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Aging With Neopets

by schadenfreudee


Being new and trendy always sounds like a good idea in any environment. That’s why we make new main accounts, get a cool new username, and transfer all of our most valuable treasures (from pets to potions and everything in between) to the new account. There are a few things that aren’t transferable, and those things aren’t always worth that new username!

Firstly, there’s something to be said about recognition! If you’ve been around for five or ten years, chances are people have seen your username several times over those years. You can build up a reputation for yourself. Sure, you can just let your friends know when you’ve moved accounts, but others may not recognize you so easily, especially old friends who might have gone on hiatus only to come back and no longer recognize you!

Secondly, there are a few permanent things on your account - think stamps, avatars, and trophies. While some of these things may be relatively easy to gain on a new account, others are not quite so simple. Stamps are expensive, and some are pretty hard to get your paws on now-a-days! Trophies and avatars are an entire different story. Some you can get without much difficulty. You’ve got your clickables, basic lends, and the like. Same goes for trophies with your easily acquired Bruno’s Backyard Breakaway. But what about the ones that aren’t so easy? Games that you played for days on end, clicking restart again and again, trying to get that perfect score for either an avatar, a trophy, or both? Do you really want to go through all that effort again? Some of the games are even luck based! Many avatars definitely are luck based. How many randoms avatars did you manage to snag along the years? Are you ready to part with them and hope you can manage to get them again? What about retired avatars or site events that you’ll never get back? Those can really fluff up your account and make you look awesome! Is it worth it to turn your back on that because of a silly little username?

Permanent collections aside, there are also many, many perks that come with having an aging account. There’s pretty much a perk across all ranks of players! Here’s a couple you may or may not realize!

The Pound Perk

New accounts are, quite frankly, the worst to deal with in terms of the pound. For starters, until your account has hit four months, you can’t adopt OR transfer any non-basic pet (meaning starter colors, brown, checkered, glowing, invisible, orange, pink, purple, shadow, skunk, silver, speckled, split, or white) or a pet that’s higher than level 2! If you’re looking to transfer your old pets to your new account, chances are you’re going to have to wait awhile before you can do that.

Speaking of transfers, the number of transfers you get is completely dependent upon the number of months you’ve got on your account. You start off with only one transfer monthly, and for every two years of work you put into your account, you get another transfer. Very handy for moving pets from account to account, getting lent avatar pets, and also for the people who like to trade pets! This is a very appealing feature, but it’s barely even the beginning!

Intelligent Reasoning

If you’re looking to up your pet’s intelligence, you know that it can really start to break the bank after awhile. However! If your account is 48 months or older, it’s possible (although it can be rare) that your book will not disappear after one reading! Imagine reading a very expensive book to your pet and realizing that you get to keep it afterwards! This gives you the possibility of keeping it, reading it to another pet, or selling it off without looking back. All are very nice options, in my opinion.

Not Enough Neomail!

If you’re a busy little bee or a chatty Kathy, you’re going to be sending neomails day in and day out! Often, your inbox gets filled within the hour, but you don’t want to delete any of the messages because they’re all so important! Well, your account age can and does determine how many neomails you can have in your inbox at a time. This is a very sweet way to reward the friendships you’ve made over the years as well as an efficient way to handle any of the ‘ole business neomails that no doubt are coming your way! Between 35 and 63 months, your storage increasing from 100 to 200 neomails!

Almost Abandoned Attic

That title wrote itself! This is a perk awarding to accounts that are three years old or longer. Think of this like Igloo Garage Sale, but with a chance to make a much nicer profit! Although some items might be equated to the price of old rotten left shoe, many can actually be resold for several million neopoints. Quite a profit for even the most experienced restocked!

Hidden Tower Hidden Profits

A similar but also completely different perk is access to the Hidden Tower, a nice little shop in Faerieland that sells fantastic treasures all year ‘round! Here you’ll find access to several items that can get you some shiny new avatars or collectors items. To get into this tower, you’ve got to be at least four months old. However, the perks don’t stop there! Every third Wednesday of the month, there’s a 3% discount on each and every item in the Hidden Tower reserved for accounts 60 months or older! A nice and shiny perk if I’ve ever heard one!

Trading Post Treasures

If you like to trade and trade and trade, the ten lot limit on the trading post can seem like a real drag. Luckily for you, once your account hits three years, you can tack five extra lots onto that ten for a total of fifteen! Whether you’re trying to move a lot of items quickly or just have a lot of items you’re hoping to sale, this perk is the perk for you!

Neocash Not For Newbies

If none of these things have appealed to your fancy, maybe your thing is customization! Don’t worry, there’s a perk for you, too! The Elite Boutique is available at the NC Mall for users once their accounts hit 49 months old. This boutique sells a variety of neocash items that appeal to those interested in Neopian History, or just pretty items in general.

Food Club Competition

My absolute favorite loyal user perk has got to involve the Food Club! If you haven’t heard of the Food Club, I highly suggest you look into it as either a means to make neopoints or maybe even a nice shiny trophy! While Food Club is available to all users, the amount of neopoints you’re allowed to bet is significantly increased by the age of your account - a base of 50 neopoints plus two for every day you’ve been on Neopets. What this means is, you can have the same win rate as another user but the profit margin of someone who can bet upwards of 5000 neopoints per bet is going to highly outnumber someone who can only bet 350 neopoints per bet. This is nice in general because it allows you to rake in neopoints at a much larger rate, but it also is good in terms of winning a trophy! Food Club trophies are awarded based on neopoints won, not win ration, so you’ve got an upper-hand on all those newbies!

Now, this guide isn’t to say that we don’t love newbies and oldies with new accounts and will treat them with just as much respect! This just means that there’s a lot of positives that come with keeping your account, awkward adolescent username and all. It’s a show of loyalty to a website that has been our friend throughout our childhoods and even our adulthoods.

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