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A Day in the Life of a Kougra

by siraelas


      Hi everyone! My name is Siraelas and I am an ordinary blue Kougra. I was born on Mystery Island on the 24th day of Swimming, Year 7. I’ve lived at 155715 Coconut Road (Mystery Island) all my life with my owner, Jen (who also goes by the name Siraelas, oddly enough). I like gathering food (a trait I share with Jen) and when meeting others, I am very friendly (unlike Jen, who is quiet & reserved). I also enjoys reading (over 500 books so far!) and playing with Jen.

      Our Neohome has four rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and my room. The floors are black & white marble and each room has a chandelier for light. The walls (traditional Mystery Island bamboo) are covered in Royal Wallpaper (cream swirls with green, purple & red stripes). There’s not much furniture & stuff in our Neohome, just the basics really. We’re actually not there a lot of the time; we go out and do things every day and just come home to rest.

      We have a food garden (just cabbage & strawberries at the moment) and six other garden plots. One is full of Cheery Plants, one has an assortment of underwater plants I’ve fished up and one has an assortment of land-based plants. We also have the “Kelp Garden”, which is just brown, green, and red kelp (how do underwater plants thrive on land?). There’s the “Rock Garden”, full of Mossy Rocks. The last one is garden things that aren’t plants – ponds, gnomes, a hammock, other assorted things like that.

      We’re thinking about doing some remodeling and/or additions. Jen wants a dance room and a room just for my Closet – I have a lot of nice things to wear! We’re also thinking about maybe trying out one of the “new” Neohomes. We like both the Lost Desert & Shenkuu homes – my idea was to get the Shenkuu house but do the interior in a Lost Desert style.

      So, enough about our Neohome - you didn’t come here to read about that! No, you came to hear all about my fantastic adventures out in Neopia, right? Well, let’s see, where to start… I get up early in the morning, usually when Jen comes in, but sometimes I’m up before that. She feeds me if I haven’t eaten yet – no gross food (unless it’s a gourmet food). She grooms me when I need it, which is not every day. We play for a little bit – my favorite toys are my Neonip Critter, Kougra plushie, Pull Along Kougra, and Jingly Bell! After all that, it’s time to head out into Neopia to do dailies.

      As far as our daily routine, Jen is very orderly and organized and has a list that we follow. We always have plenty of food, so we don’t have to stop at the Soup Kitchen or Giant Omelette, although I do like omelettes! Our first stops are the Second-hand Shoppe in the Plaza of Neopia Central and the Rubbish Dump in Meridell. (Don’t judge – one Neopian’s trash is another Neopian’s treasure!) Yeah, it’s mostly junk, but sometimes we find something worth putting in our shop.

      Then it’s off to visit the Slorg at the Shop of Offers – he always gives us 50 or 100 Neopoints just for stopping by! We head to the Lost Desert to try the Fruit Machine, although we usually don’t win anything. I always like to stop at Coltzan’s Shrine while we’re there – the spirit likes to give out nice things. Sometimes I learn something new and feel smarter after my visit. Then it’s over to Faerieland to visit The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. I don’t what it is about a sad looking abandoned plushie that makes me want to talk to it - faerie magic, I guess? From there I dive down to Maraqua to visit the Fishing Vortex. It seems to be where all of Neopia’s junk washes up, but sometimes I’ll fish up something good, like a Bag of Broken Neopoints (that you can take to Donny up on Terror Mountain to get fixed!).

      I’ve become quite the expert in astronomy thanks to my daily visit to the Lunar Temple in Shenkuu. I’m also great at counting thanks to the potato farm in Meridell. After that, it’s off to the Forgotten Shore. I guess it’s been forgotten because there’s nothing of interest there most of the time… Every now and then we’ll get a big sack of Neopoints or something though, so we keep coming back!

      We’re almost done for the day, so it’s off to the Virtupets Space Station to pull the “Lever of Doom”, but all it ever does is steal our Neopoints! Our last daily (at least on a weekday) is to see if Tarla is around to give us a prize, though most of the time she’s not. Once we’re done, we head back home. I usually play or read while Jen goes off to play a couple of games, check the Stock Market and stock up our shop. She usually has to leave after that, to go to something called “work”. I guess that’s like the Faerieland Employment Agency for owners?

      On weekends we have more time, so there are quite a few other things we do in addition to the regular daily list. We (along with many other Neopians!) helped save Altador, so when we visit, the king gives us a small gift in thanks. Jen checks the profit from our shop so we have Neopoints to spend. We visit Weltrude, who also likes to give small gifts. If it’s the beginning of the month, there’s a place that gives out Neopoints and food! Sometimes I like to go Apple Bobbing (usually during the Month of Collecting), even though there are some weird & gross things floating in there… There’s a stop at Krawk Island to help scare loitering monsters away and a visit to the Mysterious Negg Cave in Shenkuu to try the puzzle. Kiko Lake has a fun balloon-popping game that I’m trying to convince Jen to add to our regular daily list.

      After all of that, we go to spin the Wheels (Mediocrity, Excitement, Knowledge & Monotony), avoiding the Wheel of Misfortune for obvious reasons! We can afford to spin the Wheel of Extravagance, but Jen is pretty frugal and can’t quite bring herself to spend the Neopoints on it just yet.

      Then there’s the Tombola, the Snowager if it’s awake (I really hate getting blasted!), the Deserted Tomb, and the Kreludor Meteor. Very rarely I will enter the Battledome and beat up on Punchbag Bob to see how I’m doing. I have a few weapons, but I’m still not very strong or high level yet. At this point, if I’ve gotten injured or sick along the way, we’ll stop at the Healing Springs. (I still haven’t figured out how a snowball is supposed to make me feel better though?)

      We’ll try our luck hunting for the buried treasure of the Black Pawkeet, get lost in the Faerie Caverns, and lose some Neopoints on the Scorchy Slots & Dice-A-Roo. Then I like to play NeoQuest while Jen goes to Tarla’s Shop of Mystery. She just cannot resist a mystery bag… *sighs, shakes head*

      After a big day of activity, it’s time to go home, have something to eat and take a rest. So there you have it, Neopians, a typical “day in the life of”. It’s not quite the fantastic adventure I mentioned earlier, but I’m happy with my life. See you next time! *waves*

      The End.

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