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Of Crepes And Coffee

by pillsi


By Jadriar

Adventurer, Journalist, and Author Extraordinaire

The Bakery, Neopia Central – Have you ever hungered for a delicious baked good after sipping on your favorite coffee or tea from the Coffee Cave? Have you ever wandered Roo Island and thought, "A baked good would taste great with this steaming beverage." I, Jadriar, most certainly have thought such questions.

My journey for a delectable delight thus began in the shopping hub of Neopia with The Bakery. This little shop is located in the Bazaar of Neopia Central, huddled between Gardening Supplies, Battle Magic, and Fine Furniture. While I considered this location rather far from the Coffee Cave, I could not deny myself trying The Bakery's infamous goods. To assist you in discovering your favorite pair of baked good and steaming beverage, I have compiled a list of crepes in The Bakery. If you have not chosen your favorite hot beverage, please refer to my past articles Roasty Toasty and Sipping With Sophistication to aid you in your personal discovery.

Banana Crepe

My first tasting was of the Banana Crepe. This freshly baked crepe was wrapped around a homemade banana filling. "When I first created this crepe," The Breadmaster explained to me, "I was attempting to create a creamy, comforting, baked good. I found that the cream made the crepe squishy and difficult to eat so I added small chunks of banana to provide the crepe that little something which now makes it a popular favorite amongst my Mynci customers." Upon tasting the crepe I found it pleasing. When I inquired about the slightly different taste of the bananas, I was surprised to discover that they did not hail from the Health Food store in the Bazaar, but instead are imported from Mystery Island, giving the crepe a fresh and exotic banana taste reputable to the salty winds and hot sun of the island. Given the delicious and overwhelming taste of bananas, I recommend this crepe with another rather simple and overwhelming beverage such as the Ultra Strong Coffee.

Cheese and Chive Crepe

At first, a crepe made of cream cheese and chives did not seem agreeable to my palate. However, I was surprised when I first placed the sample of crepe in my beak. The cream cheese was slightly melted, giving the crepe a comforting, creamy taste while the chives spiced up the flavor leaving a lovely and a rather earthy after-taste. I would have recommended the Decaf Darigan Coffee with this crepe, whereas the Breadmaster recommended Tarragon Tea. Defending his opinion, The Breadmaster argued, "If you pair the Cheese and Chive Crepe with Tarragon Tea, you are eating a better combination. The earthy aroma of Tarragon Tea adds to the herbal taste of chives giving you a better match of flavors. If you pair this crepe with the Decaf Darigan blend, you are robbing the chives of justice."

Elephante Trunk Crepe

This crepe is a great choice for any Neopian, especially on that special birthday for Elephantes. The flavor of this crepe is basic; a cream cheese filling with a thick strawberry sauce drizzled over the outside. What makes this crepe extraordinary, however, is the shape of the wrap. "It isn't easy to make a crepe shaped like an Elephante," The Breadmaster stated, crossing his arms proudly across his accomplishment. "One end of the crepe has to fold away to form the Elephante's trunk while farther up the crust I have to form the Elephante's ears. Finally to complete the look, I add a little caramel between the ears and a dollop of strawberry sauce. This is what makes the crepe look like an Elephante's head instead of a mess." My coffee recommendation includes the Meridellian Blend Coffee so as to match a simple crepe flavor with a simple coffee flavor.

Ham and Cheese Crepe

"The Ham and Cheese Crepe is a classic combination amongst bakers," The Breadmaster explained to me as I took a bite. My beak was filled with a creamy and gooey cheddar cheese while my teeth munched away on slices of succulent ham. "I know it is not the most creative combination to put inside a crepe, but it is a popular item on the menu." Given this crepe's classic combination, I suggest pairing it with Sunflower Tea so that the sweet taste of sunflowers and compliment the sharp cheddar cheese and delightful ham.

Hazelnut Banana Crepe

As the Breadmaster placed a sample of the Hazelnut Banana Crepe before me, he smiled and said, "You may regret this later since the flavors are addicting. I've watched customers turn to spoiled Plumpys over this crepe." When I took a bite, I understood why the Breadmaster said such things. The Banana Crepe was satisfying, but when complimented with a chocolate-hazelnut spread my mouth was singing praises to all the banana trees on Mystery Island. I recommend pairing the Hazelnut Banana Crepe with a fresh cup of Krakuberry Mocha from the Coffee Cave. The two chocolate tastes will sing harmoniously and the fruity tastes of both banana and Krakuberry will leave you palate earning for more. Upon inquiring how this crepe was made, the Breadmaster smiled, "It's easy. I just take a Banana Crepe and pour a ready-made chocolate-hazelnut spread atop the crepe. I then squirt some whipped cream atop the spread and garnish with whole hazelnuts on the side."

