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Baby Care on a Budget

by _d_o_g_


As a proud baby pet owner, I try to give my little Aisha the best care possible with lots of pampering. She’s well fed, customized, read stories, trained at the Battledome, and more. However, after spending all those neopoints on a baby paint brush, you may not have much neopoints left for basic care, let alone cute clothes and toys.

This guide will share some of the best baby foods and products so you can keep your baby plump and groomed with plenty of neopoints left over for pampering.

Tip: If you want a quick few hundred neopoints play: Fashion Fever and Catch the Petpet.

Baby Food

You’re at the market and instantly reach for the cheapest baby food you can find, but wait! Should you really be feeding your baby that? It’s important that you feed your little pet healthy, soft food when it’s very young. It needs a lot of nutrients, so you need to be careful of what you're buying, even if it means pulling out just a few more coins. Lucky for you though, there’s plenty of delicious, healthy, mushy baby food out there for a small price!

Avocado Baby Food

What you see is what you get. This is mashed avocado in a jar. Doesn’t sound very appetizing? Well, it’s for the baby not you. It’s very good for your baby, labeled right in the Health Category. It’s an easy go-to snack, and best of all, extremely inexpensive!

Chokato Baby Food

Mmm, one of the most popular neo treats, chokatos, mashed up for the littler neopets in the community. It’s a simple and healthy snack your baby is sure to enjoy. It’s a bit more expensive than the avocado baby food, but you’ll find it’s still pretty affordable.

Strawberries and Cream Baby Food

Here’s a yummy baby treat your pet won’t be able to resist! If you’ve had difficulty getting your baby to eat it’s avocado or chokato food then your troubles end now. This baby food is so delicious and sweet it even makes me want to try a spoonful. Not only is it yummy, it’s also nutritional! It contains lots of vitamins and minerals your pet needs.

Beef and Veg Baby Food

Though it probably won’t be as sweet and good tasting as the Strawberries and Cream Baby Food, it’s important your baby gets more from a meal then fruit. The Beef and Veg Baby Food has lots of proteins, veggies, vitamins, and minerals your baby needs to stay healthy!

Other Baby Snacks

Your baby can’t always eat mushed fruit and veggies. Eventually it will need some other snacks to munch on! Here are some other affordable baby snacks:

Baby Tomatoes

Organic Baby Carrots

Baby Kougra Custard

Baby Bruce Milk Bottle


Like other neopets, baby pets need to be groomed too. But babies tend to get into mischief, often dunking their little heads in the mashed avocado or throwing up their last meal all over themselves. This means they require even more grooming time than the average neopet, and that means more neopoints spent on shampoos, soaps, and stain removers. But there's still a lot of inexpensive baby care products out there if you know what you’re looking for! Here’s a list of good baby grooming products:

Baby Aisha Bubble Bath

What baby doesn’t love a good bubble bath? If you’ve been having trouble getting your baby in the tub this bottle of bubble fun is sure to make bath time a breeze.

Baby Aisha Hair Clip

Tired of hair covering the face during the photo shoot? Not anymore! This cute little clip is just what you need to hold those little bangs back, making your baby look even more adorable at the same time!

Rain Water Shampoo

Babies have sensitive skin, so you need to be careful what soaps and shampoos you buy. This Rain Water Shampoo mostly consists of just that, rain water, so it’s easy on your pets skin. But it still gets the job done! It’s great for shampooing/condition your pets fur and hair. You may wonder how such an amazing product can fit into your budget… Well get ready for it…. It usually sells for a whopping fifteen neopoints!

Hypoallergenic Hand Soap

Don’t get frightened by the long name! This soap is for pets with sensitive hands and paws- just like little babies. it’s perfect for bath time or just simply washing paws before dinner.

Blue Short Hair Brush

This hair brush is perfect for short haired neopets, with just a quick stroke of the brush your pets fur will be shining! It’s small in size as well, and will fit right into your purse/bag.

Baby Bath Time

If you’re STILL having trouble getting your baby to take a bath this is just the thing (though I’m surprised the bubble bath didn’t work.) This book is a great story that gets neopets excited about taking a bath, and soon you won’t have to play a game of tag to get your baby in the tub.

Now if you feel like you have a enough neopoints to spare on a few toys or books read on. If not, this is your stop. Good luck on your baby caring adventures!

Baby Books

Books can have many benefits. A simple book can help your neopet fall asleep and forget about monsters under the bed, be a great way to bond with your pet, and a learning experience! Here are some great books to read with your baby for a good price:

Baby Shoyru Book

This is a great book to start with. It has lots of pictures to interest your baby and easy words for a beginner.

Baby Xweetok Basket Book

This book is a guide for taking care of baby Xweetoks! So if you don’t have a Xweetok this book probably won’t be useful. But for all the baby Xweetok owners out there, this books for you!

Chomby Baby Food

This book isn’t just for Chomby lovers! Inside this hard-cover books is lots of ideas and recipes to make meal times with your littlest family member a blast.

Baby Moehogs

There are four short stories about four different, cute little Moehogs inside this book. That means four nights of Moehog bed time stories! This book will be a great bonding experience for you and your baby.

Baby Clothes

Many baby accessories require Neocash, but there are some that don’t. Here is a quick list of cute baby clothes for neopoints:

Baby Holiday Scarf

Wind Up Baby Buzz

Baby Knitted Mittens

Baby Faille Plush Friend

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! And I hope you have lots of fun with your baby trying out new foods, books and more.

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