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A Guide to Feed Florg

by kelly_d60


Are you on the lookout for a shiny new trophy to add to your growing collection? Are you looking for a fancy fantastic avatar to show off on the boards? I've got a wonderful suggestion for a game that will earn both for you. The avatar may take a bit more practise, but what game avatar does not? Plus, you will even get a bit of revenge on those wailing kadoaties. The game that offers all this is the one and only, featuring Neopia's resident petpet eater and monstrous mutant Chia, Florg. It is, of course, Feed Florg. A bronze trophy usually runs at around 230 to 240 for reset, a very achievable score with a bit of practise and my tips to hopefully help you along to a new trophy and even avatar. Plus, I do find this to be an enjoyable game to play.

Feed Florg is quite an easy game to understand. On the game screen, there is a metal hand positioned at the edge of the platform where the petpets will be wandering. A variety of petpets are deposited onto this platform via a claw which will periodically emerge from the top of the screen. Behind the platform sits Florg himself, hungry as always. He will now and again eat the petpets wandering on the platform by lashing his tongue out the capture them to eat. How often he eats the petpets is random, though. Your task is to move the hand around the platform using the left and right arrow keys. You can also use the mouse, though I've found the arrow keys to be much easier to work with, but which ever is your preference. The left arrow moves the hand anticlockwise, and the right arrow moves the hand clockwise around the platform. The petpets will walk back and forth across the platform, you will need to manoeuvre the hand around so that when a petpet reaches the edge, it will bounce off the hand, rather than falling off the platform. They will walk in straight lines, so you will be able to predict where a petpet is going to go. You have five lives to work with, and will lose a life for each time a petpet falls off the edge of the platform.

For scoring, one point is awarded for each time a petpet bounces off of the hand. Ten points are awarded for each time Florg eats a petpet. Except for the very beginning of a game, where the first petpet will always be eaten by Florg after two hits, how often Florg will eat the petpets and when the claw brings them down is completely random. You may find yourself wishing the petpets would stick around longer on the platform or sending them back and forth, seemingly endlessly and wishing that Florg would eat one already. As a general rule, at the beginning of the game, you will only have one petpet on the platform at the time. This will increase as the game goes on, but it generally doesn't go beyond three at a time, and normally keeps to two petpets on the platform at any one time. The game is more about endurance, then getting faster and faster.

Tip One: Count down

This first suggestion of mine is perhaps a little odd, but for some reason, it has helped me to count down the score I have to go to reach my goal score. So if I'm aiming to score 230 in a game, I'll be going '220 to go...210 to go...200 to go...' My theory is (that is mine) is that by saying these numbers out loud, it helps to prevent my mind from wandering and forces me to concentrate on the game. It may or may not help you, but it does seem to make a difference for me.

Tip Two: Turn off the sound

This is a fairly usual tip for games, but it really does help the concentration and not annoy everyone around you. The banging and clanging of the games soundtrack will tend to only distract you, so best switch it off. A bit of music is fine, or silence if that is possible for you to get. Whatever helps get you into the zone of great gaming, where you aren't going to fumble those last few points. There's nothing more annoying than being this close then losing it!

Tip Three: Lose a life every fifty points

Well, at least try to - it is not always possible, as you will probably well know! As you have only five lives to work with, and the trophy is around 240 points, if you lose a life once every fifty points, after you pass 50, 100, 150, 200, you will be on track to have reached 240 at the end of the game. Perhaps even with a life to spare, which is always a good thing. Aim to last as long as you can, of course, especially at the beginning of the game, when the pace is much slower. Trying to not lose your first life until you reach a hundred points is a good idea.That way, as the game becomes more difficult and you are forced to now and again lose a petpet (and a life), there will be more lives to work with. But overall, a life every fifty points is a good rule of thumb to stay on track for a great score.

Tip Four: Don't be indecisive

You will sometimes be put in a position of having to choose between two petpets both reaching the edge at similar times and too far apart to get both. You will have to choose which one to aim for. The best thing I've found in these situations is to pick one and go for that one only. You will lose a life as the other petpet falls off, but it is much better than losing two lives at once. Occasionally you'll end up getting both, but only go for the second once you've got the first. Trying to keep both petpets on the platform, which is the tempting thing to do, will tend to result in losing both in my experience, with the hand ending up in between both and unable to reach either in time. Similarly, changing your mind midway through will usually result in being between both petpets and losing both.

Tip Five: Practise and practise again

Yes, this old suggestion again. But, it is the key to achieving any trophy or avatar on Neopets. As you play again and again, you will gradually become better and better. Parts of a game that felt fast to begin with will become possible for you. It may not feel like it, but you are getting that bit better with each play, so keep persevering and one day, you will get there.

Feed Florg, is an enjoyable, and fairly simple game and just a bit of practise can help you get both an avatar and a trophy. So good luck to you!

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