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Meaningful Ways to Use Your Rainbow Fountain Pass

by joan14121993


"All the magic has been used up! Unfortunately it seems that too many Neopets have bathed in these magical waters and have used up all the fountain's magical power. Oh well :( Maybe if you come back at another time you will be slightly more lucky!"

Are you perhaps on of the lucky Neopian who have access to the Rainbow Fountain? Ever since the last Faerie Quest Event in March, there have been an increase in the number of Neopians on the chat boards wondering what to do with the Rainbow Fountain Pass they were lucky enough to obtain. As such, I have decided to compile a guide on what you can use your Rainbow Fountain Pass for. Regardless of whether it is your first fountain access or if you are a veteran fountain visitor (all you lucky Neopians!), this guide is sure to provide you with some ideas to utilise your Rainbow Fountain Pass meaningfully!

1. Get the Buzzin avatar.

If you are an avatar collector like I am, your first Fountain access should be dedicated to this avatar. All you need to do is to bring your Buzz (or adopt one) to the pool and paint it a new colour you desire and you will leave with a cooler looking pet and a shiny new avatar. It's a rare chance to get a Fountain access so make sure you do this first or you might kick yourself in the future for missing out on the avatar.

2. Paint your dream pet.

We all have our dream pets, wishing that our pets are of a certain colour that we can admire day in and day out. Unfortunately, some of the colours that we covet are simply so expensive or elusive, and you wonder if you really need to spend that much time and neopoints just to make your pet look nicer. I mean, it's not like you don't like how your pet look like now right? Well wait no further because the Fountain access is your chance to make your dream pet come true while (potentially) saving you millions of neopoints! Remember to head over to the Rainbow Pool first and browse through all the available colours for your pet, just to make sure of the colour you want to paint your pet. If you are unsure of which colour to pick, kind folks on the Neoboards will be glad to give you their opinions and advice as well. Do also note that some colours such as robot, clay, garlic, ice, MSP and sponge cannot be painted at the Rainbow Fountain as they are Lab Ray exclusive.

3. Paint avatar pets.

If you have all your dream pets and the Buzzing avatar already, then lucky you! Perhaps you want to utilise your Fountain Pass to do something good for the Neopian community, and one of them is to paint avatar pets that you can lend out to others for the avatar, or simply pound them until another lucky Neopian pick them up. (Trust me, they don't stay that long in there and will surely be adopted within a very short time.) I would recommend painting rarer avatar pets such as Pea Chia, Coconut Jubjub, Halloween Ruki, Halloween Lupe, Island Quiggle, or Orange Grundo. Other avatar pets include any pink or snow painted pet, which is an option you could go for as well.

4. Paint someone their dream pet.

Feeling exceptionally helpful? Then perhaps you should paint someone their dream pet! You can take a look at the Pound board and randomly pick someone to gift a dream pet to. Alternatively, you can take a look at Adoption agencies that list the wishes and request of Neopians all around. There are so many Neopians who are still looking for their dream pets, and you simple act of kindness is sure to make someone really happy! Doesn't it feel nice to do something good for others? Bonus when it doesn't cost you anything!

Please do note however that you should NOT announce any giveaway the Fountain Faerie Pass to anyone, offer to paint other people's pets, or ask for any payment in return of your kind act as it is against the rules. Don't expect anything in return as well, and remember that you are doing this out of your own obligation.

5. Paint pets you find in the pound.

If all the outright acts of kindness doesn't sit well with you, then you can randomly paint pets you adopt from the pound and then pound them again until they find new owners! It's up to you what colours you want to paint them, but most people tend to go with colours that has expensive paint brushes like stealth, maraquan, or plushie. You can also choose to paint colours that have no paint brush equivalent as they are pretty rare to get otherwise, like fruit and vegetable chias, most food related colours (chocolate, mallow, custard, coconut, jelly), and other colours like snot, mutant and alien. Check up on them a few days later and be secretly pleased that your Fountain pass painted pet has found him/herself a new owner!

6. Paint pets and characterise them through customisation.

Now this is an interesting one. It means that you pick a specie and colour that you feel best represent a character that you have in mind, and once that is done, you can customise the pet to make your characters come to live. You could base this off any famous Neopian, any other characters or your own made-up characters! For example, I once saw a Neopian who made Harry Potter and his friends come to live, Neopian-style. You can share your characters on the boards and I'm sure people would be gushing over them in no time. (And who knows, you might just become a Neopian celebrity, or be be mistaken real famous Neopian and get asked for autographs!)

That's all the ideas I have to make use of your Rainbow Fountain Pass. Hope you found this helpful and have found a meaningful way to use your Rainbow Fountain Pass! If you have any questions, please do feel free to neomail me (: Have a nice Neopian Day!

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