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What Kind Of Pet Trader Are You?

by indulgences


Pet traders make me smile. I think their struggles to trade for their favorite pets is charming and cute, and I have a lot of favorite pet traders! I keep lists of their dream pets, in case I'm able to zap or trade for them. Pet traders are all so unique, motivated and enthusiastic, and they inspire me every day!

That said, I thought I'd write a quiz all about pet traders! What kind of pet trader are YOU? Complete the following quiz, and find out!

1. You've just made the deal of a lifetime! Their pet for your morph offer. Do you:

a. Morph your pet right away, so that the other person is less likely to back out?

b. Wait to morph your pet until the day before the trade, in case the other person backs out in the interim?

c. Morph your pet right away, as well as stick it in the Neolodge, give it a matching Petpet, and give it an awesome Background, that will be unexpected freebies for the other person?

2. You like unusual pets. Do you seek a pet with:

a. A certain trophy, like a Beauty Contest trophy or Book Award trophy?

b. A specific birthday?

c. More customization options, in terms of buyable NP clothes?

3. What do you think of people with UC pets?

a. They do? Are they willing to trade??? You only own a paltry 5!

b. A kinship, since you just got one for yourself recently.

c. Amusing, since you'll never own one, and they're trying so strenuously to trade their already-impossibly-valuable UC for another UC.

4. Do you value pets with really short (3-4 letter) names?

a. Yes, only because they can be re-traded for more valuable pets.

b. Yes, because you love them yourself.

c. No, because a pet's worth isn't determined by its name.

5. When you unexpectedly love someone else's pet that isn't your dreamie, do you:

a. Stick to your guns, and refuse to trade for it, because you're reserving your pet spaces for your future dreamies?

b. Consider trading for it, but only if it lives on your side account?

c. Trade for it right away, because love is love, even if it isn't a dreamie?

6. UC pets. Good move, or bad move, on TNT's part?

a. Good move! It's fun to own such valuable and rare pets!

b. Good move! The old artwork was so lovely!

c. Bad move! They're so hard to achieve, and the converted pets look beautiful anyway!

7. You have the option of trading your pet for a Neofriend's dream pet. Do you:

a. Refuse to trade, at least until you achieve your own dreamies first?

b. Consider trading, if your Neofriend's dream pet is really hard to achieve? (ex. Chocolate Draik)

c. Trade right away, because your Neofriends deserve to have all the pets they want?

8. Do you ever stalk the Pound in order to adopt a cool pet?

a. No, because the Pound is full of cheap pets, and it's easier to just earn the NP to offer an expensive morph.

b. Yes, because there's the possibility of finding an expensive or rare pet.

c. Yes, because you're delighted by any painted pet that shows up in the Pound.

9. Names. Are you picky, or not?

a. You only own pets with good names. You won't even accept a terrific UC offer on your own UC pet, because you only want good names on your accounts.

b. You don't really mind bad names if the pets are UC.

c. Names never matter! You can give your badly named pets nicknames, if you want!

10. How much time do you spend on the Pound Neoboard each day?

a. A few hours a day, advertising my pets that are UFT.

b. A few hours a week, scanning other peoples' pets that are UFT.

c. Whenever I have spare time, looking for pets that are UFA.

11. You're trying to uptrade your pet. Do you:

a. Create a pet description for your pet, listing the pets you traded to get it, and how you're planning to uptrade it for your ultimate dream pet?

b. Leave its description blank, because you don't have the time to keep updating your pets' lookups anyway?

c. Write "Always UFT!" on its pet description, because you don't know what kinds of offers you're looking for?

12. When you see someone with your ultimate dream pet, do you:

a. Offer your pet, even if it's an under offer?

b. Refrain from offering, in case you look like a noob?

c. Ask them if there's any chance the pet is UFA?

13. Do you keep a list of other peoples' dreamies, in case you zap one or can trade for one?

a. No, because all of my efforts are towards getting my own dream pets.

b. Yes, especially when those people are my Neofriends.

c. Yes, especially when those people are my Neofriends, or nice strangers that I meet on the Neoboards who have running lists of their dreamies.

14. Have you ever traded a FFQ?

a. Yes. You painted a pet with it, and then traded that pet away.

b. Kind of. You painted a Buzz with it, and then traded the Buzz away.

c. No. You used it to paint a surprise pet for a Neofriend.

15. You've accomplished 20 of your dream pets. Do you:

a. Downsize right away, because having 20 pets means you won't be able to own that future Cherry Chia or 8-Bit Draik you're looking forward to?

b. Keep your pets, because you're pretty sure that you have all the pets you'll ever want to own?

c. Give your pets away to your closest Neofriends, because who really needs a whopping 20 pets, when they'd find much so more love with your Neofriends?

16. If someone severely under offers on your pet, how do you react?

a. With exasperation. You neomail them, telling them to never under offer on anyone else's pet ever again. You even send them a link to a petpage that lists the tiers that govern pet trading.

b. With understanding. Maybe they're a newbie, and don't yet know the tiers of pet trading.

c. With a completely open mind. Maybe you'd prefer their Pastel Blumaroo to your Pea Chia, after all!

17. Do you have a side account that's purely for pet trading?

a. Of course! How else do you keep track of pets that are constantly coming and going during trades? Keep them all on the same account, of course!

b. Isn't that a bit neurotic? My pets are on the accounts that they're already on. Period.

c. I have a side account that holds some UFT pets, but I've gotten attached to them and it's hard to trade them.

18. Do you zap pets in order to trade them later?

a. No, because it would take years to achieve the right colors for trading!

b. Yes, because I don't really have the NPs to paint and morph pets myself!

c. Yes, because I love to see my pets turn colors before I trade them! Plus, I might keep them after all!

19. You accidentally fall in love with your trading fodder. What do you do?

a. Definitely trade it. You have better goals in mind!

b. Consider trading it. Let's see what offers you could get for it!

c. Keep it. When else will you own such a beautiful pet?

20. Do you wait months for the right offer, or trade over and over again immediately?

a. Wait months! Why not wait for the perfect pet offer?

b. Trade over and over again! Who has the patience to seek just one specific pet, anyway?

c. Trade over and over again, because you and your Neofriends have so many different dreamies!

Here are your results!

Mostly a's: You're ambitious, determined and purposeful! You like what you like, and nothing will get in your way. You charge ahead with your plans, even if it involves stalking the Pound Neoboard for months, and that's why you have so many rare pets to your name!

Mostly b's: You're moderately ambitious, but you don't really have the time or patience to bump your threads on the Pound Neoboard for 8 hours a day. Right now, you have a petpage of your pets UFT, and you're hoping that word of mouth will result in you getting the pets of your dreams!

Mostly c's: You're somewhat ambitious, but you're also concerned with the dream pets of the people you trade with! For instance, you'll trade your Pirate Draik to someone else for their Darigan Cybunny because you know they'll uptrade the Pirate Draik to get their dream pet. You have a lot of heart, and people like you make Neopia a better place!

I hope you enjoyed this quaint little quiz! It was a lot of fun to write. Stay tuned for future articles (and quizzes) from yours truly, and have a terrific week!

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