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8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

by ahh_choo


Picking your New Years resolution can be tricky, as we all know that they can be VERY difficult to actually stick to! Here is a list of 8 resolutions that are not only easy to stick to, but they’re also mostly extremely cheap or free (that’s right! You don’t have to invest hundreds of millions of neopoints into completing your stamp album). Even more than that, these resolutions are all intended to either help you form a stronger bond with your pets or simplify your life here on Neopets.

Alright, that’s enough babbling, let’s jump into the list:

1. Clean Out Your Safety Deposit Box

I am definitely guilty of just hoarding whatever random items I acquire in my safety deposit box. There’s a chance that someday, one of these pieces of junk will be worth millions!

Real talk though, the junk in your SDB is just that: junk. Make a resolution this year to first, clear out your safety deposit box, and second, keep it clean. Try to only hold onto things that actually have real value, and make an active effort to go through it occasionally and remove anything that doesn’t need to be in there.

As an added bonus, cleaning out your SDB also involves stocking your shop with all of the stuff you had been hoarding. There’s no better way to help your bank account recover from the holiday season than to sell off some old junk!

2. Explore Neopia

Sometimes with all of the great games and activities we have here on the site, it can be easy to get caught up in restocking or doing dailies and forget to just go out and explore. Think about it: when was the last time you took your pets to the Merry-Go-Round on Roo Island, or on a glass-bottom boat tour in Kiko Lake, or to play Kou-Jong in Shenkuu?

If we exclude Lutari Island (because, at present, some storms prevent anyone from going ashore), Neopia has 18 different lands for you to explore. That means that even if you were to take your pets to one new land each month, you still wouldn’t make it to all of them! Make it your mission this year to take your pets out to see as many of the wondrous areas that Neopia has to offer as you can!

3. Start/Work On Your Gallery

Now, if you already have a fully fleshed out gallery then obviously this isn’t the right resolution for you. But if you’re like many Neopians, and you haven’t really put much time or thought into this little offshoot of your shop, think about making it your goal this year to work on your gallery!

Really, galleries are one of the best ways to express yourself here on Neopets. What is a theme or a group of items here on Neopets that you really love? Plushies? Pink-colored wearables? Items with weird names? You can choose pretty much anything!

4. Try Out Some Contests!

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a tendency to check out the winners of the various contests all over the site, and feel a twinge of jealousy that they won. Even though I’ve never even entered. Which makes literally zero sense. SO, if you have similarly bizarre jealousy toward the winners of the various Spotlights and Contests around the site, then 2016 is your time to put yourself out there! I challenge you to finally try out those contests that you’ve been interested in. Even more than that, I want you to keep entering them until you win one! It’s only a matter of time until you wear down those judges, right?

5. Play More Games!

Once you find your favorite few games, it can be really easy to fall into a groove where you just play a select handful of your favorites. But what if there are other great games that you just haven’t had a chance to try out yet? As I am writing this currently, the site has over 250 different games. 250!!! Make it your mission this year to try out as many of these games as you can. I’m sure in the process you’ll find a few new favorites, and maybe make a few extra neopoints while you’re at it!

6. Try Out Kadoatie Feeding (Now, this one definitely isn’t free, but it’s also not too expensive if you play it right!)

Have you ever stopped by the Kadoatery in the Neopian Plaza and felt sympathy for those lonely Kadoaties? Well, this year, consider trying your hand at Kadoatie feeding! It can seem kind of tricky at first (I know that before I started, I thought it looked really hard and confusing), but fortunately there are plenty of guides that can point you in the right direction! Not only does this activity give you a sense of satisfaction for helping to comfort and upset Kadoatie, but you also get a shiny trophy on your userlookup!

7. Adopt a New Pet

We all can appreciate the great feeling of selecting a name for your pet, choosing their species and color, and deciding on their personality traits. Bringing a new pet into Neopia is a beautiful thing. But what about all of those Neopets currently sitting in the pound, waiting for a new owner to come adopt them?

This year, when you’re thinking of adding a new member to your family, consider looking through those pets in the pound before you go to create one. If the idea of saving an abandoned pet doesn’t quite have you convinced, consider that often times, you are able to find pets in the pound that have already been painted, have higher battledome stats, or who have gorgeous names! It’s really a win-win situation!

8. Donate More

We all know and love the Money Tree. But when was the last time you donated anything other than the worthless junk you picked up from your dailies? Be honest!

It’s totally fine to donate your junk, because apparently some people collect it (for avatars. People will do anything for avatars, including collect garbage.), but let’s not forget that there are actually less fortunate neofamilies that survive off of donations from the money tree. In addition to that, our beloved Soup Faerie is only able to keep her kitchen up and running through Money Tree donations! With all of this in mind, consider making one of your New Year’s Resolutions to donate neopoints or items of value to the Money Tree as often as you feel comfortable; could be just once this year, could be once a month, could be once a week.

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