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10 Life Applicable Attributes Gained from Neopets

by sgn


I've been a Neopian for several years now. As I enter adulthood I cannot help but take note of the many valuable lessons that I have learned over my years of playing. Some people often argue that video games are just a waste of time. I would invite them to take a deeper look into the Neopian society and discover the many things that you will be able to take away from "just playing a game".

1. Follow the rules.

Chances are that at some point while scrolling through the chat boards we have all seen a topic that violates the rules. Often times as soon as you try to open the thread you will see the famous message : "oops this topic doesn't exist ;)". This is because the wonderful Neopet's team has noticed the rule violation and dealt with it accordingly. For example, just like in real life when you decide to break a traffic violation you risk the chance of having to paying a fine. Another example is dealing with punishment after breaking a rule in school. Neopets helps to establish good decision making skills and the consequences of the choices we make.

2. Computer skills

There is a great deal of computer knowledge to be gained while playing Neopets. If you're like me you probably worked for hours just trying to change your font color on the boards for the first time. Remember that time that you designed the first banner for your user lookup? Or coded the layout for your guild? Well, guess what...you've been learning HTML and coding the whole time. I took a computer class my freshman year of college that was based around doing the same coding that I had been doing on Neopets throughout my entire childhood. Remember all the times that you spent chatting away on the forums or Neomailing your friends? Did you ever realize that you were probably becoming more efficient with typing? Typing is another great asset to have for future careers or schools.

3. Leadership

. Whether you are at school or the workplace, leadership qualities are one of the most sought out attributes that a person can have. Looking back I realize that I first started developing my leadership skills at a young age while just playing what I thought was a simple game. I remember the first guild that I joined. I started out just a regular member but then I slowly began to help the guild grow by recruiting new members and advertising. I was finally promoted to the guild council after a while which was a symbol of my dedication and leadership that I had shown to help our community grow. Some guild leaders are tasked with managing a vast amount of members. This greatly helps to prepare for running a business and management in real life.

4. Dedication

We've all heard the many sayings about hard work and dedication. Remember that first trophy that you worked for months to get? Or the avatar that you saved and saved for? We have all created some type of goal while playing Neopets. Just as you work hard for the things you desire on Neopets, some day you will need to show the same dedication in real life, whether it be for that new car or college degree.

5. Management

Wow! You've been earning neopoints all morning! Time to head to that toy shop and spoil your pets! But wait....oops! Afternoon rolls around and you realize that your pets are hungry but you've spent all your neopoints! You know not to make that mistake again. Just as you learn to prioritize your spending habits and necessities while in Neopia eventually you will apply the same principle to real life!

6. Literacy

During All those times that you spent chatting away on the boards the chances are pretty high that at some point you came across a word you had never seen used or encountered someone older having a more advanced vocabulary. After a while you probably began to pick up correct spelling and grammar exhibited by other players.

Maybe you enjoy writing Neopian stories or articles for the Neopian times. Chances are during some point you will need the same skills in your education or career. Literacy will take you a long way in life and is something you can pick up on just by browsing around on the forums.

7. Responsibility

Being a Neopian is no light task! With fun comes responsibility! As you go through your normal Neopian day you have a lot to be held accountable for! Not only do your pets need something to play with, they also have to eat! And on occasion need a jab from the pharmacy when they become sick! You're responsible for earning enough to take care of up to four of your own pets! This should hopefully make filling up your gas tank or paying your first bill a lot easier!

8. Market value

As a young Neopian I was set on becoming Neopia's richest and was doing everything I could to achieve my goal. This included learning playing the stock market. 15 neopoint stocks would guarantee you the largest return! Buy low and sell high finally had a meaning behind it. Just as you play the Neopian stock market to make neopoints, there's also a market out in the real world that pays cash! (Although a little more complex) If you've never used the actual stock market, the Neopian is a great way to learn how markets and supply and demand actually work.

9. Community

Have you ever had a question and looked to the help board for answers? What about a faerie quest you used the quest forum for? Another kind Neopian took the time to help you out, or maybe you were the one helping! Regardless you observed what it meant to come together as a community and work as a team.

10. Adversity

That darn paint devil just stole your most prized item! You had worked just been minding your own business and lost your all your hard work for no good reason at all. Believe it or not bad days will happen outside of Neopets as well. One day when you're driving down the road and get a tire just remember the paint devil has been preparing you all along for this!

As you can see there are many valuable lessons to be learned while enjoying the wonderful Neopian society. So the next time you hear someone complain that you're just busy playing a game let them know that you are also preparing for a successful future. :)

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