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What Ever Happened to Galem Darkhand? - Part 1

by chai7705

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A Light Faerie's Quest: Part Two
... Flora gazed into the shimmering basin in Queen Fyora's throne room, her eyes wide with shock. Inside the magical liquid, she saw the shape of a huge figure skulking about. But who, or what, was it?

by alyndasgallery


Conspiracy Files of Brightvale University #1
Trust no one.

by parody_ham


#LDN - Plan
The plan unfolds...

by gorubeza


Proving the Existence of Jelly World
n building off down a dark alley in Neopia Central, a group of pets got together to discuss an idea that many would not be able to voice in public. “Now, I’m not saying it is true right away,” Started their self-proclaimed leader, a Jelly Kau named Jeandra, “But suppose that Jelly World does actually exist.”

by greenj12356

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