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8 Ways To Ring In Y18 With Your Pets

by bizniscorg


The holidays are over for another year, and you have a brief time to relax and recoup. As you sit around your fireplace or your dinner table reminiscing about what you accomplished in Y17, and your hopes for Y18, you might be thinking about how to celebrate the incoming new year. Fortunately for you, I compiled this super-fun list of options for you and your pets! There’s something in this list for everyone, whether you prefer to work or wander, write or rack up Neopoints. If you’re looking for a unique way to ring in the new year with your pets, you just might find something to pique your interest here!

1. Go on a trip

If you’re all a group of travelers, there’s no better way to spend New Year’s Day than doing the exact same thing you’ll be doing all year--exploring! If you live in Terror Mountain, now is a great time to book that boat to Mystery Island (or Krawk Island, if you don’t mind scurvy). If you want to add a little more magic to your holiday, consider spending the weekend in Faerieland. For an out-of-this-world celebration, head to the rather unconventional choice: Kreludor. Miss Halloween? The Haunted Woods is guaranteed to have all the spooky atmosphere you need. Miss Y1? Perhaps Tyrannia is more your style. No matter which Neopian land you pick, the change of scenery and New Year’s tradition will certainly be welcome for everyone.

2. Work towards your Y18 goals

The best way to ensure you actually adhere to your New Year’s resolution? Get started right away! Set aside the day for you and your pets to take that first step, whatever it may be. Want to stop gambling? Open a savings account at the National Neopian. (We should all stop, really. Seriously, Bagatelle is definitely rigged.) Have a pet who would love to receive the Neopian Book Award? Browse user shops or spend the day in various bookstores. Don’t want to wait til spring to declutter your Neohome or Safety Deposit Box? Have a bunch of leftover prizes from the Advent Calendar? Expand your shop and get stocking! There’s no better time to start fresh than the first day of the new year, so don’t let that momentum go to waste!

3. Go shopping

Changing your outward appearance can be one of the most effective ways to feel like you’re truly starting over. Why wouldn’t the same be true for your pets? Visit different stores all over Neopia (or even the Mall!) to find something new for their wardrobes, or even get them a new haircut. Neoschool will be starting back soon after the first of the year, so new school supplies may even be added to your list. There will plenty of time for saving and budgeting throughout the year, so treat yourselves!

4. Try something new

A brand new year is the perfect excuse for a brand new you. Take the day to experience something altogether different! Taste gross foods in the Haunted Woods, go skiing in Terror Mountain or deep-sea diving off Kiko Lake. Buy a lottery ticket, enter something you or your pet created into a contest, or paint one of your pets a color you’ve always wanted. January 1st is just the right day for you and your pets to test your own limits or just do one thing you’ve been meaning to do for the last three years but never quite got around to. Take the plunge and dive right into Y18!

5. Start a project

For many, getting back to productivity can make it feel more like the year has truly started. If you’re the type that likes to stay busy, this is for you! Whether it takes you one day or the rest of the year, a new project can be just the thing to help get you back into the swing of things after the long holiday season. Make a list or a chart of your goals for the year, then develop a plan on how to meet those goals. Freshen up your Neohome, or invest in the stock market to help fund your plans for the future. Any small thing to help ease you into the year will be beneficial--and hopefully fun!--for everyone.

6. Open a gallery

If you’d like to go in the opposite direction in Y18, or if you’ve already gotten rid of your old stuff, consider starting a collection. Maybe Y18 will be the Year of Keyrings, of the Year of Snowglobes, or of stamps, plushies, Neocola tokens. If there’s more than ten of it, you can collect it. Not only do you get to maintain a beautiful gallery alongside your shop, but there’s the added goal of saving up to buy the most expensive of whatever you’ve decided to collect. To speed up the process, involve everyone in hunting, buying, and displaying the collection.

7. Begin a blog or journal

Do you have a lab pet? Maybe you need some way to keep track of all that collecting you started doing. Whatever it is you need to journal, a petpage is the perfect place to do it. You could keep a travel log, a checklist of virtually anything, or absolutely anything you want. If your entries are dated, starting from the very first day of the year will certainly add a nice touch that makes everything look more planned. If you would rather not keep a digital record, buy a few notebooks and some fancy pens and get writing!

8. Earn Neopoints

Spend the day in the Games Room earning as much money as you can! There’s endless choices, and you can start saving towards your more expensive Y18 goals. Whether it’s the lab map, a paintbrush, an avatar item, or that one rare elusive petpet, there’s no quicker way to earn the NP you need than by playing games. The sooner you start earning, the sooner you can check one more thing off your list in the new year.

I hope you found something on this list that appeals to you! There are countless ways to celebrate the upcoming year, but these suggestions may inspire you to do something a little different for Y18. Whatever you do, happy New Year!

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