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A Thrifty Guide to Giving the 10 Best Gifts On Valentines Day

by raul85210


What am I going to give my best Neofriend this 14th day of the month of awakening?", ask many Neopians in their minds. Or perhaps they ponder this simple question: "My Neopets are so good and lovely to me, they need a gift from me! WHAT AM I GOING TO GIVE THEM?!". Or the thoughts could escalate and become worse: "ARGH! I only have the NPs I got from the rich Slorg and I have to buy a lot of gifts!". Although it seems difficult, it's easy to earn Neopoints if you know the right way to earn and save. It's also a bonus if you can make someone happy by buying gifts AND having a full bank account too.

If your Neofriends are Battledome fanatics, the best option could be giving them a set of weapons, so they can become invincible. If they are fanatics of customizing their pets, perhaps a pair of wearables designed exclusively for their Neopets could be the perfect gift. If your Neopets don't have a petpet yet, this day is the right moment to give them one; or if they love playing, buying them fantastic toys could be a good option. With that said, here is a list of the 10 best and cheapest gifts to give on this Valentine's Day.

10. Dreamy Pink Hearts Background: Est. 90k

Aside from being thrifty, this background goes excellently with the season. The pink clouds, the blushing hearts and the grey columns that are in the background of this wearable give a cute and romantic detail to every Neopet. I recommend using it with Kacheeks, Draiks, Bruces, Buzz, Skeiths, Aishas, Acaras, Lutaris, Chias, Grundos and Usuls. The Neopet colours that fit perfectly with this background are Pink, Plushie, Baby, White, (some) Royal, (some) Chocolate and Brown. Believe me, this gift will make your Neofriends very happy.

9. Valentines Day Tree: Est. 3k

If your Neofriend loves customizing and loves Valentine's day too, it would be awesome of you to give them a "Valentines Day Tree". This wearable is wonderful in every wardrobe because it has style, it's colorful, and has its own romantic personality. I highly recommend this background because it can be used by every species and colour of Neopets.

8. The 9 pieces of the Forgotten Shore Map: Est. less than 3k

Perhaps your Neofriend is a newbie or is too lazy to buy the set. Besides having the map give 10k upon completion it also gives you a daily chance of winning items. Those items include: Draik eggs, Krawk morphing potions, Neopet and petpet paint brushes, collectible items from the deep sea, and more Neopoints! An infinity amount of daily rewards that can make anyone happy. It's like giving hundreds of items by initially giving only nine!

7. Dying Rose in a Vase: Est. 450 NP

This is one of my favorite items for every customization. If you want your Neopet to look Gothic, a dying rose would fit it well. If you want your Neopet to look depressed, the falling leaves of the poor rose would join your Neopet in its sadness. If you want your Neopet to look romantic, this wearable would fit very well with its design (although you have to hide the fact that the rose is dying with a foreground or something like that). Finally and best of all, it very cheap. A perfect gift for lots of personalities. Highly recommendable.

6. Slorg (petpet): Est. 4k

This petpet is nice because of the variety of colours that it can be painted. It is perfect for every Neopet: 8-bit, Black, Brown, Christmas, Faerie, Darigan, Desert, Disco, Mutant, Plushie, Pirate, Zombie, and Robot, etc. If your Neofriend or Neopet is gothic, happy, depressive, cute, a dancer, or evil, it has no excuse for not liking your gift because it can decide which colour to paint the petpet. Your pet can find the paint brush that goes with its personality. It is very cheap, however, if you have some extra Neopoints to spare, give your nf the petpet paint brush to go along with it as they can sometimes be affordable.

5. Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground: Est. 3k

If in the month of giving your Neofriend spent tons of Neopoints on gift giving to you and their other Neofriends, a great way to honor those poor spent Neopoints and the generosity of your friend is with this foreground. Be generous with your Neofriend, try to save a little bit more and buy this wearable. Perfect for lots of customization during or outside of Valentines Day.

4. Stamp, Neodeck cards, or any other collectible items: Est. 1k – 100k

If your Neofriend is addicted to collecting something, going with these items are your best bet. There are many varieties and varying prices. I'm sure that if they have anything missing from their collection they will be pleased to receive it.

3. A cute Neohome 2.0 item: Est. 1k – 50k

Many Neopians love their Neohomes, so much so that they care more about them than they do their Neopets. So take a look at the Neohome of a friend that you want to make happy on this Valentine's Day and look for cute items for the garden or the interior of the home.

2. A cheap paint brush: Est. 40k – 120k

These are more expensive than most of the options above, but by playing many games, you can earn enough Neopoints to buy one. The cheapest paint brushes are: Speckled, Glowing, Sketchy, Split and Christmas. Also remember that some opponents in the battledome can give you paint brushes for defeating them. Be generous!

1. A Mysterious Valentines Card: Est. 20k

This used to be a very expensive item, but I recently found out that out that it's very cheap! The best gift that you can send to someone on this Valentines is this card. By sending this card, you and your friend obtain a beautiful and special site theme on that day! Make your friend happy with this card AND yourself happy by getting a new and original site theme for your collection! It's a win win!

You can also make your friend happy with items with of great value or by sending some Neocash item (Neocash makes every Neopian happy)! I hope that this simple list helps guide you in some way to picking the perfect (and inexpensive) present for your Neofriend or Neopet. However, remember that the best gift you can give to someone on that day is not necessarily of monetary value. Be kind and caring. I leave you with this list and hope to see you next Valentine's Day!

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