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Wintery Games - Snowmuncher

by royal_real


Hello. This is wintery games! After celebrating a winter hiatus (because we deserve it too!) we’re back for more tips about games. In this article we will talk about snowmuncher. Prepare your stomach and here we go!

The Game

You are a polarchuck called Dieter. The objective of your game is getting to the bottom of each level. How will he do that? Eating snow! It’s basically eating to the ground (just be careful because he also has a limit!). Use your arrow keys to move Dieter (you can only move up to a block if it’s in a stair-like path) and use spacebar to make him eat them in the time of 90 seconds (don’t worry, it’s enough, but it can be tough later on, it’s all about practice). Don’t forget to check the special blocks (which I’ll explain later). You have three lives during the game.

Game Over

This game has a few ways to make you lose:

1 – if a block falls out on the tiny polarchuck’s head. When you eat a block, you can make other blocks falls, so avoid staying under them so you won’t lose a life. How will you know the block is going to fall? Just look if they get a whiter color (you won’t miss it because it’s pretty evident). If yes, they’re going to fall, be careful!

2 – If you don’t finish the level in 90 seconds. You will lose your life and you will go to the beginning of the level again, but you will keep all the points you’ve made in the level with your lost life. It’s the best way to lose it but try not to lose a life.

3- If you are too bloated. You can see in the right a picture of Dieter and a % score next to him. It represents how much he can eat it. If it reaches to 100% he won’t be able to eat anything anymore. To avoid this, always get the medicine called Bloat-B-Gone so he will burp and he will have more space to eat.

4- If the snow wurm gets you. They will appear later, but there is a way to kill them: just make a block falls out on them!

The Blocks

There are a lot of different blocks. Here they are:

Nomal Blocks: most of the blocks are normal ones, they have different colors.

Bloat-B-Gone: It’s a medicine that makes your percentage goes down 50%. It’s CRUCIAL to get it if you want to stay alive!

Green Gem: They are worth about 100 points and they appear a lot. Try to get it as much as you can to get a high score (unless it makes you lose a life later, sometimes it’s not worth it)

Purple Gem: They are worth 200 points and they appear from level two, but you only see it when you break a wurm block (be careful with it!). Try to get it as much as you can.

Wurm Block: it appears from level 2 and when you break it (you have to make it fall out), a purple gem and a wurm will appear. Kill the wurm (we told you how before) and get the gem. Or, if you think you can’t kill it, just get the gem and run!!! Just be careful to your percentage.

Time block: it appears from level 3 and you will get 10 extra seconds to complete the level! It’s really important, mainly in the late game! Get it!

Eyeball block: it appears from level 3 and you will get 20 points.

Grape block: it appears from level 3 and you will get 50 points.


To get the avatar you will have to send a score of 5000. First, in the beginning of each level, you will see a few rows of blocks in a trapezoid sort of form. Eat the first row and then eat the last row (which is the base) to get a few points in the beginning.

To score a lot of points, try to get together as much blocks of the same color as you can, so you will eat a lot of them at once or they will fall out together and you will get a lot of points without eating them! And if you’re look, both things can happen in the same time!

On level 1, you will only have blocks, medicine and gems. Get all the gems in the game (let’s say it is 10, so you will get 1000 points already!) and the medicine. Then reach the row before the ground and, if you have space, eat the blocks on your side until the percentage is about 90% so you can go to the next level.

On level 2, the purple gems (and wurms) will appear, and since it’s the same number of block colors it’s a great level to score a lot. Get all the purple and green gems (if you’re lucky, there will be a lot of purple gems) and do the same in the end of the level as before. You should have about 2000 points.

On level 3, there’s a new block color – the orange one – so the combinations will get more difficult but you are still able to make it. Also, the other blocks are going to appear. Again, get all the gems you can!

On levels 4 and 5 there aren’t many differences from level 3, just you will have to move more to get the medicine, so it’s easier to lose a life in here.

On level 6, there’s another block color – the purple one – so the game is getting harder and harder, but it’s probably when you get the avatar. And probably the stage when you will use the code.

On level 7 and beyond you will have to be lucky to get the medicine near each other and to complete it in time.

And that’s about it, we hope we helped you and be prepared for the last article of wintery games!

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