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Understanding Extreme Potato Counter

by redken9x9


Hello friends! I’ll spare you the introductory garbage and just get right to it.

You’re here because you would either like a trophy in EPC, or the avatar, or both! You’ve already run across several guides that have provided great suggestions in helping you come closer to that goal, but more than likely you haven’t reached it yet. (Why else would you be reading this?) So each game you play requires a certain level of adaption, some games require perseverance and patience, others require quick-thinking and fast reflexes. But what most games have in common are the necessity for practice and the factor of luck.

This game is no exception to that.

First of all, the mechanism of the game isn’t elaborate. You’re just trying to count potatoes. But understanding how to do that EFFECTIVELY is why you’re here. I hope we understand that all game avatars require a certain amount of hard work, and even though this game has a simple layout, it is by no means easy.

Before we go in depth, here are a few basic guidelines:

1. If you want the avatar, you’ll need to be in an environment that isn’t noisy or distracting. Consider turning your music off. However, if it helps you focus and release some stress, then by all means play it. A lot of stress build-up will hinder your performance – so keep that in mind.

2. DO NOT underestimate this step – make sure you’re hydrated and that you’ve fed yourself properly. Less nutrients = less energy and resources for the brain = bad performance. If you’re tired and consistently getting scores under 100, consider taking a break and resuming later.

3. Make the screen full-size when you play the game. This makes it easier for you to keep track of the potatoes as they fly by. Focus your attention on the center of the screen, but count the potatoes as they come in from the EDGES. As you’re counting the potatoes, it may help to say the number out loud. It might be worth noting also that any attempts in slowing the game down *cough* are counterproductive to say the least.

So let’s go in-depth. Obviously counting the potatoes one by one hasn’t worked out for you. That’s because your brain can’t easily keep track of them one by one. For one millisecond your eyes are focused on a potato, and then they switch over to another potato flying out from the edge, but soon so many are flying around that you can’t remember the ones you’ve already counted and it can quickly become overwhelming. They are all moving at different speeds and in different directions, so counting 1 2 3 will obviously not work.

This guide is much more about understanding how your brain processes information and how it keeps track of things. It cannot keep switching back and forth from multiple objects flying off the screen in less than a second. So how do you count the potatoes then? Rather than counting 1 2 3 in every direction, keep your eyes centered in the middle and count from the edges in groups of 2 throughout the whole game. I’ve tried multiple methods, and this one has worked the best for me.

So instead of counting 1 2 3 in the first few levels, count 2 4 6 instead. When you put them in groups instead of counting them individually, that makes it much easier for your brain to categorize that group of 2 as ‘already counted’ and then it can quickly move on to counting the next groups. Trust me, this will make things much easier for you in the long run.

Next, we’ll talk about the luck factor. You’ve already experienced the confusion that follows after a flurry of potatoes appears on the screen all at once. Even in earlier levels this sort of flurry happens, and even when you do your best in counting the potatoes in groups, it’s still very difficult to account for a barrage that comes on all at once. This is obviously much more common in the later levels, but is known to happen often in the early levels. If this happens, and you lose track of the number, it’s always helpful to know that each level has a max that increases by 5 as you go up. For example, Level 1 has a max of 10, Level 2 has a max of 15, Level 3 has a max of 20 and so on. If you ever lose count, but know that the number of potatoes that have appeared on the screen are close to that level’s max, then it doesn’t hurt to guess the max. Often, you’ll turn out to be right.

Each level also has a minimal that goes up by three every level. If you’re consistently having levels that are close to the min, then that won’t help you achieve an avatar score or a trophy, so consider restarting if you’re having a slow start.

Now, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a steady stream of potatoes flying at whatever speed they’re flying at, instead of them all popping up on the screen at the same time. That kind of luck is not hard to come by, but you’ll need to be effective in counting them in groups first. Once you’ve mastered that skill, and the luck comes, before you know it you’ll have the avatar and a possible trophy in no time.

So here’s the DEAL BREAKER when it comes to counting. If you get this, you’ll be able to consistently score higher in the 100’s. Everyone always tell you to count fast. But the way you go about it makes all the difference. Make sure that you’re not in a ‘reactive’ state when you’re counting. Being ‘reactive’ means that you’re waiting for the potatoes to come on the screen, AND THEN you count them. Instead, you need to set the pace for the counting. Shout out ‘2’ before the potatoes come on the screen, then when they come, quickly move to shouting out ‘4’. Two more potatoes will appear on the screen. You’ll quickly then say ‘6’ and so on. This way, you’re staying AHEAD of the potatoes and not trying to keep up with them. If you say your numbers quickly and let the potatoes catch up with you instead of you trying to keep up with them, then you’ll be able to stay on top of them and count them accurately. Trust me, this makes the difference. Again, don’t wait for the potatoes to come on the screen. Count ‘2’ before then, and then keep counting as they start to appear. Don’t be afraid to slur your numbers to make the counting go quicker.

The last thing I want to talk about is trusting your gut. Often times, the first number that pops into my head is usually the right one, and me second-guessing it has actually cost me the avatar a few times. Often times your brain will make a note of potatoes that snuck in through the corners or ones you might have missed while counting in groups of 2, don’t neglect to account for those when you enter in the number for that round. Your eyes may not be able to keep up with the speed of the potatoes, but if you can help your brain count fast enough by grouping them up, then you’ll often come up with a reliable number.

Practice will help you get accustomed to the fast-paced conditions. That consistency will ultimately pay off for you. Don’t get frustrated, just know and understand that it’ll take some hard work to get there and that you’re using a very successful method to help you do it. If you practice it consistently, that avatar WILL be yours. And yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but most of those people on the hi-score table actually played the game FAIRLY. Luck and practice! Just keep on going.

That’s all the advice I have for you. Obviously, these suggestions were made in the expectation that you’ve already viewed other guides on the subject, thus not necessitating the need for me to explain every little detail. But I hope this helps you, and I wish you the best of luck with the game.

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