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Game Avatars for the Non Gamer: Part Two!

by golvenzee


If you enjoyed last week's 'Game Avatars for the Non Gamer', this article is for you! Here are 7 more relatively easy game avatars for you to try out!

Evil Eliv Thade

For the non-gamer, The Castle of Eliv Thade is a good starting avatar, to get you in to the more advanced flash game avatars! A score of 1,200 points is required here, and may take a while. This game is not difficult, but is a little time consuming, to figure out the anagrams. All you have to do for this game, is collect the items and figure out the correct anagrams. Make sure you collect all of the items to get the avatar score! It helps to look for letters that are often used together in words, such as two of the same letter, or suffixes such as 'ing' and 'ly', to get a better idea of what word Eliv Thade is looking for! For the avatar, you only need to actually score 850 points in the game, as entering the crypt and ending the game will award you an extra 350 points.

Ace Zafara

A quicker game that you can easily obtain is Advert Attack, where you need a minimum score of 700 for the avatar! This game is pretty simple, you just have to press 'GO!' as fast as you can until you reach the end. But there's a catch… Pesky popups! If the popups get in the way of the 'GO!' buttons, you should close them, but if they don't, it's not worth wasting your time closing it. The adverts will pop up bigger and faster as the levels progress, so watch out!


The next thing I'd recommend is Cheat.



    Uh… I meant the game. You start off with thirteen cards and you win if you're the one that gets rid of all your cards first. How do you do that, you ask? You just select up to four cards and lay those on the pile. Even if you don't have the cards they're asking for, you can simply select random ones and say that they are the right ones. I wouldn't even call it lying, just… helping the game in your advantage?

So this game is really easy and you can win in no time. If you don't get caught that is, you might want to start practicing that pokerface! To get the avatar, because that's probably why you're here, you have to catch Capara cheating and then win that first round. There is one catch though. If you finish level one and you do not get the avatar, you'll have to play through the entire game before you can start the first round again. Rumours say you get the avatar if you catch Capara cheating while no one catches you when you do it. It's worth a try, and how hard can a game be if you're allowed to cheat? OH NO! Not those chombies again!

Grarrl Keno

Grarrl Keno is another game avatar that many people would say is easy to obtain. Unlike Cheat, this game entirely relies on luck, so you don't even need to worry about thinking you're bad at games! You're more likely to get this avatar if you match 4 or more numbers. To make this process quicker, always bet on 10 eggs. An even quicker (and cheaper) way of doing this is to bet 1 NP, wait until the eggs have hatched, and refresh each time so that you don't have to keep picking new numbers.

Techo - Cheesy

Located in Meridell, is the game Cheese Roller. All you have to do is buy a piece of your favourite cheese and run down the hill with it. Because what is more fun than playing with your food before you eat it? Diving left and right will probably get your cheese down the hill the fastest. And that is what we want, you only get to keep the cheese if you manage to roll it all the way down in under a minute. I should add, getting the avatar is random, even if you win the cheese. But hey, that's not really a problem, is it? This game is just a great excuse to eat lots of cheese – not that you need an excuse for that.

Meepit Vs Feepit

Back to flash games! Meepit vs. Feepit is also an easy flash game to master in less than a day! What's better than seeing two of Neopia's best loved petpets fighting? This game is easy, and to get the avatar you will need a minimum of 3,000 points. After you get to grips with the controls, you should have no trouble here! To move Feepit, use the right and left arrow keys, using the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to crouch. Pressing 'Z' will have Feepit punch, 'X' will kick, and 'C' will block. A great way to maximise points on this game is using combo moves. 'Z, X, Z, X' will make Feepit roll and attack, and 'X, Z, X, Z' will send Feepit into a torpedo dive! Remember, you can move and attack at the same time! You should try to always play for five rounds to get the avatar, if you damage the Meepit enough for the first two rounds and lose, you will get some extra points (as long as you win the remaining three)!

Evil Coconut

You can only play this last game on our list if you are brave enough to go into the Haunted Woods, all the way to the Deserted Fairground. There is a game called Coconut Shy that gives out a really cool avatar. You just need to knock down a coconut with a ball and you win! Sounds easy, right? Along with the avatar, you will also receive a 10,000 np prize and the coconut you knocked down! They are rather expensive, so that is a nice bonus! If you do hit a coconut but it does not fall down, you'll receive a np prize of either 50 or 300 np, depending on how hard it wobbles. Just try to not hit Leeroy, the quiggle that owns the Coconut Shy game. Unless he doesn't give you your prize money of course. Just kidding, just kidding. Maybe.

I hope this list helped you get at least a few more game avatars, and maybe even inspired you to try for some of the more difficult game avatars as well! Stop avoiding those game avatars, now you know they aren't too bad after all! Good luck and thanks for reading!

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