Illusen Crepe

The Illusen Crepe is a delicacy dedicated to the earth faerie, Illusen. "I make this crepe with a chocolate crust and a sweet cream filling," The Breadmaster explained. "What gives this crepe a uniqueness befitting Illusen includes the thick, chocolate and leaf ganache I pour over the top of the crepe." When I asked the Breadmaster about the leaves used in the ganache, he chuckled and informed me that the leaf paste used in the ganache is his personal combination of sugar syrup and A Sprig of Leaf. "Usually, I keep a container of the ganache out back. When I need it I just heat a small bowl over an open flame and spread it on the crepe. I find it convenient that Health Food is right across the Bazaar. When I run out of A Sprig of Leaf I just stroll over during a restocking period." This crepe goes best with Dandelion Tea, Sunflower Tea, or Herbal Coffee.

Maple Crepe with Cream

While sampling many of the different types of crepes The Breadmaster had to offer, I found it difficult to pair a crepe with the Spice Pumpkin Coffee or the Candy Pumpkin Latte served at the Coffee Cave on Roo Island. While pondering, the Breadmaster suggested, "Well, since pumpkin is an autumn flavor, why not try the Maple Crepe with Cream? I make this crepe with a maple sugar crust. I then spread a very thin layer of whipped sweet cream to roll inside the crepe and I top it with the same cream." As I placed a morsel in my beak I nodded my approval towards the Breadmaster. The Breadmaster hit the nail on the head with this crepe and coffee combination. The maple flavors made me long for the falling leaves of fall and the brisk cool breeze that welcomes the colder weather to Neopia.

Mutant Crepe

"This looks like someone spilled a Transmogrification Potion in your bakery!" I explained as the Breadmaster placed a crepe the color of decay in front of me. The prickly pink cream in the middle licked the plate. As I leaned into sniff the crepe I noticed the neon green cream on the top had a potent smell of tropical fruit. As I took a bite, the Breadmaster said, "The crepe was inspired by the mutant Neopets that roam Neopia. Unlike the Neopets though, the crepe is harmless. The filling is a combination of thistle berry and strawberries, the crust is simply colored using food dyes, and the cream on the top is flavored lime. Needless to say, it is a very fruity flavored crepe." I nodded, agreeing with the Breadmaster, and noted that this crepe may go well with Glowleaf Tea.

Pot-a-toon-ion Crepe

"Pot-a-what?" I stammered while the Breadmaster placed a sample of Pot-a-toon-ion Crepe in front of me. "It's a crepe with a potato and onion filling. I find it is much better for lunch than for a side dish to a coffee," The Breadmaster explained to me. While I could not think of a coffee or tea to pair with the Pot-a-toon-ion Crepe, I did enjoy the smooth potato flavor mixed with a little butter and the crunch of onion. "I consider this one of my all time favorite crepe and often I will eat them on my lunch break or during restocking times."

Strawberry Crepe

"This is a classic crepe amongst bakers." The Breadmaster began as I popped a bite into my beak. "My Strawberry Crepe is unique, though. Other bakers will use an original crust with a strawberry filling but I reversed it. I use an original whipped sweet cream in a strawberry flavored crust. I then spread a little bit of whipped cream on the top of the crepe and garnish with fresh slices of strawberries from Health Food. I have considered an experiment with Strawberry Artichokes but I haven't had the time to mess around the kitchen with the high level of traffic the Bakery receives." As the Breadmaster explained this classic crepe I decided that a classic creation needed a classic brew. Therefore, I recommend drinking either a simple Meridellian Blend Coffee, Ultra Strong Coffee, or Chai Tea.

This list compiles the best crepes in Neopia. Now if you are ever wandering Neopia with your favorite coffee or tea from the Coffee Cave, you can pair the delectable beverage with a scrumptious crepe. Please stay tuned for other articles on delicious baked goods that you may pair with steaming beverages.

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