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Valentine’s Day: A Guide to Survival

by krispykritter6


Oh Valentine’s Day. The day that so many of Neopians look forward to. Does the sight of all those hearts make you feel sadness? What about all of those people talking about love? Don’t you just adore all the hearts and romantic gestures of love? No? Then read on.

It may seem like everyone but you is receiving flowers, cards and chocolates today. Who decided that’s what Valentine’s Day was all about anyway? What happens when you hate Valentine’s Day or feel nothing but apathy towards it? Well this is a guide for you! Here are some ways to spend your day and beat those Valentine’s Day Blues.

1. Eat ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. You can handle the sugar. And don’t get just a Single Scoop of Sorbet, get the really good stuff. Go for the Five Scoop Ice Cream or a Deluxe Ice Cream Machine Sundae instead. Pig right out and don’t even feel the least bit guilty. You’ve earned it.

2. Make today a “You” day. Enjoy a full day of relaxation. Pour some Superstar Bubble Bath into your Cloud Bath Tub and enjoy a nice long soak. The bubble bath will take your worries away and have you looking and feeling like a million Neopoints in no time! You deserve it.

3. Two words: Retail Therapy. That’s right. Make a large withdrawal from your Neopian Bank Account and go on a shopping spree. Go to any store your heart desires, and buy anything you want. Today is about you, so go for it!

4. Spend some time on the Neoboards (avoiding the Valentine topics of course!). Find people to talk to that are in the same situation as you. You can console each other and find other things to talk about to distract each other.

5. Hang out with your closest neofriends and drink lots of Hot Cocoa. Hot Cocoa fixes everything. Especially Hot Cocoa with Magic Marshmallows.

6. Feeling too sad to hang around your fellow Neopet owners? Then how about spending this day spoiling your Neopet and showing them how much they are loved instead. They will also know just how to cheer you up. That’s what your Neopet is there for – to be a loving and loyal companion who can help you through rough times like this.

7. Give yourself a makeover. Have a look through your Closet and find a fun new outfit to wear. Stop by the Grooming Parlour and treat yourself to some new beauty products to help you look and feel your best. Who knows… maybe it will help you find that someone special so you aren’t alone next Valentine’s Day.

8. Exercise in your Neohome-gym. Exercise makes you less stressed out and you can sweat all your worries away. It will energize you and boost your confidence. So sit down on that Symol Exercise Ball and get to it!

9. Read lots of fashion magazines and strategize for your spring wardrobe. You can make Valentine's Day a productive one by planning what you're going to wear when spring arrives. It's only a month or so away! Look for fashion articles in the Neopian Times, read a copy of NeoFashion, and renew your subscription to Neopia Fashion Trends Magazine to keep you up to date all year long.

10. Throw an anti-Valentine's Day party. Only invite people who dislike Valentine’s Day as much as you do. If nobody shows up, wear your Solitaire Champion T-shirt and play on your Sakhmet Solitaire Game Table. There is no shame in a party of one.

11. Eat chocolate. It’s scientifically known to cheer people up, so for the sake of science, you really should eat some. So many Neopians turn to chocolate in times of turmoil. Indulge in a box of truffles or a yummy chocolate bar, or anything that doesn’t come in a heart shaped box. Eat those leftover Holly Chocolates from Christmas that you were saving for a bad day – today is that day. My personal favourite is Altador Cup Chocolate Coins, they always make me feel better.

12. Read a great book that has nothing to do with hearts or love. “The Big Book of Hate and Anger” is my personal favorite. Anytime I am down about being alone, I read it and it always changes my perspective. Find an inspiring book that will get you back to your cheerful self. Or read copies of The Lonely JubJub, and Pazo the Lonely Aisha - it will make you feel better to read about someone lonelier than you.

13. Be Zen. You can meditate, do some Nimmo Yoga, or just sit in silence on your Zen Bed. Refining your mind and tuning into yourself is just what you need to bring that smile back to your face.

14. Spend time planning a trip around Neopia. Valentine's is just one day out of the year, but if you book a trip, you can look forward to spending the rest of the year exploring new places and some fun away from your usual routine. That's way better than any one day with candied hearts and flowers.

15. Take advantage of the fact that everyone else is busy being lovey-dovey and restock in the empty shops! All those Neopoints you earn will make you feel so much better.

16. Forget what day it is. Hide the calendar, flip it forward to the Month of Running, or just don't look. Don't care. It's just another day and it will be over in no time. Just let it pass by and try not to think about it one bit.

Whatever you choose to do today, enjoy yourself. Embrace being alone, and make the best of your day. You may not conform to the traditional celebration of Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean your life is any less fabulous!

And hey! Maybe you aren't into Valentine’s Day, but there are always much more fun events to look forward to. Valentine’s Day means that Easter is just around the corner with tons of chocolate, negg hunts, and lots of other goodies. Summer fun and holidays aren’t far behind either! So don’t dwell on this one day - you have so many great things coming to turn your year around. Before you know it, this will be nothing but a distant memory.

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