourite:

10. Heart Fruit Tree

The most noticeable feature about this gorgeous tree is its characteristic heart-shaped fruits, all of which smell (and taste!) like rich milk chocolate. A grand specimen for any garden, due to its simple, down-to-earth colours. It even has a natural hollow, which can be used as a small storage shelf for your pets’ knickknacks, or an impromptu petpet bed. The smell of this tree would be ideal for kitchens and dessert-themed gardens, fitting right in with the Candy Floss Tree, Chocolate Mynci Gnome, and Sugar Bridge.

If you’re looking for something to add woodland charm and a delicious fragrance to your NeoHome, look no further than the Heart Fruit Tree.

9. Korbat Motif Vase

The description for this item reads, “Spooky and classy, what more could you want?” I couldn’t agree more! The smooth surface of this item speaks volumes about the skill level of its crafter. Of all the items that emerge from the Sahkmet pottery kilns every day, this vase has got to be the most unique. No other variety so expertly blends the aesthetic of both the Haunted Woods and Lost Desert. The elegant black shape of this vase is decorated with glow-in-the-dark korbat symbols, which could benefit any young neopet who is afraid of the dark.

I know my dear Pixielulu would squeal with delight if I gave her this vase for her birthday!

8. Indoor Meridellian Fountain

This fountain is made from the same stone as Meridell Castle. It features a whimsical carving of a happy draik who spouts water from their adorable snout. Doubling as a wash-sink and watering can fill station, this highly-practical fountain can also add the soothing ambience of flowing water to its surrounding environment. The babbling bubbles and splashes put forth from the little stone draik can soothe even the most frazzled neopet, given enough time.

This is an absolutely essential item for medieval-themed gardens, kitchens, and bedrooms!

7. Striped Toy Box

Though there are many toy boxes in Neopia to choose from, the Striped Toy Box is by FAR my favourite. Its pink and white stripes remind me of strawberry vanilla ice cream served in a retro carton. The silver latch lock on the front colour-coordinates perfectly, and my pets like to look at their distorted reflection upon its surface.

Perfect for a pretty pink nursery, or a colourful playroom!

6. Framed Photo of Brightvale Fruits

This is hands, paws, fins, and wings-down the most GORGEOUS wall decoration in all of Neopia! The composition is divine, with its use of unifying purple and sky blue negative space. A foreground of Echtooh Melon (with a stunning green slice!) protectively covers the Purblares behind it. Above, we can spot several Cackleberries hanging down at jaunty angles. The frame of this photo is a glamourous gold leafing, which adds contrast to the purple fruits pictured within.

I NEED this in my kitchen. NEED.

5. Bluebells

I recently published a poem entitled, “Save the Bluebells,” due to my strong feelings about these treasured Neopian flowers. Their minty, fernlike stems blossom out into wonderful bluish-purple flowers. Upon closer inspection, one can spot the ornate star markings on each bloom. When shaken, the Bluebells will rattle or ring in different notes, depending upon the maturity of the plant. Hearty and robust as both an indoor and outdoor flower, I highly recommend Bluebells for any NeoHome!

(Please un-retire this item, please please please!)

4. Nimmo Pad Bed

A luxurious cotton bed with a satin lotus flower and silk pillowcases (to de-frizz unruly manes!) Shaped like a lily pad, this bed is perfect for any pond-loving pet. Possibly the most relaxing sleeping arrangement I’ve ever seen, due to its soft blue-greens and muted pinks. One might spot something similar in the Royal Neopian Hotel!

This bed is a part of the Nimmo Pad furniture set, which includes a rug, lamp, bureau, and (possibly) a garden lounge.

3. Floral Garden Swing

Sporting beautiful spring colours, this piece of playground equipment can add a spark of fun to any garden! Vines of yellow, pink, and red flowers adorn its periwinkle purple frame. According to my pets, the seats are comfortable and flexible, and the ropes are sturdy enough to hold skeiths and grarrls. The base of each pole is anchored to the ground with magical engineering so as not to tip over when your pets swing too high.

We suspect the Floral Garden Swing may have been crafted by faeries! That’s reason enough to add it to your NeoHome 2.0, don’t you think?

2. Potion Table

Ahh, the Potion Table. One of the many glitched items that disappear once you add them to your Storage Shed. For those of us with pets who love to brew their own crazy kitchen concoctions, this table is a much-needed part of the potions process. Its L-shape design is ideal for potion-makers who love to be surrounded by their work. Even if you don’t fancy magical cooking, this table is also useful for other culinary purposes, such as baking cookies or tossing elaborate salads. I’ve also heard that this table is strong enough to hold heavy punch bowls at parties!

Sturdy, practical, and able to fit snugly into any kitchen, the Potion Table deserves its place at #2 on this list.

1. Lutari Feathered Dresser

LOOK AT THIS DRESSER. LOOK AT IT. IT HAS FEATHERS! As a massive fan of Lutari Island, I am always excited to see items that come from this curious location. The Lutari Feathered Dresser is my favourite one of all because of its chocolate-brown wood, colourful hand-painted mosaic drawers, characteristic grass hula skirt, and its vibrant red and royal blue feathers. I can hardly wait until it becomes available in NeoHomes 2.0!

(Bonus points if the Lutari Feathered Bed and Lutari Feathered Chair become available too!)

If I had to choose only one of these items to be released, I’d have a hard time choosing between the Lutari Feathered Dresser and the Bluebells. On the one hand, I could really use a festive addition to my xweetok’s woodland-themed bedroom. On the other hand, if Bluebells were to become available, I would plant them ALL OVER MY YARD in celebration. It’s a tough call to make!

Whoops, look at the time! I do believe I’ve got a Garden Fresh Pizza in the oven for my pets’ dinner!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lovingly-written countdown of items that I deeply wish we had in our NeoHomes 2.0. I hope to see you in the next article, in which I discuss my top ten non-wearable wearables. Until then, stay awesome, Neopia!

Zehlua, signing out~

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