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A Day Out In Neopia Central

by salutation


Ah, Neopia Central. Every Neopian comes here daily, but only at their convenience. Many Neopians have forgotten what Neopia Central actually has to offer, other than restocking in one of the many shops around town. If you and your Neopet are bored one day, and it’s sunny out, why not walk around Neopia Central and be entertained for the entire day?! Hopefully this article will remind you why it’s the most frequented Neopian world, and why everyone loves it so much!

The Art Centre

Not many Neopians regularly stop by in the deep catacombs that makes up Neopia’s Arts and Literature Centre. I think that this is one of the quietest and most peaceful places in Neopia Central, especially if you are looking to get away from all the crazy shoppers. Why not head on over to The Coffee Cave to buy some Raspberry Iced Tea or a Kabuggle Mocha for you and your Neopet? Maybe sit down and relax, while reading the Neopian Times or browsing the Art Gallery? If you’re feeling creative, you could sit around the bonfire and enter the Storytelling Contest, a perfect way to try out your writing skills without committing to being published in the Neopian Times. In general, the Art Centre is a perfect way to spend a few hours in Neopia Central, especially if you want to relax a little.


If relaxing in the Art Centre isn’t for you, maybe it’s time for some serious shopping! My favourite shop would have to be the Food Shop, as there are many amazing delicacies on offer there. With food ranging from Spicy Wings to Sushi Rolls, the Food Shop is bound to have yours and your Neopet’s favourite foods. However, if you are all out of food and the Food Shop is closed, the General Store is always open and stocked in case you need the basics, such as Neowaiian Bread and Kau Kau Farm Milk. After buying the food that you love (or perhaps need), why not head over to the Neopian Bazaar? Here, you will find plenty of exciting shops, like Uni’s Clothing, Usuki Land, Battle Magic and everyone’s favourite Chocolate Factory!

If you’re looking for some fabulous new clothes for a special occasion, the assistants at Uni’s Clothing will know exactly what you should wear. If you or your Neopets are avid Usuki collectors, Usukiland stocks most of the Usukis or Usuki sets that you might be looking for, if they are affordable. If your Neopet loves to battle in the Battledome, the Battle Magic store will have many of the supplies for your Neopet to improve in future battles, including both attack and defence equipment. The guardian in the Battle Magic store is often very helpful, and hopefully can recommend some good items for your pet in the Battledome. The Chocolate Factory is perfect for any Neopian with a sweet tooth! From Chocolate Shoyru’s to Gummy Slorgs, this shop will cater to everyone’s needs. Who knows, if you happen to buy a certain rare item from the Chocolate Factory, you may just get an avatar…

The Money Tree

If you’re shopping on a budget, look no further! At the Money Tree, you will find a lot more than just money. Contrary to popular belief, Neopians do donate more than just old rotten boots! Although you may find a lot of junk while pondering at the Money Tree, you may be surprised. Please note that you can’t take Neopoints from the tree unless you have under 20,000, to make it fair for everyone. The Money Tree is also a fun way to try your hand at getting items quickly, and a great activity to take up part of a day out in Neopia Central!

The Kadoatery

What better way to spend a day out in Neopia Central than feeding these lonely petpets? They get sad quite quickly, and the only way to make them happy is to feed them the food that they are asking for! You’ll have to be quick though before another user feeds them. Many Neopians love feeding Kadoaties, and find it to be a fun pastime, maybe you can try it out on your day out in Neopia Central and see if you get hooked too?!

The Neopian Marketplace

Just outside of Neopia Central lies the Marketplace. This is a special area where you can look beyond the regular shops of Neopia Central, and find shops created by actual Neopets users. Here, you can also utilise the Shop Wizard, who will help you find whatever your heart desires, even things that may not be stocked in the Neopian shops. If you’re looking for items at a slightly cheaper price, or things you can’t find anywhere, look no further than the Marketplace! Also in the Marketplace is the Soup Faerie, who is a generous Faerie that will help feed your Neopets if you’re short on neopoints, and can’t afford those Sushi Rolls.

The Neolodge

I know this is only supposed to be a day out in Neopia Central, but if you have some extra neopoints and want to treat your pet, why not book in for a night? Why not go the extra mile and spend the night in Neopia Central too? You can always spend a fabulous day out with your Neopet, and then book into one of these luxurious hotels to relax after a full day of shopping. If you really want to treat your pet, book them into the five star AstroVilla, for 500 NP a night. Alternatively, other nice hotels for cheaper that I would recommend are Mountain Lodge and Hotel Opera, at 30 NP and 50 NP, respectively. With plenty of amenities that you can add on for even more excitement, such as a burger bar and swimming pool, the Neolodge is definitely worth every neopoint you pay for it!

So, there you have it, a day out in Neopia Central! Rain or shine, there are so many possibilities of things that you can do around there. From relaxing at the Art Centre, to a busy day filled with shopping, the next time you have a day that is completely free, make sure you remember all the things that are available to you in Neopia Central! You will never be bored again!

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