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From the Top: An Interview with Bartdrunkeys, a Top Trophy Collector

by malphd


Welcome to From the Top, a series of interviews with top players from across Neopia. We all know the competitive nature of games but there are many other “unofficial” top player lists. With this series, I will be interviewing players ranked at the top of these activities and we will hear what they have to share. Today we travel across Neopia to talk about Trophies…

Have you visited a player’s lookup and been mesmerized by the glow of gold? Or the sheer number of accomplishments? Trophies are a great way to show off and celebrate your hard work and commitment to Neopia. There are many talented trophy collectors in Neopia and trophies are not only an achievable goal but a great way to enhance your user lookup. Site Event Trophies are often awarded simply for participation. They are a great way to involve all players! Game trophies are a bit more competitive. For most Neopian games, to earn a trophy, your score must be in the top 17 spots of a game’s Hi-Score Table (HST) at the time trophies are awarded each evening. A handful of games have slightly different rules for trophies. Some players have turned this competition into a further competition by attempting to earn as many trophies as possible!

Whether you have only thought about trying for a trophy or you already have several in your collection, I’m sure you are curious as to how some of these dedicated trophy hunters have managed to acquire so many awards. I’m here today with bartdrunkeys who is the (unofficial) top trophy collector in Neopia! Bartdrunkeys has 36 site event trophies and over 230 game trophies, most of which are gold! He is recognized by many game enthusiasts due to his helpfulness on the game chat board and he has helped countless players achieve their trophy goals. I am so pleased that he has joined me today.

Welcome, bartdrunkeys. I’m excited that you are here today.

Thanks, it’s a pleasure to be here.

How long have you been collecting trophies?

I think back when started playing, I was immediately enthusiastic about trophies. I might not have actively collected them my first year of playing but certainly the next year. So I’ve been collecting for about 10 years. Phew, that is a long time though...

Yes, you’ve clearly spent a lot of time perfecting your gaming skills! Do you collect both site event trophies and game trophies?

I collect both :).

Which type of trophy do you prefer?

I prefer the game trophies. They show more effort, in my honest opinion. Normally a site trophy is yours by merely participating. Game trophies often require practice and hard work to understand the game and perfect the skills needed for the higher scores.

Trophy collecting can be time consuming and daunting, how have you kept going?

I collected trophies mostly during my time off in high school, and during my first year as a college freshman. I had a lot of spare time back then. The last few years I have had a busier life, college and work and stuff. I kinda stopped collecting. I still come online though to try for new trophies on reset night (the first of the month), but not nearly as actively as I used to be.

What do you like about playing Neopets games?

They are all so different... and you can get really good at them just by merely practicing and finding out how the games work.

Have the events and/or games changed over the years?

Definitely. There are definitely less new games being released. And the one-time, site-wide, special events seem to have decreased. But we have several annual events such as the Altador Cup and Daily Dare that have definitely increased overall game participation by Neopians.

What is your opinion about game avatars?

They are awesome! They give people an incentive to find out about a game. The most fun thing is that it also motivates people harder to get good at the game. It’s great to see so many players trying new games!

What game and/or type of game is your favorite?

I really enjoy puzzles and action games; Time Tunnel must be my favorite :D.

What trophy has been the most difficult for you?

Hard question... I think I have to say Meepit Juice Break. I spent 17-20 hours in zen mode to achieve a high score in that game and to earn the gold trophy! @__@

Is there a trophy in particular that you are most proud of? and why.

Neopian Adventure Generator! Because I made an adventure about the last spotlight; I got the last award of that particular trophy. I felt certainly special so i am extremely proud of that one :).

What trophy/trophies are you currently working on?

Pakiko. But I am not good at it; hopefully I will get it someday xD. The rest of the game trophies that I don’t have are games that I am obviously not very good at playing or I need too much luck to get a high score.

If there was something you could change, what would it be?

Oh a few things.. game related I would say: Eliminate the cheaters; Reset the high score table for the NeoQuest II Fastest Wins (many of those accounts have been disabled); and offer more rewards for players achieving grand master scores for the games.

At one time (a LONG time ago!) the high score tables were not reset. Do you like that the HST reset each month?

Yes, it gives a chance to everyone to collect the trophies that they need. I wouldn’t have gotten so far myself it wasn’t for the trophy resets.

Any last advice for enthusiastic trophy hunters?

Practice, ask for advice, and never give up. Sometimes you just need a lucky game to get the perfect score that you crave.

So there you have it, a view from the top of the trophy list! Thank you, bartdrunkeys, for spending time with me this afternoon. I know gamers across Neopia will appreciate your insights and especially, your words of encouragement.

If you haven’t been to the Neopian Games Room recently, it’s time to take a trip! Are you looking for an Action game or an Adventure? Do you enjoy the challenge of Puzzles or Strategy games? Maybe you are looking to see what is new. All of these options are available to you in the game room. Help is available on the Game Chat board or the many, many guides published by other players. Go ahead, play a game and soon you might find a new trophy shining brilliantly on your user lookup!

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