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A Local’s Guide to Faerieland

by symphonicdaybreak


With the weather growing warmer by the day and summer almost upon us, many Neopians are gearing up for a vacation. Maraqua and Kiko Lake might be the first lands many consider for a summer holiday, but Faerieland, with its bubbling brooks and roaring waterfalls, is another highly regarded summer destination. No doubt many readers and their Neopets are already anticipating the magical adventures they’ll have when they set foot on Faerieland’s enchanting shores this summer!

Of course, the well-trodden paths to the soothing Healing Springs and novel Poogle racing arena – not to mention the famous Faerie Foods sundae stand – are all very well, but…well, how magical can a trip really be if you stick to the same three or four attractions visited by every other tourist on the face of Neopia? Faerieland has so much to offer if you venture into lesser-known territory. As a local, I’ve seen far too many wide-eyed visitors come and go without ever seeing the places that make Faerieland truly special. So without further ado, here’s a guide to Faerieland’s undiscovered marvels, just in time for your next vacation!

1. The Caverns

Ask many Neopians what they think of the Faerie Caverns and you’ll get nothing but a puzzled stare in return. Hidden away to the east of the city, not far from the road to the well-known Poogle Races, lie a series of complex, unmapped caves known to locals as the Caverns. Don’t worry if your caving skills leave something to be desired - the entrance to the caverns is breathtaking enough without having to venture into their depths. A crisp, clear stream flows from the mouth of the caves and past some incredible rock formations before ending at a waterfall on the cliff’s edge. All this combines to make the caverns’ entrance one of the most scenic locations in all of Neopia.

If you or your Neopet are more the adventurous types, exploring the caverns themselves is also an option. It’s strongly recommended that you toss 400 Neopoints into the stream before entering as an offering to the Faeries. Every Faerielander has tales of naïve, overconfident Neopians who have ventured into the caves without doing so – to their own misfortune! Also know that the caverns are not mapped, so be smart and turn back if you begin to lose your way. That said, if you make it through the maze, you just might stumble upon a treasure chest overflowing with Neopoints or (rumour has it!) items rare enough to make you an instant multi-millionaire...

2. Faerieland Petpets

One of the many shops in the heart of Faerie City, Faerieland Petpets can be recognised by the large paw print on the tower roof. This shop is worth a look whether your pet wants a new petpet or not! The shop’s owner is a very friendly faerie who takes excellent care of all her petpets. In fact, you’ll often see a group of them excitedly chasing each other around the shop! You can find many exotic petpets here that cannot be purchased anywhere else in Neopia. Some of the most recognisable of these are the Harris, Faellie and Miamouse, but there’s a huge variety of other petpets to be found!

Even though the petpets in Faerieland look very different to those you’re likely to be familiar with, they have no unusual care requirements – if your pet does befriend one, you can care for it like any other petpet. If you’re particularly worried, don’t hesitate to ask the shopkeeper about the specific petpet you’re interested in. Her knowledge and love for each and every one of the petpets there is second to none!

3. The Faerie Weapon Shop

The care and generosity of the faeries is famous throughout every land in Neopia, but what is often forgotten is that the faeries also have a proud battle tradition and some of the fiercest, most skilled warriors in the land. You need only look to the Battle Faerie Aethia to see that the power and ferocity of the faeries is as significant now as it ever was. Aethia has dedicated her life to teaching blessed Neopets the magical abilities of the faeries for use in battle. Yet even with their magic, the faeries place great importance on physical strength and weapons in battle. So while it might startle you to see a weapons shop in the middle of bustling Faerie City, a little reflection on their history and values should make the shop’s importance clear.

Located down the road from Faerie Foods, the Weapons Shop is run by an experienced battle faerie whose knowledge of weaponry runs deep. Her carefully-selected range of weapons includes something for anybody, from an uncertain beginner Battledomer to hardened warriors. Don’t be afraid to ask about something – she doesn’t only serve battle faeries! Once she knows your price range and has assessed your skill level, she can suggest a variety of weapons to suit your needs. Indeed, even non-Battledomers with no knowledge or desire to fight will marvel at the shop’s range, history and its place in Faerieland society. A highly recommended stop for all visitors to Faerie City!

Well, there you have it – three incredible yet near-unknown places to schedule into this year’s Faerieland holiday, as told by a local! I sincerely hope that a trip to these stunning hidden locations adds some real intrigue to your Faerieland adventure. Before I conclude, however, I feel compelled to offer one last piece of advice concerning the famous, ever-crowded Rainbow Fountain. The Fountain Faerie spends countless hours explaining that the fountain’s magic is off-limits to all but those who have completed one of her quests. Her fountain is frequented by crowds day and night, each eager Neopet or owner begging to be given a quest. Take the advice of somebody who has done multiple quests for the Fountain Faerie – desperate begging will get you nowhere! I don’t know about you, but if I were a faerie, I sure wouldn’t be inclined to grant a beggar the honour of bestowing a quest upon them. Don’t waste your visit to this beautiful land on a hopeless wish. Instead, relax, enjoy and open your heart and mind to the countless wonders that Faerieland offers. Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll be rewarded with the trip of a lifetime!

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