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History of Neopian Fashion.

by alienspacefairy


Fashion is more than just style and trends. Fashion is about creation and self-expression. Fashion is influenced by weather, culture, wars, and the economy. It is ever-changing and evolving, to appropriately suit our times. So you may be asking yourself where exactly did it all begin? Well fortunately for you, I have picked just the right Neopets to walk you through a course in the history of Fashion.

To begin our tour through Fashion, we will begin with the ancient world and travel to the Lost Desert. A place that is as old as the sands of time. Famous for its pyramids, arid weather, and Apis and Horus hieroglyphics, it is where fashion originated from. Here to discuss what their ancestors wore are Princess Amira and Nabile.

Princess Amira : *arrives carried on her throne by her servants* Hello fellow Neopians I heard you want to learn about fashion and who better than a Princess to explain it to you. Anyway, Lost Desert fashion began with eyeliner as the very first accessory. Eyeliner was made of kohl. Wearing an abundant amount of eyeliner signified your wealth. Pharoah, who is the ancestor of Jazan, and I, wore heaps of eyeliner. This tradition is apparently still carried on by the women and men of the Lost Desert today *cough* , Jazan.

Nabile: *walks in after Princess Amira has left* Well that’s enough about eyeliner, and justifying Jazan’s excessive use of it. Let me tell these Neopians what Ancient fashion apparel was really all about. The sun blazes extremely hot sun rays in the desert. With the sunshine constantly baring humid weather it’s no wonder early Ancient fashion was minimalist. The Neopets wore draped cloths made of Babaa wool, Flax seed, and sometimes Muslin.

Princess Amira: *comes back in shooting Nabile a harsh glare* Step aside Nabile, you’ve done enough talking. The ancient worlds' desert, is where wigs were first invented. The heat was a major factor for Neopets to shave off their manes. Wearing a wig made out of hair was also a way to display your prosperity.

Next, on our tour, we go to Altador. Where we will discuss Ancient Altadorian fashion. Altador is an ancient city filled with rustic architecture and green lush meadows. Florin has agreed to explain what Ancient Altadorian fashion is.

Florin: *salutes the audience* Very well, now I shall explain Altadorian Fashion to you. In Altador during the ancient times, clothes were loose fitting, much like the garb I am wearing. They were made for comfort, and we wore layers of linen to protect us from the cold.

Merridell is our next stop on our tour. Known for its monarchy, knights, and crops. This is where the birth of Medieval Fashion took place. Here to chat with us after we politely declined his offering of food from his banquet, is none other than the Grumpy Old King himself, King Skarl.

King Skarl: Hello peasants you are in the presence of a majesty. Now I was told to talk about my wardrobe and the attire of Medieval times. Before we do that let's discuss something even more important, your taxes. I hope you’ve been paying them, it’s not as if I need them to fund my ever so extravagant banquets or anything, it’s for the upkeep of Merridell *King Skarl nods*. Anyway, yes, that’s right I was brought here to discuss fashion. Under my families, legacy fashion became more proper. Hemlines were higher. Also due to my families exports jewels and fancy embroidery were added into the dress code.

Now we will go to the Darigan Citadel to discuss Renaissance fashion with none other than the infamous Darigan general, Lord Kass. Lord Kass is quite the fashionista and was one of the top trendsetters of the Darigans.

Lord Kass: Yes it is I, Lord Kass. The Three alerted me that King Skarl, *Lord Kass scoffs* of all Neopets added his own two cents in about fashion. Anyway, I will be taking over and talking about the Darigan style. During the Renaissance period, Slashing which is when you have tarnished the outer layer of cloth to reveal the inner layer became popular. This style was adapted to because, during our long war with the Merridellians, often in battle we’d get our top layer of our clothing destroyed. Other trends that were popular were higher necklines for protection and poofy sleeves. To explain women’s fashion I’ve elected Chantelle the court dancer

Chantelle: *raises the bits of her dress that have been trailing on the floor and curtsies* Hello Neopians so I heard you talked to that wretched Skeith, Skarl about Medieval fashion. Well, I have been appointed to go over Renaissance womens fashion, so let me begin. In the Renaissance era dresses no longer had long trains of fabric. Women began showing off their hair bedazzling it with jewels much like the headpiece, I am modeling now.

The next pit on our Fashion tour is to Krawk Island where we will discuss Elizabethan fashion or Pirate fashion. Krawk Island is an island inhabited by pirates and buried with treasures. To divulge information to us about Pirate fashion, Cap'n Threelegs will be joining us.

Cap'n Threelegs: Ahoy Mateys! Step aboard me ship, I won’t make you walk the plank. Alright, you say you’re fine over there, suit yourself. Pirate fashion consist of breeches, linen shirts, waistcoats, stockings and drawers. The hat you see me wearing is called a tricorne which refers to a Pirates hat.

Right this way we will be on our way to exploring early Baroque fashion, in the early days of Neovia. Neovia was an aristocratic and elitist society. To enlighten us with their knowledge is Prigpants from the shop Prigpants & Swolthy.

Prigpants: Greetings young Neopian, I am here to tell you about Baroque fashion. Fashion became more of a statement for young cavaliers, during the Baroque period. What exactly is a cavalier, you may be pondering this question, a Cavalier is a Neopet who is taught the ways of arms and nightsteed ship. Baroque style used tons of buttons and buttonholes in order to keep up the appearance of being a dapper Neopet.

There you have it a brief little history of Neopian early fashions. Fashion often repeats itself by taking aspects of a trend and recycling it. Now you know where our current trends and styles have originated from. So if you see any Neopet wearing the garments we went over you can now identify which time period they are from. Right now you’re probably thinking fashion is cooler than you expected it to be. I just want to let you know the world of fashion is innovative and exciting.

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